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Chevrolet Lumina



  • My girl friend has a 1994 Lumina Euro with the 3.1 V6. I am trying to find the pcv valve so I can replace it. I found one web site that said on top of the motor between the valve covers. Does that mean under the intake or am I just not seeing it? Thanks
  • soaru2soaru2 Posts: 1
    My Sister's 95 Chewy Lamina experienced a brake spring failure during her recent visit for the Holidays. She mentioned a noise and a clunk and noticed her brake light come on for a short time. She then drove the car for about 100 miles to my house and the next morning when leaving the rear passenger wheel was locked solid. I took off the wheel to have a look at the drum and when removing the drum had a piece of the spring fall out. I was able to get a replacement spring and installed it. She was then able to continue on her trip and made it back home OK. The issue here is: The spring broke in an area where there is no material in contact with it, thus there was no wearing potential, it fractured cleanly, and I am wondering if any other people out there have had a similar experience? It seems to me that if the wheel locked up while driving there could have been dire consequences. The spring is a single horse shoe shaped type.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    That engine is a failure because it was essentially a Pushrod powerplant converted 'on the fly' to a cammed engine, hence the problems most Lumina 3.4L DOHC have been putting up during all these years. This engine was never conceived as a cammed designed from the ground up.

    GM finally discontinued this beast in the late 1990's and the Lumina was given (as it should have been a long time before) the powerful and bulletproof 3800 engine. When buying a used Lumina, make sure the car doesn't have the 3400 DOHC engine in it. The Lumina should be a reliable car with either pushrod V-6 on 3.1L and 3.8L displacements.

    Also check out the 2000/01 Impala, a cut above the Lumina.

    Note: the 3400 OHV V-6 found on the base Y2K Impala is in NO WAY RELATED to the infamous 3400 DOHC V-6 engine on earlier Luminas. The 3400 found on the Impala is a solid reliable engine (Altough the 3800 Series II is the best of the best)and it is used in many other GM vehicle applications:

    * Pontiac Grand AM
    * Oldsmobile Alero
    * Chevrolet Impala (Base)
    * Chevy Venture and Pontiac Montana Minivans.

    The 3400 DOHC V-6 is no longer in production. Beware of this engine!
  • Hey there NASCAR, had a 1998 Lumina LTZ for a three year lease commencing in Aug of 1997. Over all, it was a great car. Mine had the 3.8 V6 and was loaded and was super reliable. Jump at the chance to get one if it's still available. The leather seat padding was a bit too thin for my liking however. But, that was basically the only problem.

    Was looking to get a Impala LS, but it just didn't fit me to well. After driving Chevy's for the last 15 years, I ended up leasing a loaded 2000 Mercury Sable LS Premium with adjustable pedals. This car fits me perfectly. I hope other car manufactures start incorporating adjustable pedals. Again, if you can lay your hands on a 3.8 LTZ, do it. Good luck NASCAR!
  • Buck531Buck531 Posts: 14
    I currently have a 98 LTZ with approx. 33k miles on it. I'm looking for performance parts for the car. Especially a new exaust and air intake systems (ram air or what not). I haven't found a place anywhere on the net that handles stock replacements for this car. I could get a universal muffler but I don't want to deal with trying to get it to fit. Has anyone out there found a web site for performance parts on Lumina's. I've been to the local parts stores and they laugh at me when I say I want a new exaust for it. Hell, it's pushing 200 Hp now.. why can't I upgrade to say... 230 or 240? It beats the crap out of a lot of cars out there on the road now. Thanks.

  • I own a 98 Lumina with 30000 miles. So far from the day I bought it, the car has been problem free. What's happening now is that if I turn the vent control to have the top vents work, the air comes from underneath the dash instead. Up to this point if I came off the accelerator the air would come from underneath the dash to the above front vents, but now it's constantly coming from underneath. Anyone experience this problem? If so what were the causes? Thanks.
  • You have a classic case of a vacuum leak. The HVAC system runs off of engine vacuum. If there is a vacuum leak the vents will blow from the bottom or heater position. When you accelerate the vacuum builds up and the air is able to blow from the vent position. But your leak has grown and now the engine simply doesn't have enough vacuum left to control the HVAC system. I had the same problem. It cost very little..... like $80 to fix.
  • Thanks for your input nafrong00.. much appreciated. Im still covered under the warranty so it wont cost me anything but a little time at the Chevy dealer. Thanks again.
  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    Buck, I know your message was posted a while back considering today is Jan. 30, 2001. Just in case you haven't been to the dealer about that noise in the front end of your car especially first thing in the morning, mine was doing the exact same thing and your front struts need to be replaced. I just got mine Jan. 2001 with 25,000 miles on it.
  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    To netmaner,

    My 90 Euro started leaking oil real bad and I thought I was from the main seal. Come to find out, the intake manifolds still have a hole in them where the distributor used to install. There is a cover with 1 bolt and an -ring. My mechanic called it the "oil pump seal". It was about $100 to diagnose and repair. He put a die in my oil to make sure he knew exactly were the leak was coming from. Hope this helps. I know your post was a long time ago.
  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    To pipes3k,

    Yes the pcv valve is a pain to get to on the 3.1. I never did replace mine because of the cost involved just to get to the bang thing. You cannot see it without disassembling the top of the engine according to my mechanic who was the shop foreman for years with a Chevy dealer.
  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    To: this_is_nascar, jpstax, and Edmund2001

    I just purchased a 99 LTZ with 25K on it. It has bench seats in the front. It also has the LTZ emblem on the dash above the glove box and the LTZ embroidered in the middle of the rear seat and the LTZ emblem at the right rear of the trunk lid just below the spoiler. It also has the 3800 Series II, the 16" spoke rims, and the spoiler on the trunk lid. I also drove 3 LTZ's before I purchased this one (mine being one of the 3 I drove) and all had bench seats in the front as well as all the markings of an LTZ. I just now looked up the LTZ on Edmunds under used cars since it is no longer manufactured and the buckets are listed as an option. Check it for yourself. this_is_nascar, just because we didn't get buckets doesn't mean we didn't get an LTZ. After all, I didn't by it for the seats, I bought for that 3800 Series II horsepower! No offense, please. Have a nice day or night.
  • Anybody got any experience and suggestions concerning using a 1998 Lumina 3.1L V-6 to tow a 2000 pound max pop-up camper? We adore this car, but have concerns with the transmission (I know to tow in 3rd, but not overdrive); we're planning on adding a trans cooler. Any advice would be appreciated sent to Thank you for your consideration!
  • The vent problem that I experienced as per described in post #268 was repaired. The problem was a split vacuum hose, just like Nafrong00 predicted. The hose was located under the battery. It took a while for the mechanic to find. He started tracing from under the dash board towards the engine block checking every hose. At least all my hoses were checked. Everything is up and running well. Thank you Mr.Goodwrench.
  • Glad to hear that it is, in fact, an LTZ. For whatever reason GM really changed what was considered standard and optional during the '98 and '99 model season. Believe it or not, my LTZ actually had the 3.1 liter engine, NOT the 3.8.
  • For all of you to know, Chevy Lumina is built in Oshawa, Canada. It has always been built there since GM started building Lumina's in 1988. Chevy Lumina, Impala, Monte Carlo, and Buick Century and Regal are all built in Oshawa. That plant has one of the best paint shop in GM. I have never seen a Lumina with peeling paint, although I have seen a lot of S-10's, C/K trucks, and Grand Am's. Chevy Lumina with 3.1L and 3.8L engines are excellent buys, stay away from 3.4L DOHC engines found only in Luminas, Grand Prix, and Cutlass Supremes. Buick never used that engine. The alternators in earlier model GM 2.8 and 3.1L was a problem, so was the rear disc brakes until they switched to rear drums in 95.

    Last year, 2000MY was the last year for public to be able to purchase Lumina from the Chevy dealers. in 2000CY ( part 2000 and part 2001) only some 45,000 Lumina were built for fleet use only. GM will stop building Lumina's all together this year.

    If you are looking for a good, roomy, and reliable car, look for 95-99 Lumina's.
  • I thought one of the points of the LTZ was the 3.8 liter power plant although the LTZ trim seems to take away the pure family car look. A car that looks horsepower should have better than average P. I don't mean to be putting down the 3.1 liter however. I had a 90 Eurosport with the 3.1 and it was an excellent car. I put 128,000 ticks on it. I read some post earlier in the forum from folks living in Canada that said the 3.1 was more the standard engine in their country. I thought all LTZ's purchased in the US had the 3.8. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Amen to staying away from the 3.4 liter DOHC engine. I never had one. My 90 Eurosport had a 3.1, but I heard more than 1 mechanic warn about that engine. They say it is very complicated, but however powerful.
  • I had also thought that all LTZ's had the 3.8. That's why I was surprised when I discovered that mine didn't. That was the main reason I traded it in on my 2000 Impala LS. The 3.8 is head and shoulders over the 3.1
  • I agree 100% about the 3.8 over the 3.1. Also, from what I have read on this forum and from mechanics in town, the 3.8 is one of the best V-6's CM has ever made from a longevity viewpoint as well. Happy Trails
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