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Chevrolet Lumina



  • I recently bought a decent 97' Lumina with only 48,000 miles. The Coolant was in neeed of a flush where I found out someone had added the wrong coolant to the factory DexCoolant? I had the system flushed and filled with the RIGHT coolant. Now the "low coolant light" comes on at start up and stays on for a while before shutting off at approx. 195 degrees. The temp gauge stays pretty consistant except in extremely hot days and stop & go traffic where it goes to about midway - 200 -220 degrees or so. The coolant level is full; the radiator cap was replaced and there are no observed leaks. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • I, too, bought a 1999 Lumina back in 2000 when it had only 22,000 miles. It now has 194,000 and counting (fingers crossed, fingers crossed). My only problems were an ignition switch wire (fixed once), an alternator, water pump, batteries and other typical work like brakes (done twice).
    For the money it's been a fantastic car, no matter what happens. I just hope I can keep it going a while.
  • The "low coolant" light came on in my Z-34. In checking the fluid level I found a "plug" had popped out of the radiator on the passenger side of the car... NOW WHAT? I tried to reinsert the plug but feel it isn't in well enough. Is there a trick to putting this thing back in? Why did it "pop" out?
  • The bulbs are not burnt out but some of the left rear tail lights are not working, but the left turn signal works fine. However, with the right turn signal, I have to put upward pressure and hold it "up" in order for the right signal to flash. Can any of you give me some direction on either of these items? (no pun intended!) HELP!
  • Overnight my Lumina has developed some serious mechanical issues. Literally, I parked in my driveway after an uneventful ride home, and the next morning it had major mechanical issues when I started it. It was the first freezing night of the winter year. It shudder and shakes, the engine is vibrating ALOT more than it should. It has no acceleration, 30 mph is the top speed it will hit. It acts starved for gas. After taking it to a shop, I was told that two of the cylinders have very little compression. So they cleaned the carbon out of them and said it was fixed. It's not. In fact it got worse. They even checked fuel injectors, which are fine. It is eating ALOT of gas, and really working the tranny to shift into higher gears. Has anyone out there seen something like this before? Since the mechanics can't tell me what is wrong, I'm really getting desperate here. This car has 190,000 miles on it but has run like a champ from day 1, until now. Anyone got an idea?
  • Mine came down with the same problem. Broken struts.
  • I have same problem with my 1995 Lumina LS and still monitor oil constantly but havent had time to do a wire trace on it and help would be welcome
  • hrhhrh Posts: 1
    I can never tell when the driver's side is going to lock behind me, or not. Anyone have this problem, or knows how to fix it?
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    When I got my Lumina I read that some people brush against the switch when they exit thus locking the doors unintentionally.

    I always carry an extra door key on a different ring than the ignition key just to be safe.
  • Which are the best hoses to use, Gates, Goodyear, or whatever? I have a 1998 Lumina 3.1, how hard is it to change the hoses?
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I have never gone wrong with Gates hoses.

    It's easy to change the hoses but the thermostat is not.
  • The upper hose on the rt side seems tough, the one on the radiator, it's under the cover. How do you get a clamp on and tighten it? How about the by pass hose? Where is the thermostat, top left on engine?
  • I had tha tsame promlen when i changed my radiator. All you have to doo is make sure the coolant level is correct and mabye bleed the coolant system. There should be two bleader valves one just over top of the water pump on a black pipe a six mili....bolt. And on the therm housing there is a nother with a flat head screw. while the car is running at normal operating temp, open the therm side until coolant streems out, let all the air out.close it and do the same to the other side. that should fix the problem . coolant level sensor is on the side of the radiator. and air might be sitting around where the coolant temp sensor is located. that should fix it. if not, buy a new sensor level it is a sinch to put in.. HOLLA BACK>>>>>>> ANTMANTANK
  • What kind of car is it??? mabye i can help!!!
  • Don't mean too burst your bubble but it has problems. the transmission has problems at times, they also have a problem with the valves{ lifters } tapping, if you have the 3.1 Lt v6
  • 98 lumina 3.1
  • jcrewsjcrews Posts: 1
    i have a 93 lumina 4 door and last fall my wife looped it around in the rain. She went passenger wheel first over a large curb killing the tire and bending the rim. :sick: After a visual inspection we found no other damage, so we replaced the tire and rim. the car is fine now untill we get to about 45mph, the it starts to shimey and a bump is not good at all. Where do i go next to fix this on a tight budget?
  • I have a 91 Lumina with 126K miles. After running her for a while, she stalls when I stop. She'll start right back up, but I have to wait a few before putting her in gear. This only happens in 3, 1 and 2 don't seem to do this ... I've tried, lol. Please help, I'm down to my last wit :cry: . Thanks!
  • Check the tire rod ends, wheel bearings and strut. If she's wobbly over 45, I personally think it would be the tire rod end from experience. Hope this is helpful!
  • I have been having problems with all my lights including dash and headlights blinking and or flickering. I checked my battery cables to make sure they were tight.????
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