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Chevrolet Lumina



  • My first thought on this has something to do with an after-market stereo ... did you happen to put one in? If so, the wiring might be crossed somewhere or even loose. My dash lights didn't work at all when mine was put in, they crossed the power and acc. wires (and they call themselves pros). If no new rasio, I would suggest checking your alternator - that's a good light blinker when it's bad. If it's reading good ... fuses, wiring under the dash or something in the electrical computer. Hope this helps :)
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Get the alternator checked, too. It is a weak point on the Lumina and it pays to replace it with a good quality (domestic) rebuit with a good warranty.
  • Anyone knows if its possible to get a digital version of a 1995 3.1L Lumina Owner's manual?

    As I can't seem to get a original one maybe its possible to get one this way..

  • You may have a inssue with you 3 speed transmission Sounds like a bad Torque Clutch Control Solenoid on your transmission. This happens on the 3 speed transmission. They heat up after 25-30 miles, the lock-up solenoid stick when the transmission gets hot. It’s like on a manual transmission stopping and not pushing in the clutch. You can start the car back up and sometimes the lock-up un sticks itself and you can drive again.
  • kenlakekenlake Posts: 1
    Can a manuaul be found for the 1999 Lumina sedan with the 3.1 v6? I just purchased my lumina and am trying to find a manual.
  • woulmanwoulman Posts: 1
    :( What does "Security" indicator mean? Why does the car begin to intimentent starting?
  • You might want to have a look at your lockup torque converter. It could be that it's not unlocking when you slow down/stop, and the result is something not unlike stopping a standard shift car when it's in gear.
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    I bought a Chiltons for my 1997 (covers 1997-2000 Lumina, Century, Gran Prix). I've found it a little less desirable than other chiltons because it doesn't always cover my 3.1 engine in the diagrams/instructions. What do you need to know?
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    It took some effort but I got mine out. Just be careful with the washer tank, I broke the pump getting it out and it cost $28 for the motor (3 years ago).
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    I've got a 97 Lumina with $96K miles. I've spent over $5000 in maintenance the last five years on this beast! Consumer reports was right in every category of problem. Fuel pump $900, Rack & pinion $1000, AC leaks $750, Valve cover gaskets $700, Water Pump $500, tires, brakes, etc. Obviously some of this is normal maintenance, and I've had to pay the dealer to do some work. But I did the alternator, battery, and all oil changes myself.
  • chimanbjchimanbj Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Lumina that has had a series of things go wrong with it over the years, but it still runs fairly well. Recently, I was driving when I noticed that the temperature gauge was almost to the redline. I immediately turned a corner to go to a service station, and the gauge went from almost redline to a normal temperature within 5 seconds. I was freaked out, and was ready to dump the car, before common sense hit me. I've seen this happen in every drive since. In the cold weather, I have to drive for about 2 miles before this happens. In the warmer weather, it seems to start jumping around more often.
    I thought it was just a bad gauge, but now the heater seems to have stopped working, so I'm not sure what's going on. I have 106K miles and a lot of them recently are in urban stop-and-go traffic.
    Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    My 97 did the same thing until I put in a new water pump.
  • chimanbjchimanbj Posts: 2
    How much does something like that cost?
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    I had mine done by the dealer. The pump was cheap but there was some labor. I think it was about $200.
  • speedygspeedyg Posts: 1
    hello everyone, i hope someone can help me. i have a broken hood latch for my 92 chevy lumina,i got a replacement but upon installation, i realized the pin has to be removed, which holds the latch in place. the thing isn't budging. why? what am i missing? it isn't riveted, but the pin is somehow attached /adhered to the latch. help me, i am getting tired of using my pliers to get under my hood.
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    Let us know when you find out!
  • sac220sac220 Posts: 22
    Have a 95 Lumina 3.1. Just starting having this problem on the way home from work this am. Started hesitating at stop light when I go to take off. Push the gas and almost dies then goes. Doesnt seem to have any other problems until stopped at another light. Same thing starts to stall then goes. Just changed the plugs and put injector cleaner in. Used some carb cleaner on the throttle body. Was wondering if it might be injector problem or maybe fuel filter. Although would seem if it was fuel filter it wouldnt run that well at high speed. Only does it at take off.Any ideas?
  • sirius2sirius2 Posts: 42
    Gas Filter or plug wires. I've had to change both on my 97.
  • huzzydhuzzyd Posts: 2
    Have you checked the thermostat? I've had this stick on other vehicle's I've owned causing an inaccurate and/or variable reading on the temperature guage. One problem I had was my engine was overheating but my temperature guage wasn't reading it, showing a normal temp. Didn't know anything was wrong until the engine ran so hot it blew a 6 inch hole in my radiator! It was caused by the thermostat sticking. It can stick in either the open or closed position causing an inaccurate guage reading. Best to replace it since on most vehicles it's a relatively inexpensive part.
  • huzzydhuzzyd Posts: 2
    Go to "" and register on their website. You can order manuals thru them or view on-line. I just looked it up myself on the 1998 Lumina I recently purchased.
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