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Chevrolet Lumina



  • jpstax

    Thanks for your input. Yesterday I went to my local Chevy Dealer in Miami and I saw a few factory fresh brand new 2000 Luminas. When I asked the salesperson about them, he inmmediately pointed out that those cars CAN NOT BE PURCHASED by the general public, unless you are a fleet operator or acquired for fleet government use. Then he turn my attention to the new Impala. At that point I stopped asking questions regarding the Lumina. Is this true??? Is chevy forcing prospective Lumina customers to buy the Impala??? Is this pure B.S.??? Where can I get a new Lumina??? Your feedback is truly appreciated.
  • Thanks Dan for your input...
  • Yes it's true, the public can no longer purchase the Lumina. My Dad just got one as his new company car. I don't think ya'll are missing anything. They really didn't make any improvements for 2000. I was kinda disappointed with it being a 2000 model year car and having nothing to make it special. However, it is a nice looking car, much better looking than the Impala. Maybe in a few years Chevy will improve the looks of the Impala.
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    Bought the wife a '99 Lumina. Only 6 seat sedan other than Intrepid. Have put 12,000 miles on since purchase. No big complaints, but does anybody else have a driver's seat that the springs pop when cornering (i.e. shifting weight). Also the driver side power mirror quite working. Probably both are warranty, but I find the driver's seat a little thin.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I know what you mean about the driver seat. It is very skimpy. From the left side I almost hit the plastic sides of the seat when I sit. It definitely needs extra padding. They do not amke them anymore so there is little chance of improving them. I also bought my wife's Lumina used so I do not know if this is a problem with the new cars as well, or is it a problem that happens over time. Maybe a fat guy sat on my seat and ruined it. Who knows?
  • hi folks, got a 97 lumina with 60k on it. it doesn't steer to easily. we have a ford explorer and contour which steer with greater ease. i have been told that luminas should steer easily. it also makes a whining noise at low speeds ( driving in driveway-hard to steer when its cold too). fluids are OK-checked them. have 6 weeks of warrenty left so i'm just trying to think if we should take it in or not. thanks
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I had to replace the power steering pump at 60K.
    I noticed that the drive belt was a little too shiny. I found out that there was steering oil dripping on it. I also noticed it became harder to steer when the car was cold.
    However you say that you checked the fluids!
    Look to see if there are any oil spots on the
    radiator hose going from the bottom of the radiator to the engine from the drive belt side.
  • I had Lumina.
    I totaled it on 11/09/99.
    What a blessing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 40 something and have owned and driven many automobiles. The Lumina is by far the biggest
    POS I ever owned. What a DA I was when I bought
    this tin can.

    Here is a list of what was wrong with my Lumina before I totaled it. Some items were repaired
    and some needed repairing :

    (1) radiator leak
    --- (probably < $100 repaired)
    (2) another water leak near the rear of the engine
    --- (100s probably)
    (3) power steering unit needed replacing
    ---($400 + labor = $600+)
    (4) the $900 little plastic piece for the automatic transmission was going out again
    ($900 x 2 = $1800)
    (5) BOTH power windows out. BOTH went out about
    3 months apart.
    --- ($600 - $700 dealer repaired)
    (6) A/C clutch needed replacing
    (7) high pressure hose to power steering unit replaced
    --- 6 and 7 were $450
    (8) little plastic piece connecting water hose to
    engine replaced
    --- $200+ if remember correctly
    (9) Oil leaks (only some repaired)
    --- 200+
    (9) I forget the rest of the repairs...

    DON'T but a Lumina !!! In fact, I am looking
    at a Toyota 4-Runner. I'll never buy another GM.
  • Oh, I forgot :

    (10) The passenger door handle broke off.
    --- $35 bucks - I fixed it myself.
    (11) The driver side seat is collapsing. It is
    leaning to the right.
    --- no estimate - I ran out of money.
  • hi, thanks for the info. infact, the steering its starting to click and make noises, so i'd bet something is wrong with it. the tires are wearing abnormally fast ( 15k, supposed to last 70K, so i figure something has to be wrong.)
    Got to take it in soon since the warrenty is up Dec 20. I hear some noise like marbles rolling around in the engine when ever it shifts into overdrive and when i accelerate on the onramp/hills( pinging/detonation i think)... tried premium, ocatane boast, you name it...)i dont trust this car, but i have to keep it for another 20 months or so. i'm planning to purchase a 93 explorer from a friend this coming summer as my extra car....
  • Please read safety info available for Lumina and
    the Lumina APV.
    Many recalls and service bulletins.
    After I checked it out I was reminded of :

    (12) The windshield wipers quit working
    now and then. About 5 times total.
    --- no cost -> I didn't know it was a recall.

    Do you think GM tried to contact me ? H&LL no !

    I will NEVER BUY another GM.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    I would not say that Lumina is a POS. Maybe your Lumina was a POS, but I would not generalize to all Lumina's. My Lumina has been quite reliable.
    The only problem it ever had was a small leak in the power steering fluid case, hardly what I consider to be a major problem. It took the dealer only 15 minutes to replace it. The engine is still very smooth and the transmission is very smooth. No other leaks whatsoever. And the fuel consumption rate is excellent. Almost like a 4 cylinder car.
    Did you buy your Lumina used or brand new? maybe it was abused by the previous owner.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Ditto. My wife's '98 LTZ has 28,000 miles and has not had one single problem (so far).
  • To sand11: Either is a good choice. I have a92 Lumina that has been great and was going to buy another; but the Impala's looks appealed more, so I bought it. BTW both cars were demos, the Impala had 4100 & the Lumina had 5900 at purchase time. The Lumina has 100000+ & still going strong, and Impala has almost 9000. Truly love it.
  • I have a 96 Lumina with 95,000 miles....I have only done routine maint.(ie: oil changes, brakes and tires). Its very quiet, handles well and is comfortable. My only complaint is the lack of power...but this isnt a big deal to me. Either its a great car or I've been very lucky. I'm currently looking to replace it with a more upscale car...time for leather and climate control :)
  • mpflampfla Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I also had a pos '95 Lumina. I have always bought American but traded this one in with 47K on the odometer for a new Honda Accord. I had the 3.4L engine which I found out later is high maintenance. The 3.4L option was replaced I believe in 1997 or 1998 with the 3.8L engine. This was definitely the fastest family car I ever owned but not worth the trouble.

    1) A/C quit working. $900 repair.
    2) Vents never worked right. Air would stop coming out of the vents when gas applied. When the air was off, hot air came out of the vents.
    3) Altenator replaced twice - the altenator is next to the exhaust manifold in the engine compartment causing to burn out.
    4) 3 Batteries. - Not enough room in engine compartment with 3.4L engine so undersized battery was standard. No room for regular size battery.
    5) Ground wire to tranaxle stud came detached leaving me stranded since car would not start.
    6) Oil seal around oil pump leaked. This repair requires the removal of the cylinder heads. $1,400 to fix. Upon trading in the car I think the leak had returned. The car was using 1 QUART of OIL every 1,000 miles.
    7) Both rear wheel brake cylinders leaked early on causing unbalanced braking.
    8) Driver's power mirror stopped working.
    9) Passenger side power door lock stopped working. Could not use key to unlock either.
    10) Windows fogged up being that there was a water leak somewhere.
    11) On many occasions the transmission would not shift into overdrive. Turning the car engine off and restarting seemed to reset the computer so it will shift into overdrive. Dealer not able to diagnose anything wrong with the transmission though so this problem remains.
    12)There is a support bar below the engine that collects the little bit of oil that always drips out when the oil filter is changed. Most of the oil change places missed cleaning out this gulley after changing the oil. Many times I had the smell of burning oil after an oil change. Bad design since most quick lube places seemed to miss cleaing out the dripped oil.
    13) When brake applied quickly, sometimes they would go straight to the floor for a second and then just as you thought you were going to be in a wreck, they would come on at reduced power. Did this about once or twice a week for the last 3 weeks.
    14) GM repair service where they could care less about the customer problems.

    Problem 13 just started, but considering all of the other problems, did not even bother taking to the garage to have this checked out. Started thinking about unloading this car ASAP since this could be dangerous. First time that I have lost big on a car and it stings. Unless GM wants to write me a check for $3,000 for my losses, I don't think I will be purchasing their products anymore. Many of the above items were covered by warranty, but lost in trade-in(could not bring myself to sell to private individual)and some of the above repairs.

    I have a 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0 sitting in the driveway with 105k+ miles and have not done anything but routine maintenance to this car.

    This is the first car that I have owned that did not make it to 100K miles. My brother's Honda has 200K miles with original clutch, A/C, starter and just replaced his first alternator. This swayed me toward Honda and he says I won't be back(American).
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Well, that teaches you not to buy a car in its
    first year of production, especially if it is an american car. 96 model onward Lumina's do not seem to have the problems you described. My Lumina
    is still running great after 70K kms. I have the 3.1L engine.
  • x19x19 Posts: 1
    My wife purchased a New 1995 Lumina before I knew her. On the way home the care left sit - she had it towed back to SUTLIFF. A week later it was fixed, but the same problem re-occured 3 times after that leaving my wife sit several times. She tried calling the Roadside assitence number, but it said the system was down. The car had all 4 window regulaters replaced, wiper motor replaced, turn signal switch replaced, many emission parts replaced, trunk seals replaced, mouldings relaced, new brake system, belt/bearing, any many other parts all before it had 25,000 miles on it. Yes...25,000. We tried to unload it 14 months after it was purchased, but it lost over 50% of its retail value by that time. This was the LS model and was always driven by my wife who had it sevicesd every 3,000 miles. Our dealer SUTLIFF CHEVROLET in PA said the best they could do was sell us another one - giving us wholesale price for ours ($7,000) less than 2 years after we paid $18,000. The car was never wrecked. The owner of Sutliff is a real looser - he never followed up when he said he would. Sutliff said their was nothing they could do short of selling us another car. We went to GM directly and they basically said too bad. Our Lemon law for PA (which GM never tells you about) is only good for the first year. Buy Japanese - Sutliff Chevrolet and GM will never get any of our money!
  • Why didn't you go to another dealership? The warranty should work at any Chevy dealership.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    This engine seems to be quite troublesome.
    I think that was why the discontinued it for Lumina. You either have 3.1 or 3.8 now.
    But some cars still use it. Base Impala 2000 is
    3.4L and Pontiac Grand Am is 3.4L. I wonder
    if they have the same problems?
    If you do get an Impala, get the 3.8L just to
    be on the safe side.
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