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Volvo S40



  • what do you all think of this private party lease from a dealer (not a volvo or other manufacturer's franchisee). 249 per month for 39 months with $1000 down. This is for the base model with alloy wheels, cloth interior, no sunroof,
  • mbgardner,

    seems like a terrific deal! that is $100/month less than the current Volvo deal.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Thanks for the info; I thought about getting the Volvo infant seat, but I'd just as soon keep the one we've got. It's got a matching stroller that it snaps into, which is very convenient for transporting our two week old daughter, instead of moving her from seat to seat every time we get out of the car somewhere, like the mall or wherever. I'd just as soon have a car that this seat fits into. I guess a used S/V70 or a new Passat will have to do.
  • rriulrriul Posts: 8
    I have a S40 for 6 months. So far so good. This morning I tried to start the engine. It is single digit outside. The car is in the parking lot. It took me twice to start the engine. The engine seems to hesitate a few seconds before it fires. I had a Mazda 626 before. I never happened like this. Is this usual for Volvo? Any suggestions?
  • I've had my S40 for about a month 1,100 miles. same thing happened once or twice to me ,wouldn't start on the first try.Started right up on the second try.
    Called my salesman ,he said that was normal for the S40. I'll have them check it at the first oil change.
    Great car.
    Happy Holidays
  • I am very impressed with the performance of this car. a heavy foot on the freeway can still get you 29 mpg. If my 99 A4 five speed performed this well I would still have it. It wouldn't get out of its own way.
    Body feel on the S-40 isn't really volvo. door handles and door feel is very light. Hardware is so-so. side marker lights aren't tight, lower grill pieces aren't secure. Seems to lack that European feel. But, it runs great and economically.
  • I have had my S40 for a month today - driven almost 2000 miles on it so far and no problems. Living in SoCal I won't have to worry about cold morning starts - and I'm getting 25-26 mpg all around, despite driving in LA traffic half the time. Wondering if anyone has installed roof racks to carry a bike and its effect on performance, noise, mileage, etc. Happy New Year.
  • MB Gardner, where do you live and what dealership? That sounds like a great deal to me so I might use that on the local dealership here.

  • 28000 miles so far on my 2000 S40. So far so good. My biggest complaints are with my Volvo dealer service dept. Other than that, so far so good. However, I do wish the stereo separation was a little better.
  • just came back from a weekend trip to gatlingburg.all highway with alot of moutain driving thru Ky and Tenn. trip down 31.8 mpg,overall counting some intown driving there 29.4mpg. Used 92 and 93 octane. I'm impressed.
  • I test drove the 2001 Volvo S40 with Leather/Audio Package, Wood-Effect Package and Silver Metallic paint . . . the dealer told me that $25,989 was the best they could do for me plus an additional $595 for the spoiler for a total of $26,584. Does that sound like a fair price? Has anyone else found a better deal?
  • My wife and i recently test drove a 2001 s40. We loved the s40 it was fun to drive. Then we went down the road to another volvo dealership and they had a 2000 s70 that had been a fleet vehicle. It had only 8000 miles on it and was loaded inside (sunroof,leather,cd,climate control,and power seats)all for $25,000. My question to everyone is which car is the best deal and better car in the long run.
  • My husband and I test drove the 2001 Volvo S40 the other day and got a lease price as follows: $1767 down (includes first month payment & taxes), $369/mo for a 4 yr lease, no service included (we have to pay for all service, including oil changes). The car has leather seats, sun roof, audio pkg, heated seats. Is this a good deal or should we keep looking???? We also test drove the 2001 BMW 325i and could have that for a 3 yr lease at $478/mo, with $1600 down (includes first month payment & taxes), this includes all service & oil changes, and it has the leather seats, moon roof, cd pkg, etc. Help!
  • oolerooler Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a vehicle. It seems the Passat gets better ratings, but my wife insists on a Volvo S40. Any professional recommendations?
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I will pick Passat. Although I found the S40 seems to be faster and smoother than Passat after I test drove it, I heard that S40 is not as reliable as the traditional Volvo. It is more liked a Japanese sedan. Its price can be expensive even though you just add sunroof package and CD player. The price will be closed to an A4.

    If I a Passat, I will spend ~$800 to extend the bumper-bumper warranty to 5-6 years (I don't want to keep the car for 10 years).

    Pro: 1. Quicker
    2. It did not require premium fuel in 2000
    but I am not sure if the 2001 model needs
    3. Volvo image
    4. Safty-oriented
    5. Automatic climate control
    6. Power antenna
    7. normal/sport mode
    8. less weight (good for me but bad for some)
    9. Larger glove box and better cup holder
    10. better security system
    11. better bumper-bumper warranty
    12. Turning circle is smaller (good for U-
    turn ??)

    Pro: 1. Built-in fog lights
    2. standard headlight washers in 2001.5 ?
    3. updated model (2001.5)
    4. Tilt and telescope steering wheel
    5. Standard traction control
    6. more interior and trunk room
    7. nicer plastic inside (I think)
    8. 1 touch AUTO up and down windows on
    driver and passenger side. You can even
    use the key to control windows/sunroof
    up/down ! (S40 doesn't have any 1 touch
    auto up window. It has only 1 touch auto
    down driver side window. No 1 touch AUTO
    up/down at passenger side)
    9. more rear legroom
    10. If you option for leather, Passat has
    better leather than S40.
    11. better powertrain warranty
    12. You can choose 5-speed or automatic
    trans. Tiptronic is much more fun than
    13. Better look.
    14. Engine and components similar to A4's.
    15. Full size alloy wheel spare tire.
    16. Sunroof package gives you alloy wheels.
    17. A little bit more sporty feel
    18. It is easier to add a remote starter to
    its security system.
  • I just finished replacing my second S40 low beam headlight bulb -- car is <1yr old has about 9,300 miles on it. This is a great car, EXCEPT, it is almost impossible to replace these bulbs because there isn't enough clearance behind the headlight assemblies to get the rubber boots off and the bulbs in and out.

    Has anyone else had this problem.
  • Until Dec 31, 2000, Volvo had a special lease promotion on the S40. The S40 lease price you quoted, of 369/month for 4 years with 1767 down, is much higher than the recent promotion. I got my S40 loaded for 349/month with 0 down (before taxes). If you're not in a hurry, I would wait for Volvo to offer another incentive program. Currently I saw a lease deal on the Volvo S60, which will still come in much less than a BMW. If you are looking at BMW, and money is no object (the price you quoted is 478/month), I think the BMW is a better car. Price-wise, comparably equipped, the BMW is definitely in a higher price class, though.
  • jchoejchoe Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if snow cables can be safely put onto an S40? According to a dealer, there is not enough clearance for snow chains and they need to put on a specially mounted system onto the wheels that will cost more than $300!
  • I am in the midst of closing a deal on a 2001 S40. (I need to sell my truck first). The lease deal I am looking at is as follows:

    Fully loaded (every option, bell and whistle)
    Capitalized cost - $28,300
    $3000 drive-off
    48 month term
    Monthly lease rate - $350 (includes tax)

    Is this a good deal? The cap cost is $500 off MSRP.

    Thanks in advance,
  • I've got a 2000 S40 with 20,000 miles; it's 13 mos old. The front passenger headlight has burnt out 3 times so far, with increasing frequency.

    There's a "retro fit" for this problem; something about too much amperage (or something) going to the lights hence they burn out.

    Unfortunately, the retro fit (on my car) has also failed. After the retro fit fix, my passenger headlight burnt out in about 10 days, but the crowning achievement was that the other headlight also burnt out two days ago, leaving me with no low beam lights whatsoever (bright still works).

    I'm afraid that this experience, including bringing the car in to the dealership three times this month is starting to sour me on the car. I shoulda kept the Honda...

    The Volvo is currently at the dealership where the stumped service dept is trying to figure out what's going on.
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