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Volvo S40



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Service light only comes on briefly at engine startup.
    I think you can wait based on your current mileage.
  • Check Engine light is a regular visitor. I had the recall s/w patch that was supposed to fix it.
    Car stalls on occasion.
    Car downshifts VERY clumsily (CLUNK) when slowing to turn corners at about 35 MPH.
    Service dept at local Volvo dealer claims to be baffled. I guess they are.
    Lousy excuse for cup holders.
    Miserable visibility out the back.

    BUT - My wife and I love it! Go figure.
  • I've had it for 20 months now and haven't had anything go wrong. Reliability hasn't been an issue. Resale value seems pretty bad though.
  • That's probably one of the reasons for the poor resale. I like the car alot, but I see so many people bash it on these boards. I thought it was a snappy little vehicle--maybe a bit small, but still nice. I may still get one.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I drove the car back in 2000, and thought it was pretty nice. I almost bought one actually, then I started reading about all the problems they were coming up with.

    The car is not a big seller, there are rebates, and it has a poor reputation. 3 strikes, and you're out as far as resale value.
  • I am eligable for X-Plan price through Ford supplier discount, but I am too scared to buy an S40 after seeing all of the problems.

    Maybe I can get into a base S60?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    For about $5000 more, you can...
  • hass3hass3 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 S40. Last week on Monday the light on my dial that shows the defrost, heater etc went out and on Wednesday the left side of my push radio buttons went out. I have a 95 Toyota and I have never had any dashboard lights go out. Can I fix this myself or and I going to nailed by Volvo service for this one?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It's probably only one of little LEDs in the dash behind the climate/radio buttons. The same thing happend to my Jetta, but it was under warranty and the dealer repaired it. If you have a S40 service manual, it should be an easy fix.
  • My husband has a 2000 S40 and he has over 68,000 miles on it. We've had numerous "small issues" over the years including replacement of seven headlights and the "check engine" light issues.

    However, now the transmission seems to thud and slip as he accelerates. The local dealer "fixed" a leak in the turbo line for about $300 and of course 2 days later we are experiencing the same problems. Is there anyone out there who has reached this high of mileage yet and had problems?
    We fear the worst, of course.
  • There is good offer here in Puerto Rico for that car. I want to know if the 2003 model has the same problems as the prior years. I really like the car. Im worried about past reviews. Please someone answer!!
  • My parents who live in PR are looking at the S40. I was doing some research for them and came across your message. I don't want them to get ripped off since they are retired and elderly. What kind of deal are they offering to you?
  • goldkeygoldkey Posts: 36
    Just bought 2003 S40. Never thought I'd go to Volvo for the small car in the family. First, I was really apprehensive about recent deterioration of Volvo cars in reliability department, second I thought Volvo is an expensive brand for the small car. We were to look for a small, but comfy, nimble but safe car. (wife wouldn't drive a boat). We started with loaded 03 Corollas, but couldn't find any with leather. Infinity G20 are phased out. Jetta is out of question - overpriced and overhyped reliability nightmare. Then I stumbled upon Volvo year-end steep discount, and took my chance with S40. Fully Loaded it came to 23K thru CarsDirect, experience with whom was great, by the way. I will never buy a car any other way. For this basement bargain price I think S40 is a terrific deal. If it hold on reliability (big if) I can't be happier with the choice. Very good balance between performance and comfort, and even though ride is a tad stiff, with Volvo's super comfortable seats it doesn't really matter; not a liability at all, rather gives a good road feel. Pleasant surprise - no cutting corners or visible cost cutting gimmicks. Trunk lids without hinges are really welcome after experience with Japanese cost cutting gimmicks.
    Another surpise is cosmetics - I picked white color for practical not easthetical reasons. (I never liked S40 in white due to black molding and door handles). But in 2003 moldings are color matched (fact I was aware of), and door handles are chrome to match white color (fact I was not aware of). Looks great as "wifey's car".
    The only negative is limited rearview visibility and spot checking due to big headrests.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    I think you will be just fine with the 2003 S40. yes, reliability was a problem when the S40 first came here, but your S40 has been refibed with a fine toothed comb for 2003.

    Good luck...the seats and underrated motor will provide many safe miles.
  • anyone know for sure whether S40 will have different design for 2004 or not?
    23k for s40 2003 with premium package...GOOD BAD?
    Please write back
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    same as 2003
  • I was told that volvo is getting two kinds of S40 for 2004. One with a same style that they have now on June and different model that has rear lights look like S60 on January 2004. I got this information from one of the dealer. Has anyone heard of this? oh~ and I got 22k+tax, title and license deal for S40 2003. When ppl are saying they got it for 23k, does it include tax+title, license?
    "22k+tax, title and license" good deal ? bad deal? Please write bac
  • carmccarmc Posts: 2
    I am very close to buying a Volvo S40, 2003. Someone please HELP. I started hearing & reading more negative things about the car. Should I listen? I like the car and have been offered a great price for the base model. Any feedback - should I go for it?
    Also- any specific options I should consider or is base ok since I am price conscious.
  • goldkeygoldkey Posts: 36
    I've had my 2003 for a month and my wife (whom car is for) absolutely loves it (after driving awkward Camry for the last 3 years).
    Sure, first USA releases of S40 had poor reliability record, but looking at Consumer digest ratings it appears like S40s been improving and 2003 hopefully should be the most bug-free year.
    Read my older posts how I arrived at ending up buying S40. So, as to your decision-making process, it depends what kind of car you are looking for. If you say, you are price concious, maybe S40 is not what you should be looking at even with its current steep discounts). I think there is no point of taking base S40 - for this kind of car one would expect to have at least leather seats and heated if you are comfort creature. Just think, for the price of loaded S40 you can buy a 6-cylinder Camry or new Accord or even basic Passat or what about Altima. (Stay away from Jetta.)
    It all comes down to you personal taste. Some may say S40 is cramped, my wife calls it snug. We were looking for small, nimble, comfortably plush and safe car and S40 fit the bill for us.
    And it looks cute as well by the way.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Is a good car.
    My parents have a 2002 w/ 15,000 miles.
    No problems at all.
    We have alot of satisfied customers with the S40.
    Some of the early 2000's had some minor issues, but the 02's and 03 's have been very good.
    IMHO its alot of car for the money.
    4 yr warranty, free loaner, Volvo safety.
    Its quick and responsive.
    The 03 faclift makes it a much better looking car too.
    Good Luck!
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