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Volvo S40



  • Thanks Mazda6, I also own a Mazda 6, but that's another board.
  • jbrojbro Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any info on when the T5 manual trans will be available in the states? The Volvo USA website doesn't say.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Available in the Fall, October or so.
  • tasdisrtasdisr Posts: 25
    I am looking at trading my Acura TL TypeS in
    and I had been looking at the new TL when I happened to see the Volvo S40. Has anyone compared the two? How do you like your S40?
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29

    I too have an Acura TL (but not the S-Type) and have looked at several cars including the new Acura TL, TSX, the Volvo S40 T5 and a few others. From a pure price/feature standpoint, the TL is a great vehicle. I love how Acura puts virtually everything into the vehicle and have very few manufacturer options (like the navigation system). I've test drove the TL, TSX and the S40 and can't say anything bad about the Acura vehicles, however the S40 T5 was incredibly impressive. I love the look, it's more distinctive than the Acuras and it feels extremely quick. I like the compact size of the car as I think it helps it feel/look more sporty than the Acura TL. The insurance quote on the Volvo was less than the TL and the gas mileage is a a little better.

    When the 2005's hit the dealer lots, I plan on getting a loaded silver S40 T5.
  • tasdisrtasdisr Posts: 25
    Twillia, what will be the differences between
    the present s40 and the 2005 model?
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29

    The only differences I am aware of between the 2004.5 and the 2005 is the addition of a Dynamic Package (I'm not sure if that's the official name) and a new color - Blue Benard Metallic. My understanding is that the Dynamic Package adds the front, side and rear lower moldings you see in the Volvo S40's pictured on the front of the 2004.5 brochure instead of the black molding you see most of the cars pictured in the brochure.

    I'm waiting on the 2005 just because I don't like the 2004.5 designation and it will give me a couple more months to save up a bigger downpayment.

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    AWD and a manual will be offered for 2005.
    The Dynamic pkg gets a new 5 spoke 17" wheel.
    Dynamic only available in Black, Silver and Red.
    Eventually will be available in Flint Gray.
  • Because the T5 is a turbo charged engine is there a lot of maintanence? Also could this potentially be a problem down the line, another thing that can go wrong in a car's engine? I am thinking about getting a T5 or Accord v6 coupe and the turbo charged engine has me a bit worried. Thanks for any input....
  • jcroganjcrogan Posts: 3
    I am interested in buying a new volvo S40 either the redesign or other model 2004 I am wondering if I can get some feedback. Is it worth it are repairs and car history bad enough to get a warranty for $1600? I have never had a foreigh car and would like more info? Thanks,
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The T5 needs no special maintenance. Oil changes are every 7500 miles. Major services are every 60,000 miles. Just remember to change your oil when your supposed to and if you drive the car hard remember to let the engine idle to cool down if you've driven the car hard.

    Warranties, by and large Volvo's are good reliable cars. Their repair expense isn't bad for a European car. A Honda is cheaper to fix and more people can work on them. An extended warranty is like insurance. Some people believe in insurance some don't.
  • s60 2.4s60 2.4 Posts: 24
    Great Video! Truly incredable!
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    Interesting story, though if you Google "volvo mystery of dalaro", you'll find that there is a lot of confusion and speculation on whether the video is:

    1) a real documentary based on facts

    2) a fake documentary entirely made-up by Volvo's hired advertising agency to mislead ppl and sell cars

    3) a spoof documentary made-up by Volvo's hired advertising agency to entertain ppl and sell cars
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    They all suck! Even the fake Saabs disguised from Opels...
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Posts: 17
    Does the dealer get anything from the manufacturer when they sell finance contracts? I've got a decent offer from a dealer, but I'm also looking to take advantage of the 1.9% for 36 months. If the dealer will get something from the manufacturer, I'd like to take that into consideration with my counter offer.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Finance companies generally pay the dealers a flat fee for contracts. Sometimes as little as $50.

    The 1.9% from Volvo is a special rate and not subject to negotiation.
  • misteredmistered Posts: 1
    I am torn between the S40 T5 and the S60 2.5T. Both look great. The 40 is more responsive and the 60 is more comfortable. Has anyone heard of any quality problems with either model? Thanks.
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