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Volvo S40



  • I looked at the S40 and liked it. Then I saw a S80 in Java metallic w/light beige interior and asked the salesman if that combo was available on the S40. Too bad, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. Others considered are Jetta GLX, Infiniti G20, or a used Seville STS.
  • Sorry for not being clear in posting #80, but my question was for Tom Soltis - from which dealer did you buy your S40? It sounds like you got a good deal, and I am looking for a dealer who will come more than a nudge off the sticker.
  • Regarding the trunk problems during test drives: The first time I went for a test drive, the trunk was broken as well, and would not open. However, when I returned for another look after the initial stock had arrived, I was able to take a peek in the trunk of one of the other cars.


    I do like the car though - it was a blast to drive.
  • I would rather have you email me this same question @ in order for me to provide the type of detailed information you are requesting. I'm a great supporter of full disclosure of information as well as a staunch supporter of individual privacy. please don't hesitate to contact me.

    BY the way, every day my s40 gets better and better.
  • just returned from a volvo dealer...they were willing to take $500 off and that's it. i was shooting for 3% over invoice. the salesguy took the information to the sales manager who came out and politelty lectured us why he could not even get close to that. he told us if he went less than $500 on the s40 then volvo would punish his dealership by not replenishing the car he sold us. we had a budget to keep so we walked out went to vw and bought a passat for 2 1/2% over invoice.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    I was browsing the Volvo website earlier today and
    noticed that they have added the S40 to the
    European Delivery program! This means the S40 can
    be had for as low as $21,400 delivered. This is a
    phenomenal price as it includes round-trip airfare,first night hotel charge, shipping, etc.

  • 1702817028 Posts: 45
    I'm in the market for a S40/V40 so I'm interested in other buyer experiences out there.

    #86: A reason they might not be willing to deal; it is a brand new car model in this market so I bet they think they can get a lot of people who want to be different from their neighbours and are willing to pay for it.
    Also, I'm not sure it is completely relevant, but it is interesting nonetheless: the Audi A4 and the S40 have almost the same invoice price, but the Volvo is 1000 dollars cheaper. It's not entirely clear to me what the reason for this is, either Volvo is pocketing more money than Audi, or Audi thinks the dealers should get a bigger cut of the sales.

  • Re: frozen trunk release. I know from my mom's Volvo that the trunk release button/lock can be "permanently locked," meaning that you can put in your key, turn it all the way to the right to the permanent locking position, and it can't be unlocked by the automatic door locks. The button can still be depressed, but will not open the trunk, unless you use your key to turn the lock back. Perhaps that was the situation with the "broken" trunks some of you encountered?

    Re: S40 driving experience. I test-drove the car (at the end of August) and agree that the ride is great and that the power is quite adequate. I also think the styling is really attractive, especially with the sports package, which adds the side-skirts akin to the BMWs'. And in all honesty, I think it's a *great* value even if there is little budge room on the MSRP. I did wish, however, that the sports package actually added performance upgrade factors instead of just aesthetics, and that it was offered with a manual transmission. I also found the handling to be on the soft side. That's just me, though, since I'm used to, and now look for, more performance-oriented cars. Just MHO.

  • tump90tump90 Posts: 1
    Has anyone in the Chicago area had any dealings with Volvo dealers regarding the S40? If so, what deal were you able to hash out? Current Honda owner, interested in driving the S40...are there any in this area to test drive? Your input about this and pros/cons to this car will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Come to think of it, when I picked up my s40 the salesperson did spend a lot of time explaining how to open the trunk. If I remember correctly, he suggested that you need to click twice on the "unlock" button and only then can you turn the key in the trunk. He mentioned that some people were having a problem w/the concept and it caused the trunk locking mechanism to freeze.

    From my experience, I assume that the trunk is locked whenever I lock the car. I've only opened the trunk when the car doors were unlocked. Maybe this simple approach has allowed me to experience problem free trunk lock issues.

    I've had this car for over two weeks now. I commute over 300 miles per week to work. To date, this car has improved my commute tremendously. I've only seen one other one on the road.

    However, I have to say, if you feel the need to have very efficient and simple to operate cup holders - I'd buy a different car. This car is clearly not for you. If you can go beyond that issue, and accept an automatic transmission I think you're on the right track.
  • Were you ever able to contact my salesperson regarding the S40?
  • Volvo is planning to replace the Volvo S40
    for the year 2001. This is what is gathered at their "spy website".

    The S40/V40 range is due to be replaced in 2001 with a car based on the new P1X platform. The current S40/V40 is built at NedCar in Born, the Netherlands, and shares its structure and factory with the Mitsubishi Carisma. The Ford purchase of Volvo is understood to have come too late to change the plans for the next S40/V40.
    The next V40 will be called V50 because Volvo will start naming the sedans S and then an even number and the station wagons V and then an odd number.

    Here is the website:

    Just scroll down to -- Volvo Spy Pictures --
    and click on Volvo S40/V40. You might wanna check out all the other future cars there too!
  • S40/V40 Replaced by S40/V50.
    S70/V70 Replaced by S60/V70.
    S90/V90 Replaced by S80/V90.
    Volvo SUV.

    * What they mean by replacing for the S40/V40 is changeing the interior and some other minor things including the name of the V40.

    * This is the last year to get the S70(brick model). It will be replaced by the S60. The V70
    will be redesigned.

    * They have already replaced the S90 with the S80. The V90 will also be redesigned.

    * SUV, that might be a while before it comes out.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    S40 handled and braked adequately but the turbo lag was annoying. Engines revs before power develops. Compare this SAAB's 2.3 liter turbo in the 99 9-5 SE (170 Hp and 209 Ft Lbs of torque at 1800 Rpms. No contest since closeouts on loaded 9-5s were selling under invoice. Volvo arrogance and refusals to deal just means more sold SAABs. Steering on SAABs much better. Price difference: loaded 9-5 SE leather seats, ventilated seats, heated rear and front seats, dual climate control, 200 watt harmom kardon sterro etc, just $4000 more for SAAB. Why not buy a 9-3 before buying a S40. The 9-3s sre more fun to drive, offer more storage and SAAB will deal. Leases are great. New models have received rave reviews from press and owners.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Don't mean to say anything bad about them, but I have a relative in Sweden who works at a Saab factory (airplanes) and said he wouldn't be caught dead in one. Volvo is the way to go, they hold together and have higher resale value. All this coming from a Swede. Go figure.
  • I've heard the same about Saab resale values, that they're relatively low compared to other cars in the class. What's up with that?
  • They are owned (partially or all) by GM. Go figure.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    I assume that build quality is the issue here. After reading many car books and the other topics here at Edmunds, Saabs don't hold together to well. Also, they are very quirky. Someone mentioned that the ignition switch on the 9-3 is on the console between the two front seats?

    Beyond that, I was told that if I was set on buying a Saab to stick to the turbo I4. It is pretty much the only thing left that isn't an Opel/GM component.

    As for ownership, I think that GM owns 50% of Saab. I could be wrong. I personally believe that this wouldn't be a problem if they were using American components. Unfortunately, they utilize Opel. The division of GM that has brought us the Catera.

    Personally, I want a luxury car that is going to hold together for a more than a decade. Mercedes and Volvo were at the top of that list.
  • My wife and I have been trying to get a deal on a 2000 S40 and the sales force isn't willing to deal at all. They offered $500 off of the standard invoice and no more. The local dealer here in Dayton, Ohio, USA has free loaner car when we get our Volvo serviced with them, but besides that, it seems to be a take it or leave it. Plus, they say it might take a month or more to get it from order. This is my first new car in a while.... Are us new car buyers supposed to be treated like this Now?
    Maybe I accidentally walked into the Ford Dealer.
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    There apparently is a edict from up high in Volvo not to sell these vehicles any lower priced than $500 below invoice. Salesman I spoke to suggested that it may cause more people to demand the S40.

    If you want close to invoice and a trip included, I would suggest that you go Euro Delivery.
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