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Volvo S40



  • A few pages back there were lots of people with brake and engine problems on '05s... is anyone having any problems with 06s??
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    This article might be of interest to current and those considering buying a new volvo...

    New car smell is toxic many new cars...not Volvo
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Interesting article bons. It looks like in choosing a new car, you have to choose between getting cancer from the flame retardant chemicals or risk burning to death in an accident!

    This article might be of interest to cell phone users...

    Here's disturbing informtion about Aspartame...

    Before you take another shower, read this...
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,897
    they released the report Jan 11th? And this environmental agency considers this some sort of groundbreaking news? I saw this in a scientific TV special years ago. And I'm sure it wasn't new news even then.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    Here's disturbing informtion about Aspartame...

    What's fascinating about this is the almost complete lack of pointers to articles in refereed journals which involve human adult subjects. What's here is mostly a lot of anecdotes, but anecdotes aren't good science. The fact that this page eventually degenerates into paranoid-sounding conspiracy-theory howling isn't exactly a boon to credibility.

    While I agree the FDA isn't necessarily the best at the job of screening products, I'm unconvinced by this page. While the research on pregnancy and aspartame is old news (my wife went off Diet Coke for both pregnancies and nursing periods), I have yet to see a sound study that shows it has any serious effects on non-pregnant adults. This page certainly didn't link to any, mostly just opinion pieces from MDs. Big deal, I'm sure I can easily locate just as many MD's who *don't* think it's dangerous. I want data, not opinions.

    I mean, think about it for a minute. Given the number of people who ingest large quantities of aspartame on a regular basis, if a researcher could show strong evidence for negative effects associated with aspartame, that study would publish itself and be a career boon to anyone associated with it. Yet no such research has been published. I wonder why...
    Before you take another shower, read this...

    This is simply a rant. The only basis for anything here is the statment that antimicrobial soap "is chemically similar to Agent Orange." Whoopee. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are "chemically similar" and yet have radically different meaningful chemical properties. This article doesn't cite a single shred of evidence showing any toxic effect on anything, and the piece comes from a source with a vested commercial interest in demonizing anything not carrying the "organic" seal of approval.

    Yes, there may be legitimate reasons to prefer soap without antimicrobials in it (like producing resistant microorganisms), but the "toxic to humans" argument presented here is weak speculation at best.

    I didn't read that particular cell phone study, but it's probably more credible than these other two. I have seen a couple well-done studies on such effects and as a result I prefer clamshell phones, which keep the antenna further away.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Sorry, there was no "tongue in cheek" emoticon for my earlier post with all those "danger" articles.

    It would have saved you a lot of reading...
  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    D'oh! Heh, you totally got me, hook, line, and sinker. :P
  • gradgrad Posts: 5
    The car is not beautifully designed either inside or outside but i had a Volvo and was impressed some years ago and I'm ready for a step up from my near perfect Ford Focus
    that has 105K faultless miles. I want something larger now and heavier with some sizzle and comfort.Sizzle is something that this car does not have. The "thunk of the Volvo while closing door is impressive" but good impressions stopped right there. Interior is bland and muted and hi tech cheap looking. It lacks interior storage space (a killer with me)Dash board does not even have the storage of my Focus(pathetic) The stingy and tiny center arm rest is like my Focus (shocking!where does ones arm take a rest? and the storage? non existent) The little pocket billiard space on driver side door I had to stare at to believe it existed. But the final turnoff was the cheesy inside silver painted plastic door handle. How long could it last? It resembled the quality of a childs car from Toys R Us.
    This for $25,000? Has anyone seen a Camry or Altima? What did PT Barnum say? Well maybe Ford can come to its rescue but I'm not optimistic. Very disappointed Grad
  • Now in my 18th month with a S40 T5 AWD I've learned to live with the limited storage space, like the T-tec (sp?) interior. And yes I can point out a few things about the build/design that could be improved. But I have enjoyed driving the car in all conditions, around town and around the country. It has great seats, more than competent handling and performance, runs fine on 89 octane, and it doesn't rattle or squeak. Xenons are super, too! Can you get a 6 speed in a Camry? My left foot feels neglected if it can't join in the fun. beaunedoc
  • Hey beaunedoc ...I'm thinking about buying either a 2.4i or the T5 AWD....what kind of gas milage are you getting????

  • don, I have been getting 19 and a little change in the city and up to 25 and change on the highway. I have been playing around and running one gear higher to see what difference it would make for in town travel. No results to report as of yet. The engine has enough torque that it hasn't been a problem when accelation is desired. As mentioned it runs just fine on 89 octane. Torque steer is seldom noticable, the AWD is great for a northerner like me. beaunedoc
  • Thanks beaunedoc,
    I live in north central Pennsylvania, so the AWD is appealing. Little concerned about the mpg...sounds about right though.

  • I'm looking to buy a 2006 2.4i, but I'm ordering a custom-built unit because the body kit + rear spoiler that I want are not available as an option on the 2.4i. Via the "Overseas Delivery Program," I have been quoted a price of $25,357, including automatic transmission, Select Package, pre-painted body kit and rear spoiler as accessories (and the free trip to Sweden, which could be just a method of taking my attention away from a higher vehicle price, for all I know).

    Is this a decent price? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, and here's the breakdown:

    + 1200 (automatic)
    595 (discounted select package, w/ overseas delivery)
    1485 (body kit)
    307 (rear spoiler)
    - 300 (discount, "just for me")
    = $25,357
  • Are the pads and rotors of the 2001 S40 one unit and have to be replaced together? During my routine maintenance visit at the Putnam Volvo dealership in Burlingame, CA I was told that my rear brake pads were just to the point of being worn out. When I inquired about replacement, I was told, "The brake pads and rotors are one unit and have to be replaced as a unit" When I asked when I should have unit replaced, I was told, "Just keep driving until you hear screeching, then you'll know it's time". In reviewing postings here I see no one stating they've had to replace brakes pads AND rotors as a unit. In fact there are many discussions regarding replacing pads with no mention of replacing rotors at the same time HELP!! :surprise:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    The rotor is the metal brake disc attached to the wheel hub. The pads ride in a "carrier" over each side of the rotor, and a piston attached to the "carrier" presses the pad onto the rotor when you apply the brakes.

    Strickly speaking, pads and rotors are seperate, and can be replaced independantly if needed. That said, a set of rotors for your car is so inexpensive (approx $60 per axle) that I would replace the rotors when I do pads.

    You see, pads require bedding in to perform properly. This is the process in which a thin layer of pad material is transferred to the rotors and bonds with the rotor surface. This layer is what the pads "grab onto" when braking, and if it isn't uniform and smooth, you can get juddering and steering wheel vibrations.

    Assuming your rotors are still in good condition (you should ask your mechanic how hey look if you can't tell yourself), you could bed new pads to them if you want. In my opinion though, it's worth the extra $60 per axle to get fresh rotors - it's what I do on my car.
  • Long story short - my '96 honda civic was stolen about a month ago so I need to buy a car. I've been wrestling with new vs. used but more importantly, I've also been struggling between a Jetta and a volvo s40. Most friends that I talk to think I should go with the Jetta but I really like the look of the s40. Does anyone have experience with either or both? I really want this car to last me approx. 10 years (is that wishful thinking?)
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I really like the new Jetta-it's MUCH roomier. But after having a 2001 Passat,with its many problems and lack of VW support,I've had to say no more VWs.

    I admit that now I'm a Volvo sales consultant,but i'm quite impressed with the new S40. i think it's one of the best Volvos in the range,actually.

    They appear to be quite well made-The quality is pretty apparent.
  • sarahr97sarahr97 Posts: 4
    I like the looks of the Volvo S40 but my sister keeps teasing me that it is a "mommy car." I'm 26 and nowhere near motherhood. I know that Volvo is marketing the S40 to 20-somethings like me but I don't see anyone in that age group driving it. Any thoughts?
  • I see your point about the image issue with the Volvo S40. I got a lot of grief when friends heard that's what I got. I chose the Volvo after ending my lease on a BMW 325xi. I'm 31 and single, and out in the social scene, the Volvo sure does cause a different perception by other people. I ended up choosing it for reasons completely unrelated to image, and after a few months, I'm still happy with my choice. It's funny that you're thinking about a Jetta-seems like at least half the time I see one, there seems to be a cute young girl driving. I'm always lookin' when I pull up to a Jetta at a stoplight. Something about that car sure attracts the girls in their 20's. I say drive 'em, price 'em, and go with your gut.
  • sarahr97sarahr97 Posts: 4
    Great :D Cause I've given up on the idea of the Jetta based on reliability issues. Now it's between the S40 and the Acura TSX. Thanks for your thoughts!
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