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Audi Q5 defective transmission

alex102alex102 Posts: 34
anybody else with the same kind of problem, since new my transmission jerks to the point that they eplaced the computer first and now they want to replace the entire transmission!


  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    I just posted a question like this.
    I just picked up a 2009 Q5 left over yesterday...brand new and never titled. Dear lord I hope it is not a transmission issue. I feel your agony.
    This is the scenario I am personally experiencing, and wonder if it is similar to yours.
    I only find jerking when I am almost completely coming to a stop, and when I first start to accelerate. It is so sight, but it is there and it is ANNOYING. If I am sitting at a light, and simply take my foot off of the brake to inch up (not even putting my foot on the accelerator), the car jerks. Then I brake again, only for the jerk to happen one more time as a press the accelerator. I am also finding that it is a bit slow to take off. Once I am over 10-15mph, it is fine and there is truly alot of power. But the initial acceleration, well, sucks.

  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    am truly sorry to hear that, as its exactly to what I have been going through, its has been hell and audi its not taking responsability, bottom line, and sit yourself... they cant fix it! and at the end they will try to get you a brand new transmission, it all depend how smart you are about it, I, not knowing was an [non-permissible content removed]!!! they are taking so much advantage of me, am writing letters and arbitration its a full time job. am in LA if you wanna talk I'll help you so the same thing dont happen to you.... they will tell you its the computer first and will not be. Its the same problem, if you are close we can meet and talk, i dont know how to give you my number, and the fact that there is two of us may help both of us negotiate...
    sorry to hand you this sh&%$y news.
    its been over 5 months and my car still has 2800 miles.... and its at the shop.... ridiculous.
    let me know if I can help.
  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    oy. I am in NY.
    My car, as of today, is only 2 days old. I have been researching online to see what the possible fix is. I am not sure if this applies, but VW seems to be having the same problem. Also a lot of complaints that megatronics replacement is NOT the solution. I am not sure that we have a DSG tranny, but I know Audi just started using this tranny in some 2009 vehicles (those that have longitudinal placement as I think we have).
    Check out the link and the solutions. Let me know what you think.
  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    PS> I think VW DSG is similar or equivalent to our S tronic.
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    OY man! read the VW DSG post, he has not got the cra back though, we dont know in the end if it was solved, hopefully it was. It's all too familiar as the mechanics not knowing what to do and all. I have been able to demonstrate in all but one test drives my problem, had the megatronics shipped from germany, had the computer not revealing any faults, and if you want to feel it more intense to demostrate, try on the triptronic mode as you slow down, in my car it makes it more dramatic.

    OK so Ill tell you my long story so you can decide, I was very honest since the beginning and my problem was that from the second visit and when they ordered the megatronics I requested for them to repurchase the car, and that made them very defensive and at the end they are crushing me. I went to report the problem a month after (I was gone for a while)#1 they did tests, the computer show faults, they re-seted and good to go.
    #2 same problem, could not fix it, they callem in to pick up and showed them it was there, they said computer not showed anything, but prove existing problem so they call the hotline and the megatronics was ordered from germany. Told them I did not wanted this car.
    #3 megatronics was placed, picked up the car and once i got home i had to call to report the problem. Went strong on the repurchase, AUDI CORP was contacted, talked to them, the guy (Matthews)accused me of saying that i wanted to return the car, that I was trouble and one of those customers that are never happy, dealer could nnot believe his attitude.
    #4 met for a test drive with two guys from CORP, Matthews,the guy that I spoke to on the phone mentioned and a mechanic, before the test, they asked me what would made me happy. i said, take this car back, repurchase it from me and that implies getting my money back, they offer a New transmission, said no, a new Q5, said no, another Audi, said no. we did test drive, they felt the problem, and at the end Matthews told me to reconsider his offers as a repurchase was difficult, but not ruled out. they asked me to keep the car for "study" two day later dealer called me as if nothing has ever happened to pick up the cra and that it was ready. I said ready of what you have not touch it cause its there to be studied, he answer that CORP order for them to repair it and that now it has been repaired and good to go and that CORP said they would not repurchase the car cause now it was fixed. I was confused, mad, but though OK, its fixed right. Note I did not gave the authorization to "fix it" but lets let that one slide....
    When I pick up the car I take a senior mechanic with me and do a test drive before taking the car home, and yes, the problem was there and this guy id the one that swith the tranny into the triptronic mode and things got worse, they offer to keep the car to what i said NO, I called a lawyer and a lemon law specialist, the BBB Auto line and got all my info to filled for arbitration and put preassure on them. At all this time the dealer its with me supporting, very nice, service manager, floor manager of shop, senior mechanic and car advisor.

  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    CONT... sorry for all the mispells, forgot to check and i wrote too fast.

    So I go for arbitration asking for repurchase and my down payment and 3month payments back, thats it, they counter offer asking me to keep the car "as is" they argue its working well and offer me 3 months free. I said no. Aribtration happens. I brought a lawyer and a mechanic specialist who has looked and test drove the car as witness (too much, wont recomend it, you can go in by yourself, hopefully you wont get this far) arbitrator did not like this, I was honest, short in answers, to the facts in paper, from the repair orders (all 4 of them) I talked abaut the offers from Matthews and all that happened, all the time waiting for the megatronics and the appointment for test driving, we claim that this issue affects substantially the value of the car.

    Remember that last time I picked up all people at dealer aknoweledge the problem but they wont testify cause they get in trouble.

    At arbitration Audi instructs their rep that the car works to Manufacturer Standards (lie) and that of all the four repair orders only 2 were in fact repair orders and that the other two were just to test drive the car or order parts (other big lie). To declare a lemon in California you need 3 or more repair orders, this way they said I only had 2.
    Arbitrator test drove the car and here its my biggest problem, she is not an expert and she would not slow down very slowly to feel it the way she drives, so she never aknowledge or feel the problem, you know you have to go slow to feel it, my issue its between 2nd and 1st gear by the way, So, audi rep at arbitration also drives the car and he does aknowledge the problem once but he says he couldnt repeat it.
    Arbitrator thinks of calling an specialist in transmission and asks me if am ok with this and I say yes, I know test drive with her was not good suppport of my case.
    A day later she rules with out the specialist and I loose, she says its a small annoyance that does not affect the value of the car "substancially" and that I only took the car 2 times and she makes a story of things never said.

    This destroyed any leverage I had, she did not even award me a repair order, NOTHING, it is very weird the way she did it and said it in her resolution. I had put a claim at the BBB Auto line against her, cause she wont see the actual facts on paper and for quoting things that were never said, am even thinking that she got paid by audi or something, who knows.... bottom line I loose, am just this guy who complains a lot for nothing. She ignores all the things done and said that work against her ruling in her final statement. uffffffff tired already?

    Day after I loose I take the car to dealer, am the village idiot at this point, they take it in, and its been two weeks since they have it, first week they spent all the time trying to fix it themselves, they could not, they called CORP and the same mechanic I test drove with from CORP goes over, they had an emergency meeting and in that they decide to replace the entire transmission, so they ordered it from Germany and am waiting on it to arrive and be replaced... I cant say no to this cause if i deny the replacement the warranty would be void for the future, I lost any kind of negotiation power. By not letting the car out without the new transmission they reassure themselves to have the car working properly in ehat it would be the 3rd reapir order so I cant go to arbitration process if the new transmission works well. They are extreamely smart and know how to frase things in diferent ways.

    I had written a letter with the new facts to the BBB Auto line saying how can Audi say the car was good at arbitration and only 10 days later a new transmission its being ordered for the car? That they had lied.......... but its all bitching now from my part, the decision its final, there is no appeal in the lemon law cases, and I am just a puppet that Audi can do whatever they want.
    I hate my Audi and everything that it represents, everybody around me cant believe things happen this way, no one understands how things got out of control, I think my mistake its that I was too honest and up front about not wanting the car, and trying to get oout of the contract to get a diferent brand, am definately trying to learn from my mistakes so I do not know what to advice you, I just tell you the hole story, sorry it's sooooo long. You can make your own ideas about it and see what helps you and what not.

    Just know Audi Corp will lie and do whatever it takes.
    Know you car its defective and my first insitinct its to say TAKE IT BACK NOW!! maybe being so soon they'll give you another Q5 and you will be happy then and no more drama....
    good luck and let me know if all this its too confusing, if you have any questions or if can help you further with anything, am becoming an expert on the matter after all this research and experiences.

    am on twitter alejjandro55, am using the web to expose all this in order to see if I can get a better deal, discount, or anything out of Audi for all this inconvinience, I wrote letter to them both, dealer and corp and its a never ending nightmare. I regret I gave up on 15 years of BMW for this experience. Will see, good luck man!
  • I'm really sorry to hear about your problem Alex102....

    I just ordered mine yesterday and hope this isn't a pervasive problem.
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    thank you, your ordered a Q5? for the record I think Audi are good cars in general, otherwise why would i lease one right? but the only thing I can tell you it's to test drive the one you are taking home before you sign anything! and after that enjoy.... as you can read there is a second guy with same issue in NY that i was answering to, so just to be safe.
    take care
  • Sorry hear about the terrible Q5 experience that Alex102 had. This sounds like a design problem rather than one particular incident. The Q5 rating is very high on and no one have the same problem? I was think about buying RX350, but decided to research more when I learned about the bumper problem. Liked the Q5 because it has so many positive comments. But now, after reading about Alex102's plight, I think I rather have a bumper problem than a tranny problem.
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    hey kaiser, alex here, i explained the hole thing in a response to a secong guy with the same problem, and he has found other VW in the country with the same issue, so the answer is yes, there is more. thanks for your comment and whatever car you get may it be problem free....
  • I will be picking up my Q5 in a week. How can I test the transmission to make sure my car doesn't have this problem during the test drive?
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    in my experience and of what other people have said, I found another guy in Mexico city with the same problem in a new A4 by the way, all of us report the problem in between 2nd and 1st gear, from 1st to a complete stop, even as you are not moving and you release the pedal a bit, you'll feel the kick or jerk, and aslo someone mentioned in swithching gears to reverse. So when you are approaching a stop, go very slow and let the car switch automatically down between gears, and you'll feel a bump. And when you press on the gas, it may feel a bit slow like its choaks for a fraction of a second, that one its much less noticible, but its the same thing just going up in gears.
    The other thing that works in my car its to switch to the manual transmission (triptronic) and do tha same, slow down and if it feels abrupt, then run for your dear life without signing a single paper or get them to get you a different one.
    Hope this helps.
  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    Wow Alex. What an ordeal!! I can't believe you had to go through all of that! I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.
    Yep. The problem for me is between first gear and stop. Everything else is fine.

    Telebump: I totally agree with Alex. When you test drive the car, make sure you pay special attention when you are slowing down to stop. My jerk occurs right at the moment the Q5 is almost at a complete stop. I get the jerk and then stop. If your car has the problem, you will know it right away. Take your time testing it. Try to encounter as many red lights and stop signs as you can on your test drive. I can tell you that the jerk in my car is replicated every time at every stop.

    I don't personally have any problem in reverse or in any gear higher than 1st. Only on the stop. But once I do stop and jerk, if I want to inch my way up, I don't get the jerk the second time. Someone told me the car adapts over time as to how one drives, but I don't see how that applies here. So what do I do? Do I leave it alone? Is it going to get worse? Will it get any better? I doubt the latter.

    Alex: I was talking with a friend of mine who is a TT owner for a few years now. He reports that he gets a jerk every now and then when coming to a stop, but it does not happen all the time, and not too often...but it is there. I am beginning to think it just happens with Audis...but what do I is my first.

    I am going to make mention of it to the dealer tomorrow.I have been too busy at work to even make a call, and since the car drives fine and not stalling or breaking down, I have dealt with it...until now. I really don't want to go through replacing mechatronics, and then maybe a tranny like you are going through. I tend to think that this is not the problem (of course I am no mechanic either). It is ridiculous to have to replace a tranny in a brand new car. I cannot believe you lose in arb, then get offered a new tranny just two weeks later. Uh. Speechless! But in reading the VW problem, it appears that the issue stems from something else. I will call two service departments tomorrow to see if they have been able to correct this problem out here in NY. I will report back.

    If anyone has successfully had this problem corrected, please tell us how it was corrected. If my car didn't jerk, it would be perfect. Other than dreading that I have to come to a stop, I love the car. Bitter sweet, I guess.
  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    PS...I first reported that once the car jerked and came to a stop, and if I tried to inch up, it would jerk again. The second jerk seems to have disappeared. Now I only jerk when I am coming to the initial stop. Weird.
  • raenysraenys Posts: 13
    and lastly, the guy with the VW problem finally had the jerking issue fixed after the third mechatronics was installed. Appears there is a known batch of duds.
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    wow! you are an info machine!
    i laughed man! bitter taste in your mouth ha?
    cool for the dude in the 3rd mechatronics, he has patience, ill give him that.
    the info about the DSG, very good and handy, if only I had that in my arb. i would have won, i think...
    funny you mention your buddy with the TT cause at the dealeship they told me that they had only seen this once on a TT before here in LA.
    and the info you sent foucus on the VW's and Audi TT
    it was my same issue thinking that it is ridiculous to have a brand new car with a mechatronics or even worse a hole tranny exchanged, but thats my like folfs and suck it up.... for now.
    It is also my first Audi and no, it wont go away, they told me at the beginnig that it was the cra, that every car drives diferent, to be patient and thats why i took a month and a half before i brought it in, i did not wanted to believe, it does seem in my car that it gets better once i drive a lot, like freeways and for a while then its lees abrupt, and thats what happened at the arbitration.
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    the arbitrator did not feel it... and she thought i was making all up.

    Important fellows....

    when they attempt to fix it, you may see that they reduce the time the gear inproblems operates, they did it to my car and i called it since the beginnig, so i said, you are not fixing it, you are masking it and taking my gear away in the mean time, they can program the mechatronics to use less of that gear, in my car, you have to drive a certain way to have 2nd gear show up, otherwise it jumps to 1st and stop and then it kicks, i dont think thats right either, so watch out.

    raenys, i think you are in time to see if they offer you another new audi Q5, they did offer to me and i said no, it was very informal, but maybe then, if they meant it, i would have gotten out of the drama, if i were you and they keep the car and they start with the jumbo mumbo, ill tell the NY guys to calls Rusnak pasadena, service manager, chris, and get the down low from him, he'll know exactly and maybe you cut to the chase and avoid the new mechatronics, and all the bull... its a thought, more likely the guys at your dealers service dep. wont know what to do, its too new for them.... thats what happened here, its been 5 months now.

    in good news, there is a possibility i can file for arbitration soon again and maybe win... dont want to get to excited.... but am going for the :lemon:
    have nothing to loose.
    let me know man, this is my new hobbie...
  • MLB6MLB6 Posts: 12
    I am driving a 2007 BMW X3, for almost 3 years I would have thought I have seen it all of how bad a modern steptronic transmission can become. Jerking, hesitations, lags, shuddering, limping, pausing, uneven engine braking, surging... I became an expert on this. After more than 10 software updates and various component swapping, it's still a temperamental mess. Just about to move over to Audi, now I am not so sure. I test driven a demo Q5 and I am sure it was shuddering at low city speeds. Another Q5 at another dealership was great, however. Anyone knows if the Q5 has the same GM transmission or not? Clearly I don't need another cute ute that the dealer would tell me my complaints are normal. Or should I just buy the cheaper RDX instead? I need all your help here! Thanks!
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    sorry to hear that MLB6, i myself was a BMW customer for 15 years and 7 cars, and am only 33 yo, I grew up on Beemers and then... venture on to Audi, and personally its was the worst mistake, at least in my experience at BMW the company always was behind their product, I never had serious problems with them to leave and when I had few issues, they resolve them with a smile.
    Audi cars are good in general, are reallly nice looking, as you read my experience, Audi had behaved really bad to push this car down my throat and have not apologized for it, they have lied and skeemed in order to get away with just attempting to fix a car that has less than 2800 miles, after 5 months of arguments and repeated visits to the dealer, the car is there today, in the shop for almost 3 weeks now, i have written letters, meetings with GMs, corporate people, I ve done all this and still there is not a single person from Audi Corp who has been upfront with me, am dealing with a faceless corporation that could care less of what am going through as they have not reached out to lend me a hand or offer an alternative. I've made all he work. The corporation is what you should be afraid off, If you can afford it, get an X5, thats what I had, but with the economic situation I wanted to lower my payments as unfortunately BMW got crazy with their prices and leases.... just a though. hope this helps. and thanks for writing!
    Q5 is not the way to go now, wait sometime until they get this new technology and new model defects out of they way, its a beautiful car, but no car is worth the trouble. maybe in one or two years they'll have their act together, and they'll respect a bit more their customers.
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