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Audi Q5 defective transmission



  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    When you get an audi that is running properly, there is nothing like it. Problem is that they are such complex and sophisticated cars that by default, there is more to go wrong. Love the way they and other european cars drive but would never own one again that was a daily driver. Too many problems. We got our first Acura 4 months ago and it feels like a cross between a typical asian and european car. Drives like a dream. When most people talk about the performance of their european cars I chuckle a bit since most have never really driven their cars hard which requires a closed track to do so.

    Want a fun hassle free ride, try an RDX.
  • dafuowndafuown Posts: 11
    :) Hi Guys, Believe it or not, my Q5 is now cured from the tranny problem we discussed here. I don't know how it happened. But I will tell you what I did. Last Thursday I had to drive from LA to Oxnard to make a business presentation. On the way to Oxnard, I was on Fwy 101 with the typical 6 pm traffic that certainly gave me a good taste of all the symptoms (it kept on missing the shifting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and did not seem to know what to do with the acceleration). I took an associate with me and even he can tell the jerky shifting and acceleration. Anyway, once we got to Oxnard, I picked another associate to go to dinner together. This guy was big and about 250 lb. He sit in the front passenger seat and the other associate now sit behind me. For some unknown reason, the car had responded nicely ever since to all my instructions - no more jerky shifting. Even the acceleration lag is much less and can hardly tell (I would say normal now). I was so happy about this. It's been almost one week and some 400 miles later. Everything is still fine. I have been driving in the heavy rain we had in the last few days and I really love this car in every aspect - handling, lighting, visibility, GPS re-routing to avoid freeway traffic........ This is really what a $50K car should do. I don't know whether the heavy loading from my associate made the difference. But the car is cured from the tranny problem. I suggest you all try this - it won't hurt anyway. Have one (or more) of your big and heavy friends sit in the car to give it a fair shake. It may have something to do with the electronic device that is weight sensitive!!??? Let us know how you did, I will really be interested to know!!! Good luck with this. ;)
  • Post #64 just floored me. Definitely has my vote as THE best post in this thread thus far. Now if only Audi can somehow include this advice in their owner's manual...
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    am floored too as post #65!!!! lol....
    you got it man!(64)! too bad my Audi was taken back n can't try lifting heavy people from the side of the road n experiment!! still laughing. it was about time to have some joy in this thread...

    good it's fixed!
  • juchsjuchs Posts: 10
    Suprise call yet from the general manager of the dealership. Apparently I'm going to have to call him instead. On another note, the service department just told me that my replacement valve just arrived at a port in New Jersey, shipped from overseas. It should arrive at the dealer on Friday and they hope to have my Q5 back to me early next week. I'll believe it when I see it. The fact that the part was shipped over via shipping container on a boat is puzzling...either they decided to ship a lot of them over to the states because this problem is rampant or somebody's just not's costing them $40/day for my rental car and every day that goes by they're closer to the lemon law not to mention really pissing me off...why wouldn't they spend a little extra on shipping to get it here faster? It will have been 8 days in transit by the time it arrives at the dealer....very weird. The service guy also told me that Audi HQ seems absolutely convinced this will fix the problem. Again...not holding my breath! Should have bought an MDX.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    But I've really enjoyed driving my '07 RX350, Bmlexus. I haven't been bored with it at all! It does every thing so well. I've got less than eight months left on my lease, and I'm not sure I want to part with it. Let's just say I've had peace of mind for the last three-and-a-half years. :D
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    My update is that my Q5 has been out of service approx 45 calendar days, Audi
    corporate called and said they will be installing the new transmission this upcoming week, I do have the vehicle with a lemon law attorney, I am confused, I thought at this point the vehicle would be deemed a lemon since the " requirements" have been made, Audi corporate has told the attorney the new transmission must be installed first ??? He has filed with the local BB auto line, he said I will probably lose as the vehicle might be repaired at point, then a suit will be filed against Audi, I guess the lemon law doesn"t have enough" teeth " , I assumed a transmission would be considered a ' non conformity ", the hassle continues !!
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    wait a minute. after 30 days of your car being at the shop where you can't use it, it's a lemon no matter what!!!! when mine was re purchased I was at 29 days n the car was fixed, they just knew I was trouble n a pain. my advice, as it happen in my case too, your attorney it's slowing you down, I lost first at my arbitration with the bbb auto line, you have to take matters on your own hands, get involved in filling the paperwork so there are no gaps for them to use, and most importantly, call n write Audi arbitration and don't ask, DEMAND a repurchase, after 30 days they don't have the option, your lawyer it's not well informed, if you are in California, as I know there are different rules in dif. states, but after 30 days it's a done deal (as long as the car was not available for you to use) no questions asked!!!

    sorry if I sound abrupt but I went through all this n they will try to circle around as ling as you or your representation let's them. it has established by all of us in this blog that Audi corporate will do whatever to keep you in the car, what company wants to loose money n customers?! thee are no ethics for them!!! yes! it pisses me off!!

    good luck!
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    Yes , I thought this was a no brainer also, in Pa, you have to go thru BB arbitration and yes I am sure Audi know this and the question then remains if the nonconformity is considered a safety issue or impedes the value of the vehicle, even if I lose a suit will still be filed, I guess Audi knows that by the time the arbitration is scheduled the vehicle will be repaired, the funny thing is that Audi corporate has been calling me with updates that the transmission will be installed this week and not the dealer who has been horrible to work with their attitude, if your car was fixed on the 29th day how did you get a repurchase, was their still issues after the transmission was installed ? If I just received a substantial amount of cash , I would just trade the vehicle in and use the cash to offset any depreciation lost .
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    I lost the arbitration so make sure you find the right documents and do research regarding safety, here is one, you will need this to win, and find more, Audi never told me to stop driving n that was when I became a pain in their neck and told them I could not trust them and they had put me in danger as no car with any tranny issue should be driven. which at my arbitration did not know that. the arbitrators, in my experience, dont know anything about cars, don't put your $ in that basket, tell Audi replacement or repurchase. period.
    to bbb the value is not a problem FYI as the car is good.
    you only get deducted from all your payments, initial n monthly, the use of the car until the first time you reported the problem. my case was like 1,800 miles n meant like $550, I got the rest of $$s back.
    in my eyes, you should have by now a repurchase contract, tell them directly, dont even go to the arbitration process, my dealer told me that if they go to arbitration is cause they think they can win or convince you to do what they want, if you are clear that's not the case then they will settle as they hire a 3rd party to showup at the arbitration. expenses for them. they need to minimize the cost if they know you won't give in. hope any of this helps, good luck.
    my car had no problem when they re purchased it but I kept asking them to take it, they never offered of course, you have to ask, they did offered a new 2010 n I said no, I don't trust Audi nor I want to represent this brand.
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    I just fired my lemon law attorney, he was worthless and he never even filed with audi, like he claimed as I am still receiving calls from Audi customer care, they would not be allowed to contact me if I was under representation, I basically told
    him I was not happy with his lack of representation and i gave him 48 hours to come up with a repurchase agreement, he then withdrew from the case, I knew he was worthless from the beginning as he kept calling me by my wrong name!
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    I hate to inform you, it will not fix the problem, my valve body was replaced and no improvement, the next step is a transmission and an arrogant service manager !
  • juchsjuchs Posts: 10
    They replaced the transmission valve, filter and fluid and gave me the car back yesterday. The problem is definitely not resolved on mine either. I am VERY dissapointed. I genuinely was hoping this would be the fix I needed. This is a fantastic vehicle as long as you never go slower than 10mph. Sadly, in LA you spend a LOT of time going less then 10mph! The jerkiness upon slowing to a stop is still there. I felt it myself. My wife experienced the acceleration lag again too...both are still somewhat intermittent...the lag moreso than the jerkiness upon coming to a stop. Still, enough to mean that this car is undrivable and totally useless to us. At worst it's dangerous. At best it'll make you carsick like driving with someone in a manual transmission car who doesn't know how to drive stick. I took it back to Santa Monica Audi today. They have an Audi engineer on the way to look at it tomorrow.

    On the bright side, Santa Monica Audi's General Manager seems like a decent guy. He seems to share in my frustration and dissappointment and really wants to find a way to make things right. I give him credit for that. He is really trying. All is not lost yet in my mind because of him. He is ready to stand behind his dealership and the Audi brand, and want to ensure the customer is happy. He is going to talk to Audi of America and come back to me with a gameplan by the end of the week. I have not lost faith in Audi as a company yet or in Santa Monica Audi. I hope they can set things right.

    That said, I am unfortunately quickly losing confidence in the Q5. Even the rental car place that supplied me with my loaner car said they have a new Q5 back at the Santa Monica dealership right now with the same symptoms as my car, plus a full electrical failure. In fact, they specifically mentioned the acceleration lag happened to them multiple times on left turns after waiting for a gap in oncoming traffic. Scared the crap out of them just like it did my wife.

    Don't want to speculate but Audi could be one bad traffic accident away from a class-action lawsuit. For the sake of all the Q5 drivers out there I hope no one is so unlucky as to have it lead to that.

    I'll let you all know what I hear at the end of the week. Hopefully good news. I still have hope at this point...
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    Yes I have lost faith in Audi, I am supposed to picking mine up today with the replaced transmission after the valve body replacement failed, at lease your dealership is being understanding, mine is not, I have 51 calendar days logged and I am in process in going thru the lemon law, I repeatly have asked Audi corporate to replace the car but they keep on saying it needs to be repaired first before they
    can do any other requests ? WTF ? Just remember the word " Patronize and Pacify", this is what you will receive from Audi corporate, I traded in an Acura Mdx
    with 95000 miles on it and no problems, yes the Audi drives better after 10 mph but
    I would take my Acura back over this, and yes I almost got into an accident merging on the hwy as the car hesitated and bucked and also trying to park, the car will lurch forward so I had to stop halfway and then let the car " jump" into the parking spot, No audi has not changed , same old crap, also there has been a number of reports of water pump failures, I guess that's next!
  • alex102alex102 Posts: 34
    wow! 51 days!! you've been too patient!! you guys have to get on twitter, Facebook, MySpace n such, erute stuff and copy those messages to your Audi corp contacts, bash on the Q5, destroy Audi, and that scares the hell out of them. trust me, so far am the only one who got the car repurchased at 29 days after loosing arbitration. that was an advice that i took from another person that had problems with a BMW, so far is working. Audi should do what you guys want. specially over 30 days of service. there is no law that says the can fix it after the 30 days and that you have to wait until they say so.
  • dafuowndafuown Posts: 11
    Just want to let you frustrated guys know that my Q5 is still running fine as it should be. I still do not know what happened to it, but it is definitely cured from the tranny and acceleration problems. This means it is a defect that can probably be cured easily. I really suggest you guys try this - see my posting on #64. Wish you guys luck. ;)
  • juchsjuchs Posts: 10
    Glad to hear yours is running ok--really wish mine were too! Unfortunately, mine has real problems that wouldn't have gone away on their own. They told me that when they first took the transmission cover off that the filter was completely unattached and literally just floating in the transmission fluid! The valve it was supposed to be attached to was "clearly installed incorrectly". And, Audi of America told the service dept. that they had decided to go with a different type of transmission filter and fluid in all Q5s since the manufacture date of my the filter and fluid also needed to be changed.

    Sadly, though the GM of Santa Monica Audi had thought that an Audi Engineer would be out to the dealership this week to look at my car (which is now back at the dealer for the second time and going on a total of 19 days with them as of tomorrow!), they just told me today that the engineer won't be able to come look at my Q5 until Monday 2/1. By then they will have had my Q5 for 22 days and counting. I only have had it in my posession for a total of 15 who's car is it really at this point...seems to be more there's than mine! I'm really growing tired of this whole situation. It just stinks. My confidence that this is going to end well is dwindling by the day.

    Sad thing is, I was in the process of negotiating for an MDX when Audi decided to play ball and meet my price. If they hadn't, I might be a happy Acura owner right now instead of a pissed off Audi owner driving around in a Budget rental car for 3 weeks.
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    I am hopefully at the end with a repurchase, the replacement transmission did not work and get this, they had to order another one, AOA called but I have to go thru my attorney, they are finally looking to do the right thing after 55 days !!!
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 36
    I thought Audi was going to do the right thing but Audi corporate is really a bunch of bastards, I am without my vehicle still to this day at 54 calendar days, the replacement transmission DID not work so they ordered ANOTHER transmission, what is the chance of one replacement transmission being defective ? Anyway Audi corp called and asked me to sign a
    form that I am not being represented by an attorney and THEN they would inform me of my options, I stated I am being represented and they then hung up on me, I still have to go thru with the bbb auto arbitration, you would think Audi would just admit defeat at this point and refund my money. Yes I do hope someone from Audi corporate reads this message!
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