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Ford Windstar



  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    I have a 2000 SE, does the same thing, the dealer ordered a new door bracket and replaced it.Took 6 weeks to get the part though! Only had it fixed a month ago so too early to tell if its fixed for good.
  • paula12paula12 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2000 Windstar DE with dual sliding doors. When I use the power button to close the left door it opens and closes until I manually stop it and close it. The Dealership has replaced the striker and switch and it is still doing this. In fact, it started again with 4 days of getting it back from the shop. It is in the shop again and the plan is to do the same thing (replace the striker and switch). I've contacted NHTSA, Ford Customer Service and consumer affairs without much luck. Is anyone
    experiencing this problem....any solutions? What are my chances of getting this vehicle returned under the lemon law (Georgia)? I've only had this vehicle for four and a half months in has now been in the shop for 9 weeks on and off.
  • After surviving 5 yrs w/ a 95 WS, and having basically no problems at all [83,000 miles], I decided it was time to maybe trade it. I looked at and drove a few possibilities, but came back to the WS. They do drive and handle as well as anything available, and cant beat the room and trailer towing ability...[I know, the Odyssey probably could, but there are no deals to be found on them, and only long waits to get one].
    So anyway, went with a 2000 WS LX, and bottom line, after rebates and trade, got about $12,000 off of the sticker....felt that was pretty good, knowing that the resale of 95's isn't that great.
    .......So far, no disappointments. It drives and rides great, has some nice improvements over the 95, is getting bout 23 mpg [down from the 24 to 26 of the old one], but does have more power, for sure....I do notice the "clunking" from the transmission that some of the posts here refer to, shifting out of park, but otherwise find it to be a tighter and firmer shifting trans than the old one. I feel the ratios are about perfect, and that the convertor lock-up works as well as anything available....
    so all in all, hope that this one is trouble-free too, in the long run.
  • mrpridemrpride Posts: 1
    I own a 95 GL, To fix the open door light on a manual sliding door, just clean the striker plate use a simple pencil eraser. Also the clunking tranny, going from park to drive, Try setting your emergency brake prior to taking your foot off the brake when you park, especially on a hill!!!
  • I'm looking to purchase a 2000 Windstar Basic and
    I see it comes with a 3.0L engine. The dealer
    quoted a price of $18,000. I think the price is
    good for this car but the 3.0L engine has me worried seeing the other models are 3.8L. Is the price good and should I be worried about the engine?
  • deh5557deh5557 Posts: 3
    My dealer has presented a used 1998 with 35K miles to purchase.
    It is called a "Northwoods" does anyone know what this is? Is it an after market like a conversion van?
    I cannot tell whether it is a LX or a Limited, it appears to be equiped like a LX.
    Is it worth more than an LX?????
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    The Northwoods package was a trim package available for the 1998 model year. If I remember correctly it had a special paintjob (green was involved somewhere) and special wheels. Other than that, It was pretty much an LX
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Try this.

    When you want to park, with your foot still hard on the brake:

    1) Set the emergency brake
    2) Switch transmission to "Neutral"
    3) Take foot off the brake pedal (letting the van "settle" onto the emergency brake)
    4) Change transmission to "Park"
    5) Turn off ignition.

    Ours doesn't thunk any more.
  • A noise has appeared occasionally between first and second gear of my '98 GL that sounds similar to the "clunk" when shifting from park, but more of a slight "clank." It's not as loud as the clunk, and doesn't occur all the time. Sort of sounds like something slipping in or out of place. Any opinions? I have the 3.8 ltr engine, and it seems to drive fine in spite of the occasional "clank." It does seem to shift into overdrive a bit early, but I see they all seem to do that. I switch the O.D. off when under 40 mph, and have been using the parking brake to eliminate the clunk from Park. If you read any of my earlier posts about the radio whine, it has not come back yet so must be gone. I'm coming up on 36K miles and my dealer asked if I wanted to have a 36K check-up; what would that entail other than an oil change and additional cost for me? The manual doesn't refer to any 'special' reason for a 36K check-up.
  • ruieruie Posts: 1
    It seems to me that, since the 3rd row 3-person
    seat can be moved to the second row, if I can
    obtain an "extra" 3rd row I can safely seat 8 in
    my Windstar. (We have four kids, so on occasion it is nice for each of the older ones to be able to bring along a friend and still fit in one car.) I realize the back row would not be as easily accessible, but my kids would not mind
    scrambling to get back there.

    What I would love feedback on is:

    1) Has anyone done this? Any advice?
    2) Will earlier model year seats work with later
    model year seats? For example, I own a 2000 LX,
    and could likely obtain a '95 GL's back seat
    pretty easily.
    3) From whom does one buy an additional seat, and
    how much should one expect to pay?
    4) Would there be any safety concerns about this
    that I'm not considering?

    TIA to anyone who replies!
  • I purchased a 2000 se about 2 months ago and was looking the van over and noticed paint on the roof channels was cracking (both sides). Needless to say I wasn't very happy. I took van to dealer and am in the process of scheduling new paint. Anyway, while at the dealer I took a stroll on the lot to see other SE models and noticed cracking paint on them also. So anyone who has a se or is thinking about getting one, it may well be worth checking out the roof of your vehicle. I would like to hear back if others have the same problem.
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Interesting idea. Haven't done it and don't know or heard of anyone who has so...

    I would call a dealer first to get a ballpark figure on what one costs. If you don't want them to know what you are planning, offer a white lie and say you spilled rat poison on your old seat and just threw it away rather than trying to clean it. I would think it won't be cheap.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. For starters, the biggest safety issue is whether or not someone in the back could exit the vehicle in a timely manner if required to do so (think: "My van is on fire!") Also, though your children probably wouldn't mind climbing over it, doing so will put an unbelievable amount of wear on the middle row bench. Not too mention the dirt.

    Have you considered a full size or even church van?
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    The safety issue can't be that much of a problem, GM has 8 seat variants of their minivans today (except the Olds Silhouette) and Toyota had 8 seat Previas everywhere except in North America.Its no worse , maybe better, getting out of the back seat of a minivan with 3 seats in the middle row than getting out of the back seat of a 2 door car! On second thoughts maybe it is a safety issue or at least a potential legal disaster for the companies given my first statement about GM and outside the US only for Toyota!
    I have a 8 seat '00 Venture and a 7 seat 95 WS. The kids love the Venture better, maybe they are still at the age they can bear to sit next to their siblings and get cozy!
  • in this thread for awhile. We got a new 2000 SE under the buyback program in the spring. In light of all the knocking of the WS is these topics, and our prior experience, I was skeptical (we could not wait four months for the Odyssey). However, 4000 miles later, and just coming off a 1000 mile round-trip to Cape Cod, my impression of the WS is becoming more favorable. We loaded it up with baggage and 5 people, including stuff on the roof, and hung 4 bikes off a bike carrier from a rear hitch. I expected the van to be a bit ponderous and sluggish, and I barely noticed a change in the responsiveness - testimony to the strong engine. The road manners were very solid, and I never felt like I was driving an overstuffed and overloaded vehicle. The comfort was excellent and mileage was OK (20-ish fully loaded at 60-70 mph). We also have not had any mechanical problems yet. The radio is good to excellent. My only ture complaint at this point is the noisy engine upon acceleration - it sounds more like a truck than a car.

    In summary, we got a good deal because of the $3K rebate and 0.9% financing, and I am becoming a believer, alhough the real test will be reliability and quality as it ages.
  • am a little nervous after reading some of the posts around here. Shame on me for not searching this site earlier, although it still may not have changed my mind. I'm just interested in some of your seemingly expert opinions on a couple of things:

    1) I know it is extremely early, but has there been any news (pro/con) on the reliability of the 2001 SEL? I would assume the 2000 model year would be very similar in terms or reliability, but most of the posts above are regarding 1999 and prior years. Any ideas/advice would be appreciated.

    2) I got the family entertainment package, side airbag option, and the reverse sensor as options in addition to the standard SEL package. I also purchased the extended, 100,000 mile warranty since I plan to keep the van for a while. The dealer price was $32,820. I got them to come off $1820 plus I signed over the $1000 mfr rebate (for a total of $2820). Finally, I traded in a car for another $4000 (it had over 140,000 miles on it with a NADA trade-in value of $4400). After tax, title, fees and sales tax, I paid $28,056 for the vehicle. Did I get a fair price? Or did my negotiation skills fail me once again?

    Thanks in advance for any comments or ideas...even though the truth may hurt...
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Did I get a fair price?

    Here is a question. If you had the option of choosing either $28,056 OR the van, which would you choose? If you would choose the van (which you did), then yes, you got a fair price. If you would choose the money, then no, you didn't.

    Peoples negotiating skills vary across the spectrum. The prices people pay are also going to vary across the spectrum (or at least within a range) and is not only related to the buyer's negotiating skills. Don't beat yourself up if you find out someone 4 states over paid $500 less for the same van. Someone else 2 states down may have paid $500 more. Considering you got an SEL, what you paid is only a few thousand more than what we paid for our 99 SE, so I personally think your price is decent.

    We absolutely love ours. No problems to report other than a sticky window that they fixed when we took delivery. The single most posted problem involves the blown head gasket on 1995 Windstars. Rumor has it that Ford changed something mid year 96. So there are a couple of early 96s that also report a blown HG. To my knowledge, there is not a single HG post for 97 or later model years.

    The transmission may be another matter; it warrants keeping a close watch. With the 100k mile extended warranty, you are reasonably safe.
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    There is a difference between an intentionally designed 8 passenger seating, and doing it yourself. The flexible seating design that the Windstar has wasn't intended for 8 passenger seating. If it was, they would have included that as an option.
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    Fair price- I agree with the assessment of fair is a subjective statement and if you are happy, then you paid a "fair price". I had a 95 Windstar, had the headgasket problem, but the difference was the dealer I had, which was great. They fixed the headgasket, gave us a free loaner vehicle, gave us the benefit of an extended warranty on the repair BEFORE it had been announced. The 95 Windstar LX we had gave us great service from 10/94 until 8/00, when we sold it on our own (80K miles, $7200), and then bought a loaded 2000 Windstar SE. The list price with taxes, prep, etc. was about $31K- we got the $4K special rebate, another $2K of other rebates, and paid 3% over invoice for the new van. So the price of the van was $24,313 minus $7200 sale, net price of just over $17K. Could we have done better than 3%? Maybe, but the couple of percent to deal with a good dealer (free loaner for life for service, convenient location, etc.) is more than worth it for us, especially if you spread it over the 5 to 6 years that we intend to keep the vehicle.

    By the way, the 2000 Windstar SE is (so far) awesome- plenty of great new features, good power, roomy- and not a single service item yet.
  • I need to know more about these rebates. I thought there was only a $3000 rebate. We are buying soon and are leaning heavily toward the grand caravan sport but WS is still in the running. Price matters so let me know how you did that!!!!
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342

    I don't know how they arrived at $4,000, but that is what our certificate said. The dealer that we used was Ted Britt Ford in Fairfax, VA.- maybe you should call them- they are a big dealer that knows all about the program. The other $1,500 was the clearance discount and then they came up with a $500 "Internet" discount, because they asked if we ever went to the Ford Motor web site.
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