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Ford Windstar



  • tmanttmant Posts: 70
    Hello, I have been reading the messages here and I bought a 2000 Windstar SE a few weeks ago. I was able to get it at invoice price (from Charlie Thomas Ford in Houston) which came to roughly 25,500 with destination. Taxes, etc were extra.

    I didn't get any additional options because it had most of what I wanted. I did consider an LX with more features to make it like the SE but several factors made me get the SE. I definitely like the chrome inserts and painted bumpers/door handles. Also the cornering light. I thought this was nice since I have often found myself trying to see what I am trying to turn into.

    I only got the radio cassette and am planning to add a CD changer later. I checked the lights and the three buttons by the cassette do NOT light up on my van.

    I have several questions about the lights in the cluster. My airbag light stays on several seconds longer than the rest of the lights when the car is started. Almost as long as the seatbelt light when not buckled. The light does turn off. I checked in a 1999 F150 and it does the same thing. My oil light does not seem to turn on with the other lights either. It will turn on if I leave the ignition in ON for a few seconds. Then when I start the van, the oil light will light up and then turn off with the rest. The manual indicates that the oil light "momentarily illuminates when the ignition is turned to the ON poisition and the engine is off." So this sounds like it is operating correctly, but not like most other lights (or other cars). The 99 F150 oil light did turn on on startup.

    Also, I am considering an alarm. Can someone recommend a solution? I have the factory remotes and would like to continue to use them.
  • You can use the Accessories conference as a resource also, tmant. I would think they're discussing alarms over there also :)

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • Guitazan.Took the van to the dealer last week and they said nothing was wrong with the gas system,etc.They did say that the filler tube had been shortened somewhat and that the "backsplash" may be caused by me putting the nozzle to far in the filler tube.I have filled up the tank twice since then and have not had the problem,however I put the gas in reallllly slow as I'm sure if I put the gas in at the regular rate I would experience"backsplash"...whatever.If the problem continues I'll start video tapimg my fill ups and have "visual"proof!
    Still haven't gotten my floor mats which are supposed to be standard on the van.Ford said that the manufacturer of their floor mats was substandard and that they had to change manufacturers.
    I'll keep my Tweetybird floormats until then kids like them better anyway!
    I actually like the van quite a bit and hope it will be a great ride!
  • Adgate, I have experienced filling up a vehicle, and the pump kept shutting off. I can't remember what car that was. The situation where gas splashes out, I feel, is unacceptable. And they want you to take twice as long to fill it up each time, because of their design snafu? Unfortunately, people don't seem to find any recourse in going above a dealer at Ford. Just be careful you don't ruin any good clothing while filling up!

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • tmanttmant Posts: 70
    On my 2000 Windstar SE (w/power driver seat), the driver seatbelt tongue is different from the passenger side and also the rear. The driver side has a "open" style tongue that restricts if pulled at a certain angle, while the others have a more typical looking enclosed tongue.

    I just noticed this the other day, is this normal?
  • Got a quote on a 2000 SEL if ordered or coming in at $100 over invoice from Village Ford in Ridgewood, NJ. Highest quote I have seen is $350 over ( After that, there is $500 rebate on SEL. NO advertising gimmick fees. Try going to There you can request a price quote from a nearby dealer. Village called me within two hours and gave me lower price than all these silly buying services.
  • I have a 99 LX that has 3000 miles on it. The first month I got 19 mpg, 2nd month 15 mpg and now I get 10.5 mpg. Took it into the dealer for it's first service and they say the engine checks out ok. California uses oxyginated gas in the winter months so the dealer blames the fuel. None of my other vehicles have had a reduction in mpg. Any ideas?
  • weslwesl Posts: 53
    Tmant and others,
    As a former Ford salesman, I am suprised and disappointed that your salesman did not point out the logic behind the three lights out on your radio. The uplevel stereo in the Windstar and the Explorer have a feature called selective lighting. When the instrument panel and radio are illuminated at night, only the buttons that you need to use are lit. For instance, if you are listening to a tape the buttons that are only control the radio or CD functions will not be illuminated. A nice feature, once it is pointed out. On a side note I would have to say this is typical. Many salseman at the dealership I worked at did not do proper feature/benefit demonstrations during the sale nor did they properly demonstrate the car at delivery. You would be amazed how many calls our general sales manager got from customers wanting to know how to use the cruise control or operate the stereo properly. Pretty sad in my estimation. My customers never recieved the three "see" delivery. See the keys, see the car, see the road. Later, Wes.
  • tfcistfcis Posts: 1
    tmant, I have a '99 and yes, the drivers seat belt is supposed to be different than the other seats. It is also described in the owner's manual. On my '99 the passenger seat belt tongues hold the strap tight which makes is very easy to use the child car seat locking clip. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 99 and it did not come with locking clips for car seats because of the design of the seat belts. You should not need them. Read the manual though because it does have some specific instructions for how to be sure the car seat is in correctly. It is much easier to put the car seat in and out now and if you need that seat for an adult passenger you are not having to remove a locking clip for them to use the seatbelt. Good Luck.
  • I just took delivery of 2000 sel and the noise comming from the gas tank wakes up my 2 year old!
    A service tech. went for a ride with me and "can't believe how loud the swooshing noise is" from gas going back and forth .At a start it sounds like a bowling ball rolling into the back door! The test drive did not warn me of this, apparently there was only a few gallons in the tank. Dealer is contacting ford to see if they can be authorized to wrap the tank with insulation. This needs to be recalled escort and windstar don't have bafels in tank to eliminate the swooshing noise Any one else have this problem or do you all crank the radio so you don't here it! I'll let you know what they do.
  • I have not heard this noise but maybe that's because my kids are too busy teasing each other for me to hear anything. Ford will probably suggest you have another kid so they can make more noise in the back for you and drown out the noise coming from the tank.
    O.K. just kidding, but that is the way Ford tends to make you feel when you have a problem.
    I have heard this sound while riding in the middle seats of another brand of van so I do understand how disturbing it is and you are right it should be fixed.
  • tmanttmant Posts: 70
    My 2000 Windstar SE oil light never seems to turn on. It only turns on when I leave the car in ON or turning it off and starting the car right afterwards.

    Anyone else have this problem? (I asked this before but didn't get any response.)
  • I've never checked that on my 96. I know I've seen it flash on momentarily while starting so I just assume it works. I would be concerned if I had never seen it on or if it came on after starting.

    If you are concerned that it is malfunctioning, take it to the dealer. They should be able to test that in a matter of minutes.

  • Every car I've ever owned flashes the oil pressure warning light momentarily on startup to indicate that the bulb is functional(not burned out) - it will also remain steadily lit in the ignition 'on' position if the car is not running(as will most of the other diagnostic lights). The only time the oil pressure warning light remains lit during driving is when you experience a loss of oil pressure, which is generally followed by engine meltdown.
  • rjsvtrjsvt Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 Windstar LX about 3 weeks ago in Connecticut. Among the options the car has is the Comfort Group which is advertised to include the auxiliary climate control system, privacy glass, luggage rack, and mini overhead console. I am embarrassed to say that I just noticed that while the 2nd and 3rd row windows have the privacy glass, the rear hatch does not - it has the same slightly tinted glass as the front windshield & driver/passenger windows. I called the dealer to confirm that this was the correct delivery of this option and he said he had other LX's with privacy glass on the lot that included it on the hatch. He recommended I check with Ford customer service, which I did. The cust service rep looked up my vehicle build data and indicated the the car was not built with Comfort Group 86C, but with the "reduced" Comfort Group 862 which means that some of the features are 'reduced" from the Comfort Group on the SE and SEL. No where is any of this described in any of the Ford publications that I have seen on the Windstar, and I have not seen another LX with privacy glass that doesn't have it on the hatch window. In case it matters, the other options are driver's side slider, the cd radio w/rear controls, full overhead console, and power drivers seat. Can someone confirm whether the LX Comfort Group privacy glass should be on the hatch? Thanks.
  • Hi. I'm new here. I just bought a '99 Windstar with 25,000 miles on it (used as a rental vehicle by the dealership. Q1: I immediately changed the oil & filter and noted that after putting in the recommended 5 quarts, running it (to fill the filter) and letting it sit an hour, the dipstick shows halfway between Min and Max. On my old Escort, the similar situation would show a mite over Full. What is your experience? After reading about the fuel guage for the 20 gallon tank being installed with the 26 gallon tank, I wanted to check. Q2: After I start the Windstar, the oil light takes about 2 seconds to shut off. On my old Escort, it was almost immediate. Does this mean it has poor oil pressure, or is it just a difference between the two engines (1.9L 4 cyl. vs 3.8 L V6)? If it has bad oil pressure, I can still cancel the deal.
    After reading the Windstar Problems board, I feel jittery. I still bought the Windstar because of its safety (and my two young kids) and because I could not afford the only two other models with similar crash tests (Sienna, Odyssey). Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Sorry to take up two posts with this, I forgot something:
    Or I guess it could be a difference in the sensitivity of the sensors (the Escort's was not as sensitive and went off after the pressure reaches 3 pounds and the Windstar's goes off after he pressure reaches 10 pounds). That is why I want to check with you to see when your oil light goes off.
    With respect to the oil level, more oil is good, as long as you do not exceed the maximum for the engine (good for oil pressure, cooling, lubricating). So I would add an extra cup or pint (so long as it did not go over Max) if I knew that the dipstick was truly correct in being half-way between Min and Max. Thanks again.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    On our 95 the Jiffy Lube guys always said it was a quart low, but on our 95 Windstar and my departed 93 T-Bird, the word "max" was on the dipstick with a rather long arrow pointing towards the max marker. It ALWAYS looked low at first glance. A second look showed that it was full.
  • Definitely NOT!. For the following reasons:
    The Ford dealerships still tries to sell by the 19th century tactics. Try to get a straight answer from them!. Just ask for the best price for the vehicle "sitting in their lot". GOOD LUCK. They still do their two step shuffle -excuse me, I need to know what my manager/ supervisor has to say about this price. Why do they do this? Just to insult the intelligence of today's buyer? No wonder their lots are always full of vehicles -all models in all colors, all the time.
    I was in the market for 2000 windstar (wife wanted the safest minivan to transport our children) and this gentleman was seriously pushing the 1999 model (the one that he did not have on the lot!).
    Inspite of informing that I am aware of all the figures (invoice, incentives, markups etc.) nobody was ready to give me the bottom figure (I was not trading in any vehicle, and was paying in cash).
    Grudgingly (by this time I knew I was not buying the van, but I wanted to get the feel of driving a Ford product) We went for testdrive (1.3 miles total, and HE was driving for half the way!), the SEL was good but the aftertaste of the experience (dealership) was very bad.
    Bought Honda Odyssey (@ MSRP) without any regrets (5 min at the Honda dealership, 18 day wait). Wife is all smiles. 5 star rating, 5 star drive, 5 star satisfaction.
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