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Ford Windstar



  • ozrod68ozrod68 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased this vehicle and was dismayed to find that the belts do not cinch. I can't understand why Ford would fail to provide cinching belts in a family vehicle. I also just got a 2001 Expedition and this has cinching belts. Do all SEL's have the non-cinching belts? Has anybody had them replaced. All responses appreciated.
  • kschillikschilli Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 SE Sport and the seat belts will lock down but it is not a retraction type like previous windstars. The owners manual explains how it works but it took me a few times to figure it out. Basically, you need to grab the buckle on the belt by the metal part and lift it up. You then put the buckle into the lock. Then pull the belt through the buckle while it is in the lock and it holds. Apparently the buckle has some sort of locking clip built into it. Not as convenient as the retractions but it works fine.
    Good Luck
  • My wife's Windstar has a blown brakelight. I'm not sure how to remove the tail light assembly. I removed the two top visible screws, but the assembly seems to be attached below in some way. Any help?

  • eckel1eckel1 Posts: 2
    I am looking for any feedback on a Wind star. We are thinking of purchasing a 2000 Wind star with 15000 miles on it !!! Please give me feedback on how this vehicle stands up !!!
  • datsun71datsun71 Posts: 1
    Hi l just signed up and hoping for a response for my problem. the temp needle swings from the middle up to L position then back down again? I'm not loosing a-freeeze nor any other symptoms is this just a defective device or what!!!!!
  • I know, with a name like mine, how could I own a Ford :). has anyone had problems with interior trim quality? My '98 GL has had interior trim above the sliding door pop off, and now the front seat trim underneath is coming off, catching my slacks (rippppp..) I'm a big guy, 6'5", size 17 feet, 285 lbs, so I'm not easy on things, BUT still..

    Also, has anyone else noticed the SEVERE power drain when you load up 7 people, run both airs, and going on the interstate(freeway for you California types) Man does it chunk down, even with the 3.8!
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    This happened to me after my engine as replaced. They told me an air bubble was in the cooling system. I think if you take off the radiator (when the engine is cold) and let it warm us so the thermostat opens, you may find that the fluid level drops dramatically.

    You are not loosing coolant - there is just not enough coolant in the system to keep the temperature guage sensor "submerged".

    It is worth a shot anyway... Good Luck!
  • clink1clink1 Posts: 4
    dear crkeehn, I have a 2001 ws and occasionally the speedo will jump from 85K to 110K like it seems to stick and then "wham" right to 110K.
  • vezinivezini Posts: 38
    Hey all:

    When I step on the accelerator (i.e. merging in on the interstate) I can get some black exhaust. I can even see it in the rear view mirror.

    Any thoughts on what this is?

  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Taillights are removed with the two screws only. They are at the top of the light. There are an additional two retaining pins that hold it to the body on the outboard side of the fixture. They are removed by just pulling straight out. Don't try to bend or twist them. What makes removal confusing is that the weather stripping and sealants used between the body and the fixture are like glue and make the light very hard to pull off the first time, behaving as if there are additional fasteners.

    Black smoke from the exhaust when the hammer is thrown down is probably normal rich fuel not burning clean. If it is accompanied by poor mileage, rough running, engine run-on or black smoke all the time, it could be computer or injector problems (= $$$). My recommendation is that you quit looking out the back when flooring it.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    Talk to your dealer, that is not normal behaviour and the car should be under warrantee
  • ralmoralmo Posts: 3
    The same happened to me on my 96 speedo,you have a stripped gear on the cable...I hate to be the one to tell you this,if it is,the cost is 400.00
  • zoolandzooland Posts: 2
    When braking at high speeds I get a big vibration on my 95. This seems to get more noticeable the longer I drive. I turned the rotors and replaced the pads. No good. I took it to a mechanic who installed new rotors and cleaned up the pads. Same story. I brought it back to him and he could find nothing wrong with it. Anyone have a similar problem?
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    I had a 95 Windstar that we got in October 1994. It was decent performer but had the head gasket problem- that was replaced under warranty in early 2000 with about 75K on the vehicle. I took advantage of the special $4,000 credit for the new Windstar, and we took delivery of a 2000 Windstar SE in August of 2000, paying about $17,500 with trade and credits for a van that listed for $31,000. I can only say that the new one has better features, no problems whatever, mileage is a little less- about 15 to 18 mpg city. We have about 10K miles on the new van.

    My only advice is to go with a good dealer: we usedTed Britt Ford in Fairfax, Virginia, and both the old Windstar and new one were sold and serviced with few hassles. I recommend them and hope that the new Windstar will continue to be problem free and enjoyable.
  • We are interested in 2000 Ford Windstar LX w 20K miles for $16K but are scared about the reliability record of the vehicle. However, I went thru almost 500 e-mails noting that 95 % of the e-mails are related to MY95-99. The latest also says that "the qty has improved over the years, MY00-01 being the best MYs". Am I correct? Has the qty really improved?
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    Your advice is valid, go with a good dealer. With Ford especially, the satisfaction seems directly related to how good the dealer is. We were never happy with our nearest Ford dealer and drove about 10 miles past it to the next dealer over to get our two most recent cars.
  • Our 2001 SEL (3500 miles) recently developed "jerky" ride. The ride feels like someone is pushing the van every 1-2 seconds, i.e it feels like the van is speeding up a bit and slowing down a bit every few seconds. Overall it maintains the speed. Has anyone had similar ride on their Windstar?
  • I am in a tough position right now. My wife and me are in the market for a minivan to haul around our kids and cargo as well as towing applications. I like the Chrysler, its ex./in. look very high class and it's powertrain is as smooth as glass, it also offers all-wheel drive. My wife on the other hand likes the Windstar with it's no bull engine that gets the job done(not in a very refined way though I hear) and 5 star safety. In any case though, both models have not been known for reliability and quality, which in our family, is a must. I've heard that Ford has had engine head gasket problems and Chrysler transmission problems, are those rumors? And we tend to haul around lots of gear and children, and in which model would they be most comfortable? We also do regular towing and camping and will the engine has enough power to haul us, a boat(3,200 lbs), and itself when we go on long road trips. Both have 3.8 liter V6s so it's a mystery to me of which performs better when hauling around this much. Also I've read that Ford offers a rear entertainment system, does Chrysler or is it an add-on after market. We just want a powerful minivan with all the luxuries of a sedan and the strength of a suv. If you have any suggestions please write back.
  • If I were in your situation I would go with the Chrysler. Why?
    Better styling
    More horsepower
    More torque
    Third row split seat
    Newer design
  • elvee1elvee1 Posts: 4
    Hi, I have the 99 model and I THOUGHT it had the ALR's. Those are the belts that once pulled ALL the way out, will "click" back in and STAY PUT. Very safe for youngsters in belt positioning booster seats, and also making it easy to secure the regular child safety seats too. We've not been able to make these work and the dealer is telling us that NO 99 windstars have these. Could this be true? I have three questions: does anyone reading this have this type of seat belt? Has anyone ever ordered the parts and installed them themselves (handy husband, here)? Does anyone know where I can go, call, or website to visit to see if this type of locking belt system is indeed supposed to be on this model?

    I am desperate. When my kids were babies, in car seats, I just used lokcing clips and figured "oh well." But now that they are in belt-positiong boosters, I feel that these are very unsafe. In fact I have a friend who drives a Silhouette and she won't let her kids ride in my van because her kids move around too much and she fears a terrible injury if a crash should occur while a kid is reaching for something on the floor, or another seat or whatever. I am now nervous too!

    I read the question below from the SEL model owner, and the answer. I'll try that seat belt buckle thingie...mabye that's how ours lock into place too?????

    Any answers will really be appreciated, believe me. Preschool carpooling is just around the corner and I'd never be able to live with myself if a child was injured because I didn't know how to operate the belts properly.

    Nervous Nellie
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