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Ford Windstar



  • We owned a '91 Previa with 145k miles. back in 2000,We bought a brand new 99 Windstar. The person that we sold the Previa to said that we were making a mistake; he was buying our Previa due to major problems with his 95 windstar. We thought that surely Ford would have 'gotten the bugs out' of the Windstar by 1999.
    To date, he still has the '91 Previa (220k miles), and we have suffered our 2nd tranny failure on the Windstar, with only 110k miles. Not to mention repeated trips to the stealership for various abs, air bag, check engine lights and sensors, two of which failed within the first week of ownership. (The tech said that the new van wasn't used to being driven since leaving the Ford assembly plant, ha-ha)
    So, would you chose a new Flex, or a used Sequoia/Sienna?
    For the premium price of the Flex, I've read about too many problems about it already!
    The only thing that domestics have on the foreign are the looks, and in some cases, comfort.
    But remember-it is always uncomfortable when you're stranded on the highway!
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