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Audi A8



  • I have replaced my OEM Eagle LS's with the Michelin XGTZ4. They improve handling quite a bit since the stiff sidewall seems to take out the body lean. Have not been able to get them balanced right with the spin balancer though at the tire dealer. He is saying that with audis and some tires you have to balance them while on the car so they are paying to have them balanced at an alignment place that can do this tomorrow. Anybody had this problem ?

    On the front cowling, you just have to be real careful when pulling up to curbs.
  • Roger- I had an '87 BMW L7 and I watched a guy at the local favorite tire shop balance the wheel while it was on the car once but I am not sure this had anything to do with what you are talking about and it seemed to be a art more than a science since from what I could see he was doing it visually. In any event you may want to check with an Audi dealer about this. Let me know what you find out. My car is in for service currently but should be ready tomorrow. I'll ask the service advisor about it when I go in.

  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 157
    I'm thinking of trading my '98 A-4 with 80,000 miles for an A-8 with 20,000 miles. Does this seem reasonable for $25K plus my car?
    What is the real gas mileage for the A-8?
    I have read this forum, but any problems with the A-8 that I should look for.
    Any advise would be appreciated.

    2007 Miata, 2010 BMW 535xiT, 2010 GMC Sierra SLE, 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon

  • Turned out that I had a slightly bent wheel when that was caused by a flat tire I had a while ago (which unlike an explorer that flips over, you hardly feel in an A8 at 70mph). I must have drove on the tire too long before noticing the flat. After switching to the spare wheel, tires are great and smooth.

    Gas mileage on 2000 A8: Around 24-26mph travelling at 85 mph on interstate. Around 16-18 around town with not much stop and go. Note that the computer guage on my car originally showed 10-15% better mileage than these numbers until I had the calculation adjusted.
  • I'm interested in getting a used A8 from 1 to 3 years old. Are there any significant feature additions or quality wrinkles that have passed as the years go up?
    Is this a scarey car as far as maintaining goes?

    My goal would be to buy one before the manufacturers waranty runs out from a private party - to save $$ and take the guess work out of knowing if anything needs work.
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 157
    I posted a similar request (#214) but haven't gotten any feedback. At least if we buy from a dealer we should get Audi "assured" warranty which will cover drive train problems for 75k miles or 5 years from when car was originally delivered. That, at least, is a little peace of mind.

    2007 Miata, 2010 BMW 535xiT, 2010 GMC Sierra SLE, 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon

  • It's fully loaded German luxury car, so you should get one with as little miles and as new as you can afford so it will have the longest warranty period possible. Audi Assured is definitely a good idea which means buying from a dealer. If you are worried about cost of maintaining the car maybe it's not for you. Like dear old Dad always said: "If you can't afford the parts, don't buy the car". As for fuel mileage, my '97 gets about 23-24 on the hwy and 18-19 in combined driving but I live in a rural area.
  • Why buy Audi assured if the car is still under the manufacturers warranty? I figure as long as the car hasn't been in an accident, Audi should be able to (assure it operates) take care of any problem that may not expose itself in a test drive.
    Also, I would imagine buying off a dealer lot would amount to at least $5k more which isn't exactly chump change.
    I may not have a choice though; these cars are not showing up in the used car section of my paper.
  • I've done this. Pulled up on a curb and while backing up heard a bunch of crackles and pops. The front bumper cover (along with all the fixins')popped out. I was able put it back together, but the underside of the bumper ripped in half. Long story short ~$1100 in damages(labor + parts). The Audi authorized body shop mentioned that they had seen this problem on several A6s also - if that's any consolation. Bad design!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • srob62srob62 Posts: 3
    I think you may have a hard time finding a used 1-3 year old A8 from a private seller, with only around 2000 a year produced, and most being leased. I looked for two months, and found a 2 1/2 year old '97 A8 with 15K miles, from a dealer. The car was privately owned (verified through car fax). A salesman told me that Audi charges the dealership $500 for the Audi Assured plan. If that's the actual cost, it seems like a deal to me.

    Bill is right. You will pay more for service, but it goes with the territory.

    I used the internet to locate cars and all the dealers, shopped within a three hour radius, and played one against the other on the phone until I got the car I wanted at a fair price.

    Have fun shopping. It's a great car and doesn't attract unwanted attention.
  • I am suggesting you buy an Audi Assured car because you are concerned about cost of maintaining the car. The A8 is a fine car but if something big breaks out of warranty, it's going to be costly to fix. The Audi Assured program covers road side assistance and the cars major systems for an additional two years and up to 75,000 miles at a cost of $50 per visit, not per repair. So if you go in with a few things to fix you still pay $50. And you can probably get the dealership to pay for the Assured Program as part of the deal. If you can find a car from a private owner that is still under the original warranty, I would urge you to use some of that money you are saving to buy a warranty plan, they cost pennies on the dollar when something goes wrong and they are usually very comprehensive.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Has anyone seen or driven the new S8 (the juiced up A8 with 360hp)? Any impressions? Thanks.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Looks like someone has started a separate S8 topic. I'll look there for your comments. Thanks.
  • I have never owned an Audi (Volvo and BMW) but am considering a 1998 A8 4.2 w/ 18,500 miles for $40,000. I have liked this car for some time, but I do not know much about them. Could someone give me insight as to dependability, is it fun to drive, what you like best about the car, what you like least, and anticipated cost of major tune, etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Well to help with an idea of cost of ownership, I just had my 30K service performed. I am no longer under the original warranty so I took the car to a shop that specializes in European cars and is a sponsor of our local chapter of the quattro club. The service ran $368 dollars which included plugs, change of oil & filter (I provided the oil), change of air filter, change of cabin dust and pollen filter and a list of about 20 "check this" items. The shop that did the work installed bosch platinum spark plug which they indicated would save me from having to change them at the next 30K service. Considering the plugs run $50 for the set and R & R is probably $35 (1/2 hr labor) the next 30K service (60K)should be under $300 provided nothing major needs to be done. The 90K service on the other hand, requires a timing belt change. Some how I don't think that's going to be cheap.
  • I too am a new owner and lover of my 97 A8. But three days after picking up the car I caught the front bumper on a curb and had to have it completely replaced. I believe there is a true design flaw here and I am attempting to find out how commom this is. I intend to look for the article listed in that was mentioned in an earlier post. If anyone knows how to gather additional statistics, please let me know as I do not believe this should be reason for the insurance industry to place additional surcharges.
  • Make sure to check the A6 forum on People have reported this problem on plenty of cars other than Audi's. It's just a fact of life nowadays with cars with noses that hang over like that.
  • OK, understood; get the Audi assured plan - but is this on top of the standard warranty? Is there any reason to buy this before the standard warranty runs out?
    Also, can you change the oil in the A8 at places like Jiffy Lube? It's not cost I really care about with maintenence, it's convienence. I would rather get it done in a half hour than drop it off at some out of the way place that require an appointment. I'm the type that wouldn't want to pull into the Audi service site unless something major breaks or I hit 90k miles.
  • Assured program is when buying a car used, I don't know that you can add it to a car that you bought new.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    For those posts concerning this subject...The W12
    is a marriage of two VR6 VW engines...They are
    displaced at 15 degrees...Hold up your index finger and middle finger and overlap your two
    index fingers and you will discover the origin of the W.
    Same engine as the VW *D-1* coming to the Detroit Show a year from January 2001.

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