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Audi A8



  • paul1266paul1266 Posts: 4
    I see a few of you have mentioned satellite radio for the new a8 is this a dealer installed option or does it have to be ordered when you order the car. Please let me know.

  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    It's not ready yet, will be ready sometime in October, and the car is wiring ready for later installation, (the thing on top of roof is the Satellite antenna) so I think you can install after purchase. So probably a dear installed option but I am not sure.
  • alobo18alobo18 Posts: 1
    Just wanting to share some of the problems i'm having with my 98 A8. Perhaps some of you have had similar problems and could confirm them and tell me how the dealership handled them. Luckily the car is still under Audi Assured.

    First there is the transmission which has jerk when decelerating in the 55-66 mph range. The dealership claims that they cant find a problem, although last time I took it in they were able to find it, and said it may need a new transmission(before they knew it was under warranty).

    Second, some of the steering oil is apparently leaking into the car, and has soaked the drivers floor mat. Dealership does not think that's the only source of the oil.

    Third, antenna broke off, rather fragile i guess. Anyone else have to replace the antenna, can i install a generic one?

    Anyways thanks, hopefully some of you can relate your experiences to mine.
  • automan227automan227 Posts: 118
    With regards to the transmission jerk, I experienced this same type of thing when accelerating and decelerating at high speeds. When I took it to the dealership, they told me the problem may have been the adaptive learning that the transmission uses, and all they did was just turn that option off in the computer. Since then it has been a real pocket rocket (though the gas mileage dropped a little).

    The antenna cannot be replaced with a generic one because it is a dual type antenna. What this means is that this antenna is not only wired to run the radio, but also is used as the cellular phone antenna when installed. Therefore, I don't think you can install a generic one...I think it needs to be the OEM antenna.

    Hope this helps a little...

  • There is no plan for a redsigned A8 for the US. The A8L will be the only one that we have in this country with exception to the S8 which will be SUPERCHARGED! Think of the possiblities.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Has anyone here taken delivery of one of these fabulous machines yet?

  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    What an awesome machine. I saw one in France on a short business trip and came back headed over to my Audi dealer and ordered one of my own for September delivery. I got a good deal because I am trading in a 2003 E500 that I've had for several months. The interior sold me (quality is fantastic!) Bigger than the Merc but I will get used to it. The dealer didn't have one on the lot but will call and let me drive the next one in. Can't wait. The only thing I've heard negative is a little more road noise than the S-class but my dealer told me to order the dual pane glass and that would yield a quieter noise level.
  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    Congrats on the new audi, how do your like the E500 in terms of high speed cruising quality?
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    The ride of my E500 was nice. The air suspension has a lot to do with it. One reason I like the Audi A8 setup as well. Much better than the E320's conventional system. On thing I was disappointed with was the steering feel. I don't know perhaps just a disconnected feel. Other than that I would recommend it to most people looking for the Merc brand. I'd even go so far to say unless you need the size of an S-Class buy the E500 until the next S comes out. Build quality of the S is poor in my opinion. Now the A8 is in a league of it's own in terms of quality. Perhaps because Audi is a small player in auto sales unlike the ever expanding MB.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    After a call from my dealer I got the chance to drive the A8 and there was one negative in my experience. The ride quality is rather poor. It is not the smooth quiet ride I was expecting (I had high expectations). Not that it was like a Honda Accord but it was not nearly as smooth as the E500 I am trading in. I was a little disappointed. I thought perhaps it was the settings in the MMI system but it was set to "Auto" which would probably be the setting one drives in all the time. Other than that I love the car and was very pleased with it.
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    I am considering purchase a VW Touareg. The V8 engine has been "borrowed" from the Audi A8. Any opinions or experiences with this engine would be appreciated. Thanks
  • t6553gwt6553gw Posts: 18
    I drove the A8 for 10,000 miles with 4.2, no problem and complain yet, it's buttery smooth.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    went to the audi store today and saw the new A8.....WOW is that a nice interior.......the exterior looks much better than in pictures also...a really nice car.....

    IMHO the new A8 and Jag XJ are the class of the import large car field. The new Jag is lean and mean, the Audi is the elegant stateman. The Mercedes is dated and too disco, the Bangle BMW 7 is flat out heinous.
  • joemanzjoemanz Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 S8 with the poorest paint quality I have ever seen.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    well, that's unfortunate, but the new 7 series Bimmer is still REALLY UGLY and has a COLUMN SHIFTER.....eeeewwwwwwwwww

    Get that s8 repainted by the best body man and its still cheaper than the bimmer
  • That is my wish so that I can buy the new A8L. I finally sat in and test drove the new A8L yesterday. Very nice is all I can say when I finished the test drive. It's not as quiet as the Lexus LS430 or as sporty as the BMW 745Li, but it did everything well. I drove it in the city, on the highway, and a little in the country. It did not absorb the bumps like I thought it would, but it wasn't bad either. The seats were form fitting. The ergonomic interior was top notch. The exterior was pleasing to look at (I don't know if the 2005 A8 regular car length will look better?). Everything was very nice for the price (stickered at $73k). That is still less than the Mercedes or BMW. May be in a couple of years I can afford this baby. This is all dependent on what the new S500 and LS430 will look like in a couple of years.

    I also test drove the new VW Toureg. It was also nice but not at pleasing ergonomically as the Range Rover or LX470. I saw a lot of Audi parts in the Toureg. I drove the V6--kind of weak. If I get one, it would have to be a V8. The ride was reasonably good for a suv. It absorb the bumps alright. It was not as quiet as other luxury suv's I've driven. The only thing I thought was disappointing was the lack of a cd changer or dvd system for the back seats.

    I also saw the RS6. It looks incredibly sporty and beastly. It looked like it can it up the competition. I wasn't able to drive it, because it was in the showroom. It looks wonderful, but I'm not sure it is worth $85k. I currently drive an 2003 A6. I love it, but I think I would love it more if I can put the body kit of the RS6 on my regular A6. I don't need all that power--don't think I will ever use it.

    As always drive safely out there.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Awesome Idea
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Huh? body kits? IMHO, buying a real enthusiast driver's car like the RS6 is the real deal.

    An A6 with a body kit is just an A6
  • Has anyone else ordered the 04 A8L and if so how much lead time did your dealer project before delivery. I ordered on June 12th and still can not get a straight answer on when to expect delivery. I keep hearing late Sept. or maybe early Oct. This feels like entirely too long. Let me know.
  • I still would love it. I don't drive fast anymore (usually five miles over the speed limit). I just like the way the RS6 looks. I know that I will never use most of the potent, raw power that the RS6 has, so why would I even buy one. I don't care if people know that it is not a RS6. All I care is that it looks appealing to me. Some people buy those very high-priced, very high-powered cars and never get to use all the power. The only place I can see anyone using that much power is on the racetrack. So would or could you you take it to the track? If you can, then good for you. Me, I would just rather drive my regular good-looking A6 with the RS6 body kit to the store, work, vacation or mall. I don't buy cars to show off to people (Hey look at what I got!!). I buy them to drive everyday--that is my enjoyment.
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