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Audi A8



  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I have nothing but praise for my 2005 A8. I felt the same about my former A8 (a 1999). My next car will be an Audi, as well. As for the high speed comfort and the ability to use the phone while driving, I am extremely pleased, with one minor exception. When I am on the open road between LA and points east, such as Albuquerque, I go briskly. With the assistance of my trusty Escort, I am often approaching the century mark and occasionally see ten to twenty mph above that. The Bluetooth phone system can be used at all speeds that I have attained.

    The minor exception is the occasional inability to end the call. If I end it quickly enough, ON THE PHONE ITSELF, no problem. If I do not end it quickly enough, it sometimes will not disconnect and the phone needs to be turned off and turned back on later. An annoyance. Audi blames Motorola, Motorola says it is not the fault of the phone. A standoff that has not been resolved.

    The car itself is marvelous for high speed long distance trips in comfort. I am approaching 70 years old and can drive this thing for 12 hours at a clip and still want to go.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    You go ..... approaching 70 man ! I'm 71 and gaining.

    Just made the N Sctsdle to Palm Desert 311 Mi. in 3 hr 20 min. Don't tell.

    2004 A8L. Over 20 mpg cruising. Amazing.

    Getting some tire "cylical" vibration from the 19" Michelin Pilot 255 ZR's. Michelin is covering under warranty. Good people.

    Drive on ......... and try "geronimo's" restaurant in Santa Fe.

    Which is the best hands free tele' to use with the audi system?
    Thanks ......
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I am familiar with Geronimo's. While in ABQ, you might try Zinc, Savoy, and Seasons restaurants - all under common ownership, but each with different ambience and menus.

    Yes, the A8 is incredibly efficient at highway speeds, especially for a heavy V8. I have actually seen 28 mpg while at "normal" highway speeds and 24 - 25 overall on a high speed run of 800 - 1,000 miles.

    I did the math on that 311 mile trip you described and am very impressed. However, do be cautious out there. If one of Arizona's or California's finest stop you, you'll have a tough time explaining such speeds. "Gee, officer - there must be some mistake." I don't think that one will work.

    As for your last question about the best hands free phone for an Audi, I don't have an answer. I have only tried the Motorola Razr (a very early model). This might be a good question to put out there for general comment.

    My best to you
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Season's is pretty good in abq. You need to try the firehouse, los quattes, and maybe even frontier to get a feel for central avenue.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Thx for the tips.

    How about the Artichoke Cafe in abq? I have not been there is years. Quaint quiet old house.
  • This forum was helpful in my recent purchase of an Audi A8L.

    The car currently has 45,500 miles on it. I purchased it for $32,000.

    The dealer wants to sell me an extended warranty for $4988\ 4 yrs or 50K additional miles.

    does it make any sense to buy the warranty or should I just invest the money and pay for the repairs myself. If you have a horor story regarding repairs needed on the Audi A8L it might help influence me. Thanks for any comments.

  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    That seems high. Those prices are negotiable, by the way, since the dealer makes such a high profit on each sale. I was quoted a 3 year warranty on my 2005 A8, one year shorter than yours, for almost exactly half your price. Only you can say what peace of mind is worth. On my previous A8, my extended warranty paid for a transmission that cost nearly the price of your extended warranty. When I sold that car to an individual buyer, he was pleased to receive some warranty with the car. You might try shopping around and don't forget to ask the shop forman what warranty companies they like best. In the end, it is a real tossup. Good luck.
  • what car show you think has information on the audis i see no show wit info, but there was this one called , It was pretty informational and as a A8 driver
  • I have owned 1999 A8 for past 6 years. Routine services had been with a local reliable mechanic as I lived 150 miles from the nearest dealer. I made the mistake of scheduling an oil change only with
    Dwight Jepsons Sunflower Audi in Topeka, Ks. I unfortunately didn't ask ahead of time what the price would be. It took 90 minutes for an oil change only (no other fluids, no wash or vacuum) and I got a bill for $180.77(including 75 minutes of labor charge at $94 per hour). What a rip. The service manager said it is a hard car to service with an oil change and they only used "certified mechanics". If these guys were Audi certified, it wouldn't have taken 90 minutes. He then discounted to $156.33. The last time oil was changed at another Audi dealer, they charged me $79. The real kicker, I just bought my wife a new Audi from the same dealership in Nov 07. Fortunately, there is a service contract on that vehicle. Just wanted anyone who might be interested to avoid this dealership and their service at all costs. Also appreciate any thoughts about other experiences. Has anyone had any luck contacting Audiusa or other regional Audi representative.Thanks.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    That charge is high, although the 1999 A8 is a bit more difficult to do an oil change, in part due to the canister type filter and the lower engine cover that must be removed and replaced. Here in LA, the hourly rate at my dealer is $120. Even so, an oil change would be less money and you would go home with a newly washed car and would have been served freshly baked cookies. Come to think of it, maybe the car wash and cookies are one reason for the high hourly rate. Humm.
  • Thanks for input. Just to make matters worse, I discovered an oil leak since the oil change and noticed that they hadn't reset the oil warning signal. I took it back to them yesterday. You guessed it, 90 minutes later they informed me they couldn't get the warning signal reset and I would have to take it to another dealership. They hopefully fixed the leak by tightening the oil plug. I now have even bigger concerns about competency of the service dept. What a nightmare.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    What a nightmare. And for just an oil change. It sounds like another dealer is the place to go. Try to locate one with a technician specifically trained on A8's. If you should ever go to a non-dealer for oil changes, make certain they use the factory specified oil. No substitutes.
  • Miguel-

    I am looking into a "pre-owned" A8L in the Boston area. What year was your A8L? ALso, did you end up purchasing the extended warranty? if so, can you share how much?

    Appreciate any feedback.

  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Purchased a 2004 A8L with 40K. 6 Yr. 110K. The extended warranty cost about $650. It was a Audi Certified Pre-owned etc. Great car. Two Lexus previous. The Cup holders suck but at least the German's finally figured out "the Americans drive 600 to 800 miles on a straight road just to get across one state" and want some JUICE at their side. Just ran 640 miles at 90 / 95 mh @ 24 mpg.

    Signed, an old 356 & 550 driver.
  • very nice. Thank you for the info. debating between an 2005 or 2004

    Thanks again. good luck w/ the ride. sounds awesome.
  • michmportmichmport Posts: 10
    Yes I purchased the warranty - $3800.
    One of the mechanics convinced me we he said althought the trans rarely goes out on one of these - it would be $10,000 or more to replace the parts plus the labor cost. I didn't ask about the engine that was enough for me.

  • michmportmichmport Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 A8L and sometimes it does not turnover (start) on the first turn of the key. When I take the key out and start it again - it starts right up.

    Dealer has changed out the ignition $400. But it is still happening. Dealer was only able to believe that it was happening because it happened to them while they had the car. Otherwise it was not showing up on the diagnostic.

    Any advice before I take it back to them.

    My rear vanity mirror won't stay closed. Dealer says $300 to replace the vanity component - does anyone have a less expensive fix.

    Also - does anyone have a good mechanic in the chicago Illinois area.

    Would welcome any help.

    mike in chicago
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    I have had the same situation with the ignition key on my last two A8's (1999 & 2005). If my engine does not start on the first attempt, I have to remove the key and reinsert. This has been the case since they were new. I have been told, and since it has been the same on two cars now, I believe that this is designed into the car. Perhaps a theft deterrent? The fact that the technician did not think of it somehow does not surprise me.

    As for your second and third questions, I can only offer sympathy. These days, repairs to something like a vanity mirror probably means a complete replacement. On my wife's Audi, for example, a small tear on the front of a radio knob resulted in a complete replacement of the radio, CD, tape player assembly.

    When looking for a good repair facility, ask if they have a technician specifically factory trained on the A8.

    Good luck.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Same issue here. Solution appears to be as you say, Pull out key and start over. Dealer indicates if it happens regularly, they will reprogram or replace. As long as I have been aware of the situation, the A8 has never failed on the 2nd attempt.

    I am running Michelin PS Pilot Sport A/S 255/40 ZR 19 96Y which have a cyclical vibration that can be felt (seat of pants) as well as heard on smooth asphalt. Anyone else with this tire issue ?? Initially I felt it must be an axle bearing or universal joint because of the cylical nature of the vibration. Not tires or wheels out of balance or out of round. Upon switching rims / tires etc on different A8's and my own, it appears as though the tires are the culprit. Anyone else have this issue with this particular Michelin (or) other tires ??

    Thx ........ Harbo
  • jetrcmspjetrcmsp Posts: 1
    Any one have experience with the above problem.
  • madradmadrad Posts: 28
    Does anybody have any info as to when Audi A8 might have real time traffic info, as is available from NavTeq and others?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Previous no start issue was solved by pulling the key, reinsert and after one or two try's it would fire up. Now it is completely dead. Battery is fully charged. Radio, trunk, lights work. Nothing to the starter. Audi roadside assistance could not get the vehicle out of park and into nuetral to pull it out of my garage. HELP !!
  • michmportmichmport Posts: 10
    Has it been everyone's experience to always change the rotors whenever changing the pads during the brake maintenance on the A8

    Mechanic is suggesting that when the "brake pad" light comes on the rotors are already probably damaged. So, they usually replace them at the same time.

    I would think the warning light would warn you well in advance of impending damage. any advice would help with my discussion with the mechanic.
  • michmportmichmport Posts: 10
    Has it been everyone's experience to always change the rotors whenever changing the pads during the brake maintenance on the A8

    Mechanic is suggesting that when the "brake pad" light comes on the rotors are already probably damaged. So, they usually replace them at the same time.

    I would think the warning light would warn you well in advance of impending damage. any advice would help with my discussion with the mechanic.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    At 50,000 we replaced the pads ...... warranty. The rotors were fine.
  • ayyateayyate Posts: 53
    To your first question, I say absolutely no. To the statement of the mechanic, I say not true. This sounds excessive, depending on the type of driving you do. Rotors can be measured for thickness, and if they are not worn extensively or warped (which can normally be felt through the brake pedal), they should be fine. In the event of warping, which is usually caused by overheating, they can be "turned" on a lathe once and driven further. Turning does, however, remove some metal which does hasten the wear factor and reduce the ability to disperse heat somewhat. So, if absolute optimum braking effectiveness is not a major concern, have them measured by a technician you trust and possibly save a few hundred dollars. At least for awhile.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,060
    A reporter from a large finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Audi A8. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at ctalati with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

    Edmunds Community Manager Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.

  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Hi Karen, What is the website (or) e-mail to make the contact?
    Thanks ...... a happy A8L owner.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's Go for it and let us know what happens! :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm looking at picking up a used A8L but curious if there are any items to look for on a used 05 or 06 car.

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