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Audi A8



  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    You guys may know this, but while I was putting the car cover on (migration of birds) I noticed the tool compartment on the inside of the trunk lid...I never saw it before as the trunk lid lip blocks my vision of it...Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    It is two narrow-angle(VR6) Volkswagen engines married at the block, hence the W cylinder pattern, instead of V.

    VW must know something that other carmakers do not about "marrying" engines as this is one of the most smooth and turbine-like engines I've ever heard or felt. Very smooth and drama-free over it's powerband. Too bad it didn't work out in the W8 Passat, which didn't catch on quite well in the States due to slow sells. The same for the wonderful but dull Phaeton V-8/W-12.
  • hi guys,

    I've had an swb 05 A8 for 14 months. so far the car has been flawless. i live in the northeast. i have 2 awd full size vehicles so i really never expected to use the A8 for bad weather. all this changed a few weeks ago when i got snagged in a snow storm leaving work late. i was amazed at how well the A8 handled snow covered roads. the car has the original all season tires on it and it didn't slip once. now i drive the car regardless of the weather conditions.
    overall this is just an amazing vehicle. this is my first Audi. if the experience stays like this it won't be my last. :)
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Glad to hear you're enjoying your A8.
  • I'm looking to buy an 2005 A8L W12 used. It has the Bridgestone tires on it - 255 YR40 19". Anybody have any idea how many miles these tires will last if car is not driven into the ground?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I have the 20's on my W-12, and they have a 35,000 mile treadwear on them, so I'd imagine the 19's should be even better.

    Here's an old mechanic's trick: Take a quarter and stick it in the groove of the tire. If you can only see half of it , then tread is good. If only 3/4 quarters of it, then they have about 75% still left on them.

    If you do purchase the car, just remember that these cars are heavy and with low-profile tires, they'll need constant rotation(about every 3k miles or every oil change)
  • Have great trouble finding rubber, harsh weather mats for the car. Cleveland and ski country weather requires mats with sand beige interior. Any ideas - Audi only makes the lwb version mats, correct? Great so far, just out of a BMW 745iL so no drastic shift in cars. Think the A8 better in some respects,(MMI, interior, exterior looks (Northern Blue) 19"), some harshness on the road that the BMW isolated you from, could be the 19" tires. Also gas pedal effort surprising. Found that cruising at 72MPH if I didn't mind the throttle I was at 62, but I paid for cruise, so I should use it. Overall, I need to wait awhile and let the family help the judging. Down from the iL to swb is a big change, hope the kid doesn't grow too fast. Dealer experience just PERFECT, great delivery, good follow up, thank you letter and email. Right on from Stoddard, Mentor, OH. Great experience so far.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I went through great trouble myself finding winter/slush mats for my W-12. So I did what my old man would do, go to Wal-mart and buy the color matching interior for $25. Get that: A set of $25 floormats in a $125k car(lol). Funny thing is, they match the cashmere interior of my car exactly. I bought them for the simple reason that they are trimmable, meaning that I can fit them into the front/rear floors like custom mats.

    On another note, I found that my pedal effort was a tad stiffer than that of my previous 760il, but much lighter than that of my previous S65 AMG. But the Audi drives and rides better than both(except the Bimmer in fast curves) despite having 20" wheels and it accelerates off the line without the sagginess of both of those cars. Overall, I think W-12 splits the difference of both of the other V-12 cars. Quieter, better gas mileage, and the safety of quattro AWD.
  • rspivakrspivak Posts: 7
    I have also found Discount Auto mats that color match and seem to initially fit rather well. Think they may end up sliding around a bit, but should work. Still don't understand why Audi doesn't make mats for the car.
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    Bought used 2005 A8L W12 last week. Had 11K+ miles on it. Flew to pick it up and drove it nearly 800 miles back home and made an astonishing 21+ MPG all the while averaging nearly 80 MPH! :) All my friends were asking me if this engine was like the Hemi where 1/2 the engine shuts down when not needed . . . I told them "no". Was I right?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Yes you were correct.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Good luck with your new car....What inside color is it? Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    That's about the same I achieve in my '06 W-12. The main reason the car gets such good mileage on the open highway is the tallish 6th gear in the transmission, which permits the engine to stay deep down in the rev range (figure about 1600 rpm's @ 70 mph, which is fantastic).

    I've gotten as high as 26 mpg when there is no wind and travelling at about 65-70 mph(so hard to do with this much power on tap).

    On another note, this car gets better as the miles roll on by. It seems like the engine is getting quieter and the transmission shifts are buttery-smooth, unlike when new with the somewhat abrupt 1-2 shift.

    P.S.- Did you get the extended warrannty covering ALL suspension, engine, and electronics through Audi? I sure hope you did if you plan on keeping the car for long.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    hi guys,

    about a month and half ago my local dealer received a couple of new M5's. i went down to look at them and eventually took one out for a test drive. the car was
    fantastic to drive. powerful with fantastic handling. in the end i decided not to give up
    my A8 for the M5. one of the reasons was that i was nervous about first year reliability. like many high end German vehicles i figured the complexity of the M5 was destined to have some first year issues. i owned an 03 M5 so i still post from time to time on the M5 board. i've been visiting the board more frequently lately and i am amazed at the amount of problems the first batch of M5's are having. i've been a big defender of German vehicles particularly on these boards but BMW seems to me to have a mess on their hands with the new M5's. in contrast my A8 has been flawless. the 04's had some mmi issues but overall Audi has manufactured a very good vehicle. my short wheel base handles great(not M5 great but pretty good!), is roomy and comfortable, and can take anything mother nature can throw at it. if my ownership experience stays like this it will be hard not to purchase another Audi in the future.
  • rfliamrfliam Posts: 8
    Hi I know this is a late response to your post, however have you gotten any resolution to your sudden acceleration problems. If not drop me a line and I'll update you.
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    It's Aztec Grey with black interior. Has the all leather upgrade so it's really nice inside. Love to get in it. :)
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    I did not get an extended warranty. I bought the car used from a Porsche dealer who took it in trade. I asked an Audi dealer if an extended warranty was available and was told, "if the car is used, an extended warranty is only available if the car is 'Certified'." Does that sound right to you?
  • thuinkerthuinker Posts: 14
    I do have one more question about my W-12's Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). I've noticed on occasion while the car is in ACC, I'm in the fast (#1) lane, and I'm at least 4 or 5 seconds behind the nearest car in front of me, as I go to pass a car in the next lane over (#2 lane), the ACC kicks in, brakes fairly hard, and slows me down so I stay behind the car I'm passing in that other lane. This doesn't seem right . . . any ideas?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    As to the extended warranty, the dealer was both right and wrong. If your W-12 had been a "certified" car, then yes there is an automatic extended warranty that goes up to 100k miles, or 6 years(if I'm correct). However, what he did omit was the fact that there is an extended warranty available through Audi of NA dealers. Even tho your car is still covered(I'd imagine so seeing how it's only got 11k miles), you should be able to opt for an extended warranty, at a cost of course(lol). Call Audi of NA(the direct number for warranty coverage should be listed in your owner's manuel) and they should provide you with the correct info on purcashing additional warranty coverage.

    As to the ACC, I've read on other Audi forums that some owners were experiencing your exact problem. The most frequent problem lies within both the software and infra-red sensory, which prohibits the car to trail to close. In the event that the sensor is dirty or distorted, it will read the car on either side of car, which will slow it down and not allow a passing manuever. I, fortunately, have not had this problem, but I do know it exist, especially on early-build models.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The new Bimmer M5 is one heck of a car, being in a class all its own. It is technological force to be reckoned with, and because of this, it suffers in the reliability and practicality departments. All of that software will eventually give out. One other major issue, it takes 7 STEPS to acheive that blissful 500-hp; in the CLS55 and Audi S8, all you have to do is bury the pedal and take off.

    Overall, my Audi experience has been exemplary also. Never have I had to nag and complain to get something done, in some cases they actually went beyond and over my demands. True, the Audi will never be an M5, matter fact no car will, but take it from me coming from an 760il, the Audi is just an overall better rider. The 760 took curves and fast sweeps with more attitude and poise, but on the open road, the Audi will flat out run over the 760. It has been my experience that the Bimmers have the best steering and braking in the class, hands down, but they suffer hard with reliability and customer satisfaction(M versions not withstanding) while Audi and shockingly Jag's remain high in the Euro-car satifaction comparisons. As a matter fact, Mercedes does worst than BMW.

    I was happy with my 760il until I drove the W-12 and actually paid some attention to the execution to detail, material, and overall build quality. So I dumped both my 760il and S65 AMG for the W-12. Now I've got my eyes on the S8 with the wife considering dumping the CLS55. She is such a leadfoot. All of her cars have to be the hi-po version, and that explains why she won't let me sell our G55 for a new Audi Q7 V-8 when it comes out.
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