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Audi A8



  • Also have new (600 mi) A8 and while much to like, I notice an irritating air leak (wind hiss) from somewhere near top of drivers window at speeds over 35-40 MPH. If in the course of finding out about "rattles" you get any general tips on headliners and ?"sideliners" or window seals, please advise, as will I if I ever get time to get vehicle back to dealer.
    Also ? to spenser44: have you had any difficulty getting seat positions memorized? Altho I seem to be following the instructions to the letter, I can't get it to work right and "stick" or ... when I touch the number and the bar all at once "it" will send seat and mirrors to the previously set parameters for that setting. Thanks...MJC
  • mcurtin,
    there are 4 drainage tubes that run from the
    sunroof gutter channels down the pillars. 2 of
    these were clogged when I took delivery, they were
    blown free with compressed air and its been trouble free since. Strange as it sounds I believe these gutters are the main factor in headliner noise and wind hiss.
    Good Luck.
  • Thanks for your response and suggestion; will definitely have that done next trip to dealer or I suppose someone with an air compressor. I also saw an article on Audiword from someone who found air leak coming from area where outside rearview mirror attached to body; he repaired it with a small section of plastic tubing.

    Also, I solved memory seat problem (I was just touching incorrect will be working on having the remote memorize the correct memory setting.

    Has anybody heard of "upgrade" of driver's sun visor to one with homelink built A6 has. It looks to me like it coould be an easy swap-out.
  • The A8 model had problems with the homelink systems previously due to metallic tint in the windows and therefore Audi did not offer it on this model. It is my understanding Audi is no longer using the tint so the suggested swap should work but you may want to check with the folks at the A8 forum at Audiworld for possible issues with interchanging the visors.
  • I'm looking at a 97 A8 used off a lease. The deal looks great - asking $28.9K for a 3.7 with a bit over 45K miles (miles a bit high, but seems to be a great price...). Anyone have thoughts (good, bad, other) on the 3.7 model and/or the 1997 model year? Any thoughts on purchasing extended warranties?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I am so sick of the A8! I spent way too much time in the A8L at the auto show and it just makes me sick! I have been wanting an A8 for 3 years and no one has given me one yet. Seriously, this is one great car. It really fits me like a tailored suit. It's not too big, and not too small, it's just right. The materials, seats, and looks are just perfect. Being a Benz man, I'm not supposed to like an Audi so much, but I can't help it. My only problem with the A8 is that it cost a good deal more than the similar-engined A6 4.2. Audi should offer an A8L with the W12 engine for 2001. Other than the all-aluminum construction I can't see why more of these aren't sold. Damm near perfect. You A8 owners are really lucky.

  • David-

    just wondering, are you in the US. As far as I know the 3.7 engine was never available in the US although maybe it was in '97. I have a '97 4.2 and my $.02 worth would be get the Audi Assured certification. If you are buying through an Audi dealer they should be willing to do this at no cost. Actually if the car is coming off a lease I think you need to buy from an Audi dealer to get the certification. It will extend the warranty to 5 years/75K miles but the free oil changes end with the original warranty. The other two things that I can think of off the top of my head to consider are the fact that the 3.7 does not have the quattro all wheel drive and the '97 model year did not have the tiptronic feature. If you live somewhere that gets any kind of substantial winter weather, the quattro drive train is hard to beat. As far as the tiptronic goes, It's a matter of preference. I test drove an A6 that had it and found I would for get that I had to do the shifting since there was no clutch pedal. There is some suggestion in Audi's lit that indicates that the tiptronic has better programming for the electronics that control the tranny. Best thing to do is drive both and see what you think.

    Bill Mills
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    to my knowledge the 3.7 was availible in '97 and '98.
  • Quite possibly true. Best to check with Audi if there is any doubt. I believe you can contact them through a link on their web site. One other issue that came to mind is the '97 A8's have the metallic tint on the windshield. If you are a cell phone user this will cut your useful range unless you use an external antenna and if you use a radar detector, well, forget it. It reduces the effectiveness by over 75% unless you have some form of bumper/grill mounted feed horn. It also creates problems with the effectiveness of garage door openers.
  • Thanks for the input. The 3.7 was offered in at least '97 (possibly '98) as the basic A8. As for Quattro - I'd like it, but living in the mid-Atlantic states, it's valuable about 10 days a year - so no loss there. I drove the A6 with the Tiptronic and being a long-time manual fan, found it less than satisfying - rather go automatic if not truly manual - so no loss there either. I'm looking into the warranty issue - no answer yet as this was a secondary lease - i.e. not direct from Audi.
  • To merc1, you asked about Audi S8 and the possibility of it being marketed in the US? It doesn't seem to be realistic, but what about own import i.e. through an agent?

    Does anyone know about this way of getting cars from overseas to the US legally?

  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    i read a report(cant remember where) that the S8 and possibly the S6 will becoming to the US by late 2000 or 2001. I believe this was said by an Audi of North America rep. If it does come look for a 360bhp v8 (4.2l i think) @ ~85-90k. Most likely with ESP and the option of the Audi plus Navigation(the one with the screen). Go to, and take a look at what those lucky brits get (and if you speak german, you might want to try =)
  • Well it sounds like your getting a great deal in any event. Edmunds indicates the TRADE IN value of a '97 A8 3.7 with 45K miles to be $30,500 and that's with no optional equipment.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Any A8 fans/owners going to go for the LWB version? Now all Audi needs is the lwb version with the W12 engine. Maybe for 2001?

  • salliessallies Posts: 1
    currently have a 99 A8. Have driven the 2000 A8L. Would like to purchase one but the bolsters on the seat backs and cushions are still narrow, although softer than the 99. Has anyone ever re-shaped or modified the bolsters to widen them and thus alleviate back or ribcage pressure? Thanks.
  • franks10franks10 Posts: 1
    I'd like to buy either an a8 or 8L.
    First I thought the 8L but the dealer quoted me full list. Said they couldn't get enough to meet demand. Do you think this true? I hate to pay full list. Rather than that I'd buy the a8. Previous notes on this board said 5% over invoice was doable for this car in 1999. Is it still? I live in the Cleveland area, any thoughts on dealers? Any help appreciated.
  • tjk4tjk4 Posts: 4
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has be purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • wolsonwolson Posts: 2
    I am thinking of buying a used 1997 A8, with all
    the trimmings. I need to know what to look for in
    a used car like this one.In other words the good and ugly side. The car has 33,823 miles on it and is coming off a lease program, and has been purchased by a dealer at auction to resell at 40,975. Please if you have any insight on this type of model, please let me know. Any advice would be help full.
  • decatur2decatur2 Posts: 1
    I own a 98 A8 that occasionally and randomly will emit a terrible grinding noise when shifted into "park" and/or "neutral". The dealer has been unable to pinpoint the problem and replaced the transmission but the problem has continued. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
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