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Audi A8



  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Maybe there was room for ambiguity, but I really don't see it.....but like the wise man said, "the purpose of words is to convey a meaning"....and if my meaning was misunderstood, my words did not do their job very well....

    Oh well....

    (original quote)
    "well, I did not order double-pane glass, and that was a mistake"
  • LOL at the interchange between emauss and anthonyp!!!

    I feel really honored that all of you have been writing in response to my original posting "A8L vs M-B..." of nearly one week ago! All of you have been very helpful in recommending various aspects of my car. Gee, if I don't order it pretty soon, not only will it have every option imaginable (well, I won't be as self-indulgent as blkhemi was!), but the agent from the leasing co. thru which I will be acquring the car will be very frustrated each time I add another option!

    I'm interested to know why a number of you have recommended the double-pane glass. I must admit, I've never had that in a car, and possibly one never misses what one has never had; and yet, somehow, I can't imagine that this car would be so poorly insulated without the double-panes. However, I will at least consider it. So far, I'm shooting for quartz grey w/ platinum interior, w/ options of full leather interior, Alcantara headliner, wood/leather steering wheel, Premium pkg and 19" alloy wheels. Don't anyone try to talk me into the B&O stereo, special gourmet interior pkg's or adaptive cruise control!!!

    Obviously, I'll have to let you all know when this car arrives! Again, thanks for your comments!

  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    I, too felt that way about the dual-pane glass, and the car does not "NEED" it, but after experiencing the difference (in a friend's car), I think it a nice added touch.

    ...but how about the cooled front seats with massage? I have that option and find it very nice....

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    I know how you pride yourself on the use of the English language, so I was just being a nusance, as I found the post to be very clear....Maybe we`r just having our `leg`pulled....I did get the thicker glass, and just for what it is worth, I was told that it was more from a break in point of view(vandel) than a sound barrier, although it would make things a bit quiter...I don`t use the cruise control radar sensor nearly as much as in cars past, so that should not be not missed too much.....As for the seat cooler, I can`t feel the blower fan air at all, but it does have a cooling pad of some sort that actually gets cold...I set it on two and am fine with it, but higher it gets clammy after a while.....Please let us know how things shake out. Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Without the feature, the Audi is still one of the quietest cars on the road today. I tested an A8L without them, and the car was remarkably quiet, and this was a Sport Pack with the super aggressive tires and 20" rolling stock..

    My car also packs 20" wheels. BUT, with the double windows, the car is ACTUALLY quieter than both Lexuses I've owned, and these cars are the kings of quiet motoring. There is absolutely no wind, road, and engine noise. So, for me having the W12 with the big exhaust, I can't tell you how it sounds(until I let ny windows down and let it roar- what a sound!)
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Since you have ordered the awesome S8 (I am waiting for my hot S6 due in November) to pair with my W12, I would like to direct you to the the Audi website @ On the homepage, click the "Experience the S Models" on the lower middle right side of the screen. Then prepare to get a little taste of what awaits you in November...will definitely inspire you to seek immediate gratification. As they say Audi has spoken! Great video. Audiusa adding some nice European flare. Enjoy!
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I forgot one step: click on the S/RS model range firt that will take you to the "Experienc" section.
  • sadatxsadatx Posts: 70
    i will prob be in the market for a new car in abt a year or so. i currently have an 03 BMW 745Li and the cabin is pretty quiet (but can be improved). one of the things i strive for when purchasing a car is cabin noise. how does the A8 compare to the 7 series (assuming you're driven one) when it comes to cabin noise?

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    My W12 is definetely quiter than my previous 760iL. No comparison. But this isn't to say the BMW is loud, which is not the case by any stretch of the imagination.

    But, due to it's rigid and tight construction, the car is remarkably quiet. CG gives it the same points in quietness as the LS 430. And with the dual-pane glass, it's almost too quiet, erie in fact as does not feel like you're driving an automobile.
  • irishtirisht Posts: 2
    My A8L has been repaired 5 times now for this problem and 3 times for the sunroof. This will be the second time that the actual hinges are being replaced! I agree that Audi knows there is a problem but their only solution is to keep repairing the car, this time it has been at the dealers for a month!!
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    What year is it?? I heard of the trunk hinge problem on 05 cars.....I thought it was a quick fix ....Tony ps no problems for me so far...
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    What year is it?

    My Dad's A8L is a 2004.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I have heard of this problem in the 05' A8s. I guess the motor from the supplier was not strong enough to handle the trunk. Audi quickly changed that. My A8 never had this problem, however, my Audi dealer General Manager and also someone that has become like family with some of the other guys and girls at my dealership automatically replaced it for me when I was having my routine oil change. He was proactive to make sure I did not incur a future problem. So, yes it was a peculiar problem on the 05' A8s.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Maybe you both should try another dealer, if one is nearby..Sometimes that works.....It is a shame to have something like a poor mechanic or service advisor not care enough to get a problem dealt with properly...This is why I really check the dealer out before I purchase a car...If they are not profesional I don`t buy no matter what type of car it is , or how good the deal is....Tony
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    My Dad's problem wasn't with the motor - it was with the hinges. I guess they would bind up when closing just enough to trigger the pinch protection, and re-open the trunk. He had them swapped, and hasn't had the problem since.
  • emaussemauss Posts: 151
    Ya' know, I've heard a lot of people with a lot of problems (both big and small), but so far , I haven't had a bit of problems with my car.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    Nor have I.....I have been pondering blkhemi`s choosing of the S Mercedes....No question it is premium....I just wonder about the tremendous hp..Personally I think our car`s design is not cumbersom and minimilistic, but Audi seems to be behind in hp, maybe in front for a year then behind for several years...Just like the Lexus, if they price the new one near the Audi, it would be a no brainer for me, similarly if the big mercedes is nearing the Bentley it would be a no brainer...A/C in house finally got fixed, but now it is cooling off outside....Tony
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Thankfully, I haven't had the hinge/motor problem of the power trunk. I saw some early '04's that experienced the problems, but I thought Audi had the problem resolved via recall.

    Well, it looks like we're leaning over for the S600. After much debate and tiresome research, the car just offers everything that we're looking for. From the ultra-posh interior(altho clearly one-step behind the A8), to the elegant exterior and gadgets galore, this car is much improved over the W220 I owned. The wife has stated once again that as long as "her" S8 is not "disturbed", then I could have the car of my choice, just as long as it's not an A8-based car.

    My daughter, who is a recent Doctorate grad from M.I.T., was actually intimidated by the immense amount of electronics and gadgetry. She has rode in it several times, but never thought about the electronics that control the car. This car is a definete huge step foward from the S4 Cab aspect. My son-in-law is happily enjoying his Q7. He had the roof rack and Audi ski-rack installed for this winter's family trip to New Hampshire in the snow season. I'm very impressed with the work that Audi has done on this SUV to differentiate it more from the VW and Porsche.

    Until the S8 gets here in Oct, I'll be Audiless. Or not. I'll have the my daughter's S4 until I get it sold, which of course, won't take long in here in New York because of the car's rarity on L.I.

    BTW: Great news on your A/C Tony.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,857
    BLK - hi- I am curious about the S seats..Do you have the ones that are active? What about the comfort in comparison to the A ? And are they really firm as the last ones were? Personally I have gotten to really appreciate the A seats, except for the fan as I don`t feel any air going through the perferations....I certainly like the S and am sure you are happy, as I would be....I do think your wife will be pleased with the Audi 8, and I would have gotten that if it were available...Remembering that she was the Mercedes fan, I bet you`l be plotting to swap cars as she has a weak spot----Bet she doesn`t go for it this time...Tony
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I haven't heard of any more problems than other HELMs, and way less than any 7-Series and S-Class. I am very wary of the 7-Series as I had one that basically imploded. I see Audi light years ahead of BMW and MB in quality and reliability especially on the new models. The surveys won't reflect this until the 2007 and 2008 years. And there is no way the new Lexus compares to the A8 in style or quality.
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