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Audi A8



  • I bought a 2000 A8 when they first came out and received a sizeable discount off of list. I am not comfortable disclosing the amount on this web site.
  • jeskjesk Posts: 13
    if you feel like discussing it with me, i would love to hear about your experience. i can be contacted at tks
  • on the upcoming Audi models. I think this upcoming A4 looks better than the present version and definitely better than the 3 ser.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    At the bottom. This indicates the photos are fake.

    Why are you looking at fake photos? I could make up my own impression of what the new A4 would look like. But it wouldn't make it any more likely that what you see on this website.
  • see it, all of the other photos are the same car except that photo. Look at the trunk and tail light shapes.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Anyone hearing anything about the next-generation A8? Just saw a sketch in a car magazine, accompanied by a blurb that said the space frame was significantly re-engineered to weigh one-third less but be several hundred percent stronger at key stress points.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    2003 model year for the new A8 in the U.S. market, bet on it.

  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    I have owned a Benz for 23 years. Have a 96 S500 and a 450SL. Don't like the new S car. I have never driven an Audi. Manufacturer rep. contacted me recently regarding the A8L, says I can drive one for 3 or 4 days. Looked it up on the Internet, and it is about $10K less than the S500 with much the same list of equipment, except warranty. Why only 3 years? Benz is 4 and a lifetime of 800 number service, Audi only 3 years.
    Seems like the manufacturer is not really standing behind the vehicle. Most others going the other way, longer, more attractive consumer oriented plans. Anybody know what the deal is with the "Premium Alcantara and Leather Trim Package at $3,500? Your comments and opinions are most appreciated. Many thanks...
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    the 2001 audis will have the 4 year warranty as well as scheduled servicing. if the warranty concerns you that much, go for the next year. i think the alcantara is a suede that goes on the roof and doors, not sure if it goes under the leather covered surfaces or replaces them. the A8 is a great car, even better in long form. be sure to check out the big BMWs - 7 series esp if you want a sporty car with a huge interior. it is a bit old looking on the inside and out and will be replaced in the next year. the A8 will hold out for 3 years until the next design (important if you dont want to buy a car that will look old in a year). the A8 is at the middle of its life cycle, so all the glitches should be worked out. one warning with the A8- do not get into an accident with it, it has incredible insurance costs to fix, since it is aluminum and needs to be lifelighted to the nearest regional specialist if it needs to be fixed. other than that, it's a great car, maybe the best, without the gimmicks of the MB and has fantastic safety crash scores, with secure AWD.
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    Thanks for the data on the new 2001 Audi A8L. When will it be available? Seems the Manufacturer Rep. is pushing the 2000. Do they have many in stock in the midwest? How much discount are most dealers providing? The car cost the dealer with delivery about $62,500 invoice, or $71,500 sticker. I think $2,500 front is enough for any dealer. What is the resale for this car in the three to four year category? Any idea why they are going to a 4 year/50K warrant in 2001? Is it just the competition? Will the built in phone be removable in the 2001, as with the MB S car? I know very little about an Audi. What is the service history like? Your insight and opinions are genuinely appreciated. Many thanks.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    i dont know what the supply of A8Ls are in the midwest, but in houston, A8s are not in demand,and the you will be able to pay close to invoice if you get the regular length, but the long wheelbase is probably in higher demand, since it is brand new. perhaps 7% over sticker, vs 4%. i dont know anything about the phone but the longer warranty and scheduled servicing are to keep in line with MB Lexus BMW and all other luxury cars. andi was knocked in recent years because of this. the A8 is well built, and the factory is one of the best, so reliability should be excellent. i'm sure the 2001s should be ready to order, since the 2001 A4s and A6s can be ordered now. (check the audi website and see) i'm not aware of any major changes for 2001 except the long wheelbase option. what options are you getting? and what color? the A8 is a technological wonder after 5 years, and topped the S class in the Car and Driver high end luxury test. the only complaints were the lack of rear room and loud tires. with the L, as you are buying, that has been taken care of and the tires can be easily fixed. so i think the A8 is the best car built, including the 7, S and new LS 430.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    by the way, why do you not like the new S class? the biggest complaints of tank like styling and heavy weight have been corrected. my only complaint with the new car is the busy interior that looks like the designers had 1 minute to place all the gadgets in the car.
  • stheodd1stheodd1 Posts: 18
    1998 A8 - 16000 miles - asking $47000 from a dealer. Is this the right price? I have not owned an Audi before but I am interested in this car. Would appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this. Are there any financing deals from the factory? Will watch for posts or contact
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    My concern over the Audi was the three year warranty. MB has had a four year and 50,000 warranty for years. Additionally, MB provides for 800 call road side assistance for life. Audi has it for only 3 years. Seems they should try a bit harder to parallel with MB. When I asked the manufacturers rep about it, he had little to say. My problem with the new S500 is probably more to do with my own personal experience. I like the heavy,old car. The new S class has so much hard plastic front and back that it looks cheap The sideline design is very similar to a Buick. It simply does not have much style and the command center, information, and data screen is very difficult to operate. Salesmen hate it. Takes for ever to learn and nobody seems to want to use it. MB is selling cars like crazy today. But, they are not building them like the did a few years back. The market seems to be taking it OK. If I do buy an Audi A8L, it will be the first time I have turned away from MB in 23 years because I just don't like the style and presentation of the S car today. The CL 500 Coupe is another story. Thanks for your interest.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    in this war to save weight, audi started using aluminum and MB went to plastic steel and magnesium. but MB has the name so it sells more. audi also looses money on every A8 they sell, because of all the aluminum processes that had to be pioneered for it. it's a great car and is one of the last of the old style german luxury cars that went for the best engineering without gimmicks...the S class is definitely the opposite of it.
  • And liked the changes that were made. Interior layout on the A8/L are different now and a few other things like the front-end. WWW.CARANDDRIVER.COM
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    what's different, other than the wheelbase extension and the back seat AC vents on the door frames, i cant see much different
  • mdchockeymdchockey Posts: 3
    just rolled a new a8l into svc 5/9/2000; model yr 2000. was never told by both the dealer and factory reps ( @ ny car show ) that 2001 models have 4yr/ 50K pkg. ( feeling slighted ). and no accomodations made by client relations......

    2000 a8l is a beautiful auto; rear pwr shade is trouble. been in for svc on it 3 times in 2+ months. what gives? so much engineering in a well thought of car and can't get the shade done right? ( hope not a prob like the a6 fuel gauges )
  • jwilkersonjwilkerson Posts: 15
    I too have learned that the 2001 model year for the A8L will provide for the four year 50K mile warranty. The Factory Rep. did not admit this to me. I have one being delivered (2000) next week to my home to drive for three days. I'll know more after that test, and I will ask him about the sun shade. MB has one also. I have not heard of problems. Must be the Audi supplier. There is not much to them to go wrong. What kind of a deal did you get on your 2000 this spring? Are they taking a $2,000 profit or more? The big difference I can see in the MB S500 and the Audi A8L, other than the obvious exterior design, is the interior. MB went with hard plastic, slim seats, nothing overstuffed, in fact somewhat cheap. The plastic tends to rattle with little to no padding. Yes, it is a much more sporty drive, but the ride and sound is very different than the old grand dame of the highway, the tank. If I cannot get the coupe delivered this summer, I may make the move to Audi. Any idea what the resale is like with the A8L two or three years down the road? Many thanks for your interest and participation.
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    A8 depreciation probably will be high, because of ASF frame that's hard to fix and costly, plus Audi doesnt have MB cache.
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