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Pontiac Grand Am



  • spunk1965spunk1965 Posts: 7
    I had a 1989 Grand Am and was tired of dealing with some of the issues..I traded up to a newer model. The problem I had was once the car was running for awhile it would just shut down. After it cooled down it would start just fine until I ran it for awhile. The people I sold it to had the problem fixed for about $ was the exhaust modulator. Good Luck! :mad:
  • spunk1965spunk1965 Posts: 7
    I had the same problem with my '89 and took it to a couple mechanics...they were stumped. After I sold it the buyers told me it was the exhaust modulator. I'm on my third Grand Am since then and my last!! :mad:
  • spunk1965spunk1965 Posts: 7
    As I have mentioned before...does the car have a remote car starter? I tried both of my keys and neither would work so the mechanic called the dealer and bypassesed/reset some code. He did warn me that my theft light may still come on and if the same thing happed, turn the key, wait 10 +/- minutes and it should turn over. The thing is, it happened a year or so ago and hasn't done it since. Now I have a new slew of problems (electrical). :lemon: For you; It's only the beginning!
  • spunk1965spunk1965 Posts: 7
    My '98 is doing something similar only all my dash lights come on when it happens. There are some fuses under your hood to the left of the battery, I would check those first. My car stays in park and will not come out of it until I change the fuse. as for the anti theft light...generally it may have to do with either the computer chip in your key or if you have a remote car starter the relay may need to be bypassed by resetting the code or try turning your key to the "ON" position, waiting 10 minutes and try starting it. Actually try the latt :mad: er first!
  • It doesn't have anything to do with the remote starter. It's a security device in the ignition switch called a "pass lock sensor". About a 350.00 repair job. This is getting to be a issue for GM cars the size of the Grand AM. The trick to start the car of waiting 10 mins. to allow the error message to clear out works for a while.
    But folks who have had the experience tell me that evently it will not. On the other hand I talked with a man the other night who has had 2 sensors replaced since Jan. and the darm car refused to start again the other night and the dealer says it's a defective sensor. So, good luck !! :confuse: :P
  • Another issue with this great little car. Oh I miss my Ford. After I purchased it I found out it has keyless entry, but no remotes. I purchased a remote on ebay. I've found that may cars have a way to program the remote with out going to the expense of the dealer and his scan tool. Can anyone tell me if this car has a way
    to do this proceedure ?. :confuse: :surprise:
  • unekgalunekgal Posts: 15
    OK, I'm not sure what the part is, but it cracked almost completely. I have a 95 Grand Am Sedan and on the front driver's side, right below the strut, there is a metal plate/piece that is broke almost completely in half. I cut my wheel to the right and heard 2 loud pops, and then my wheel was rubbing on the fender. I looked underneath and this metal piece (2 pieces on top of each other) was cracked. The tierod and strut brace/support looks to be connected to it. It also looks like the ABS cables run along it. Does anyone know what it is called?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sounds like the lower control arm to me.
  • I found a another entry for Pontiac Keyless Entry programing that the contributor
    says will work for my 03. But I can't locate the Mall Pgm Fuse. I've checked all fuse boxes and the layout in the manual and there's not a list for this fuse. Can some one tell me where to find it. Please !! :confuse:
  • I'm just going to be honest. I know absolutely nothing about my car other than how to pump gas and change a tire. (tire if it's a good day:)) but i know that my vents spew this god awful smell whenever i turn the fan on. it smells like old cigarettes and mold. is there anything that i can do to make it go away besides using bottles of perfume spray?? PLEASE HELP!!!
    Rachel :cry:
  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    Has anyone ever had any repetative problems with a 2003-05 grand am gts?

    In other words, constant problems one after another.
  • otter1otter1 Posts: 1
    I have same problem. How did you fix problem?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    There's no 05 Grand Am GT, 2004 was the last year for the Grand Am. At just under 20k miles on my 04 GT, my answer is no.
  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    Then I am just talking about the 04-03s. Has anyone who had these year models of Grandam GTs had any signficant/ constant problems with those grand ams?

    The reason is, I might buy one, however, I am not a big GM car fan. Seeing how they are put together.
  • birgitbirgit Posts: 1
    i replaced the passenger cv joint ( half shaft) on my 92 grand am last night since it was making rubbing and popping noises for a while, after i was done i took it for a test drive but didn't make it more than 50 feet out of the driveway before my transmission went out :( does anyone know if this is related to me replacing the cv joint ???? i bought the car used from someone about 6 month ago and have had nothing but problems with it,PLEASE HELP ....i'm military and don't have a lot of time to research the problem, my wife needs the car to run again ASAP. Thanks
  • it could be the torche convertor sensor or the 02 sensor, the catalic convertor is causing the smell but the 02 and torch convertor cause the jerking and trac light on off to happen
  • green5green5 Posts: 22
    I am just wondering, from here the problems of grandams, would buying one as a sports car, be worth it verses getting a Ford Mustang?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Depends. You have to compare apples with apples. A Mustang GT V8 is in a different class than a Grand Am GT.
  • jhannerjhanner Posts: 1
    I seem to have a power steering leak and have to top off my fluid every 3 days. Should I assume that that power steering pump has gone bad and needs replacing or do I have other problems that I needs to have looked at. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


    Jhamaul Hanner
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