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Pontiac Grand Am



  • Hi Doug, did you find out what was up with your Grand Am? I have a 1999 Grand Am GT that's doing the exact same thing, started happening a couple days ago. I turn the ignition on, and no fuel pump for like the first 10 tries. Then, for some wacky reason, I try it again after a minute or so and voila, I hear the fuel pump, crank it up and the car starts no problem. I wasn't so lucky this morning - I tried a zillion times and the fuel pump never came on. The battery has tons of juice.

    Just to complicate things with probably useless information, I have a Viper remote start alarm and a couple amps, but I've tried putting the alarm in valet mode and pulled the face off my radio, to make sure the amps aren't turned on.

    Any thoughts?
  • jayqjayq Posts: 1
    Hello, i own a 1996 pontiac grand am gt. I have been odrering and adding mods to it. I added the black altezza euro lights and was wondering if anyone knew if there are any future plans for having New projection headlights/euros for the 96-98 models. I have called around a lot, and noone knows if, when, or where they are making them. Any clues?
  • Seems to be a rash of this lately...

    My 2001 GA SE won't start. I'm guessing fuel pump problems. On my other car, there is a fuel pump access in the trunk. It looks like the fuel tank is under the rear seat on the GA. Is there an access under the seat? Or do I have to drop the tank? If there is an access under the seat, how do I remove the seat?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • In a 1995 GA V6, are the transmission mounts the same on a automatic as a standard. Are there any differences in the cases other than the linkage. Will any other modifications be needed other than the clutch, clutch pedal, shifter, flywheel, and linkage (clutch and shifter).
  • We are having the same issues with our 2001 Grand Am, is that all you had to do is get a new key made? The mechanic could not find any problems from the diagnostic testing, so they say it could be the pass lock sensor and it would cost us $657.71 but yet they are not sure if thats the real problem. If we are constantly putting the key on the on position for about 10 minutes to start the car, wouldn't that mess the computer system eventually?
  • I have a 2002 Grand Am. There is a clicking noise coming from behind the radio. I was told it was the air conditioning relay. Had it replaced and still hear the noise. Then I was told it was the flasher module. Had this replaced and again still hear the noise. Any suggestions to what this problem could be. This noise is very obnoxious.
  • Yes, I did get the problem fixed and it was not the fuel pump that was the problem. The problem actually affected the fuel pump. The main problem was the fact that water was leaking into my car. I had 4 leaks in the windshield cowl and also a leak around the fresh air intake for the A/C. The water was getting into the wiring, which was tripping the security system. As you may know if the security system detects a faulty start, i.e. someone is trying to start the car without the keys, and then the fuel pump is shut off so that the car will not start and no one can steal the car. The other problem was that the wiring was corroding which in turn shorted out the Body Command Module. My car is also leaking around the doors because of defective weather stripping and Pontiac does offer corrected replacement stripping, but I have yet to replace it. Over all the leaks cost around $150 to repair, but the main blow to my wallet came from the BCM; it over $600. After labor expenses were included I ended up spending over $800.
  • recallrecall Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Grand Am and am putting a second fuel pump in. I also have a problem with the electrical system and the ignition key. Does anyone know if there is an electrical recall, ignition or fuel pump recall going on? If not, how do you get one started. I spoke to some people that have pontiacs in general and they have similar problems: Car acellerates or slows down and then dies. I am desperate for an answer to this car riddle. My "trac off" light comes on right before my car dies, but the dealer has no clue what this means. Hence they try and fix everything else thats NOT broken as a means to find the problem. :cry: :sick:
  • Hi,

    I was wondering whether some of you can provide me with valuable advice. My GrandAm GT V6's meters (speedmeter etc.), they all jump from one side to the other even the motor itself is turned off -the key is just turned-. I have taken the car to a mechanic, he has taken a look at the fuse, also taken out the dash board etc., but, he cannot find the problem. He thinks it might be a mere miscontact but doesn't know where.

    I'd be happy if you could help and I would really apprecite it.

    Thank you!
  • my 02 grand am is doin the same thing. it sounds like the flasher module is freekin out but if you replaced it and the problem is still there im not sure what it could be but i agree that its obnoxious. if you find the problem please let me no b/c i'd love to fix it.
  • Bug in 2001 Grand Am won't Start Car.

    A bug in 2001 Pontiac Grand Am's causes them to simply not start, right out of the blue. Better hope you're not in the wrong neighborhood when it happens 'cause almost nobody knows what the fix is.

    (PRWEB) February 21, 2005 -- If you own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, you'd better hope you're not stuck somewhere bad when this hits: You go to start your car, and the engine cranks, but it seems like your out of gas, and won't start. Numbers of people then have the car towed to a shop, only to find that the car easily starts after being towed, but no cause is ever found.

    The problem is that the RKE (remote keyless entry) system has a defect in it that causes car not to start. As of now there is no recall on the passlock systems. As for a fix, the experts are honestly not sure.

    To reset the computerized system, put key in the ignition and leave it in 'On' position for about ten minutes. Then turn it off, and try - it should start then. Warning: continued resetting of the computer this way will eventually damage computer and will cost lots to replace/fix.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi, and welcome to our Forums.

    We need for you to post a link to that information, please.

  • Leave it there!! Trust me! cuz it may run today but tomorrow the passlock system will not allow u to start it.. great cars.. good fuel economy... comfy but ya never know when they are gonna decide that u are stealing them .. and wont start...
  • heres a link to contact pontiac maybe if enough of us email them they will get the idea at pontiac?

    link title
  • Hey, regarding that noise i have a 2002 grand am as well i believe it has something to do with the signal indicator. It sounds exactly like the turn signal. I need help too. Mine is still under warranty. If worse comes to worse ill pay 100 bucks to have it checked but if someone can help b4 that please do.
  • just a note to all grandam owners i just found out that there is a computer recall/upgrade for 2002 grand ams. Call GM its a free fix. It may be for others years as well but not sure.
  • I have filed a complaint with the NHTS maybe if enuff of use complain they will recall them! well one can hope... heres the link
  • 2 things..
    1. I need to take the door apart to put the window back in track.
    2. I need to fix the power lock, it gets stuck 3/4 of the way when unlocking and you can't easily move it by hand.

    How easy is it to fix both of these, and does someone have the diagram on how to take the door apart so i can access both of these?
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