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Pontiac Grand Am



  • dhejldhejl Posts: 1
    I to have 99 grand am, fortunately for you, i know a lot about my car... No there is NO dipstick for the transmission fluid, only a fill resevoir. your transmission takes 7 qts but only if you are doing a fluid and filter change, and 13 qts if you drained it dry to the bone. Not sure about that o ring you are talking about, I have had a slew of issues with a radiator fluid leak, that lead into having to pull the water pump and timing chain cover just to change the thermostat, and now the check engine light is on, with a code for the upper O2 sensor, which from research is located in the exhaust system under the car. All in All 177,000+ miles later she's still going.
    hope this helps
  • janisejanise Posts: 5
    Thank you for the info, that was very informative...and appreciated!! :D
  • janisejanise Posts: 5
    Thanks I have mine too and from what I can tell it doesn't say at all. That manual isn't always as informative as it could be lol. :D
  • janisejanise Posts: 5
    Okay then, remind me NOT to listen to the guy at the auto parts store, I'll be going back tomorrow and buying ONE more quart of transmission fluid then. Just so ya know...A few weeks ago I was coming back from Louisiana, my former home sniffle, and let me tell you the roads are awful. I hit the Grand Canyon masquerading as a pothole and my service vehicle soon light came on. I got some really weird reading when I took it in to be checked and even the mechanic didn't know what it was. Some sort of history/MAF/MAP sensor nobody knows for sure. I can't remember the exact number on it but I did figure this out...when I hit that pothole my headlight went out. It's a strange situation indeed...I still love my car tho lol. :D
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    My factory manual says that refill after pan removal only requires 6.9 quarts (approximate). I suppose putting in 5-6 quarts or so before final fill to level is appropriate. Remember the fill sight plug should only be out while the engine is running, otherwise your going to have a mess.
  • janisejanise Posts: 5
    Will do, thank you very much! :)
  • robjjrobjj Posts: 3
    My daughter's 2003 GrandAm is doing the same thing. I pulled the face plate and it is definitely the flasher that is making the noise (flasher connected to the hazard warning switch). I tried replacing the flasher as the dealer said that that was the problem...well, it wasn't. Still clicking away. If you come up with a solution, please let me know. I'll do the same if I come up with anything. She only had it home for the weekend, so I don't have access to it to see if I can figure anything else out.
  • robjjrobjj Posts: 3
    Have a 2003 GA that has a flasher that is clicking. I've tried replacing the flasher, but still same problem. Reviewed the forum and it appears the problem is a switch in the steering column...some call it a multi-function switch, others call it a combination switch. Can anyone tell me the correct name, so when I go to the dealer, I can get the right item. Also, how difficult to replace it? I'm fairly handy, but don't have a service manual for the car as none is yet available, so will be working pretty blindly. Any help will be most appreciated.
  • robjjrobjj Posts: 3
    Is it even possible to get service manuals anymore? Have a 2003 GA...what are my options to get access to repair information? I will apparently have to access the steering do I find information about how to do so correctly? The car is too new for a Hayes, or Chilton's to be available. What can a shadetree mechanic do these days?
  • brakeguybrakeguy Posts: 1
    I deal with customers on many occasions dodge caravan 13K miles warpped rotors, Jeep Grand cherokees all 4 rotors warpped 11k miles, MY grand am 134k miles origonal rotors no warp, my mothers 98 buick lasabre 112k miles no warp origonal rotors. brakes warp due to overheating and creating a imperfection in the rotors not by someones abilities to make rotors. Gm has released a new rotor design like that of the HONDA cars they are trapped behind the hub assembly. if they ever need service better BRAKE out your savings to remove honda rotors and service them labor is very high. Another thing if the dealer is Turning your rotors in hopes to fix your warped rotors the metal is already fatigued and the warp will come back ( THE ONLY FIX FOR A WARPED ROTOR IS A NEW ROTOR ) enjoy your cars
  • My wife and I have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT that keeps blowing a fuse that effects the Tail Lights and the Dash Lights. When ever we go over either rough road or speed bumps the Dash Lights and Tail Lights go out. I keep plenty of fuses in the car so that I can replace them when it happens. So far the Mechanic has done everything short of tracing the wiring harness. The only aftermarket item in the car is a radio that was put in by a previous owner. :confuse: :sick:
  • hey i got a pontiac grand Am SE, 1993, got a qustion that i really need help on, my right turn blinker doesnt work anymore, it lights up but outside when you look at it, its out, i am not sure what to do, i went and bought new lights to see if the bulb burned out, but it wasnt, i am pretty sure that i have a short, but i really dont know how to replace or fix that kinda of stuff, can anyone help me out?
  • lyta21lyta21 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Grand Am started this annoying ticking noise, I also have three warning lights all coming on after this grinding noise (happened after I had an oil change)

    I took my car to the mechanic and he went through all the electrical stuff and figured out the switch had just gone which kept the ticking noise going.

    I had to buy a new signal arm from the dealership, it's about $180.00 CDN but the noise has stopped....
  • Hi all. New to the site. A buddy told me about it and thought I might find the answer here. I am hearing conflicting stories in regard to putting a 95 3.4L from a firebird into my 99 Grand AM. If I swap my intake, injecters, etc, etc. will there be any problems?? My cam busted at 102,000; replaced with aftermarket solid cam, The engine is knocking bad. Replaced the crank, rods and bearings; but still knocks. I was told I damaged my cam journals so I'm pretty screwed. We've been messing with this for 3 1/2 months now. A buddy totaled his firebird and is selling the 3.4L. Will this work??? Thanks in advance.
  • i just purchased an '05 grand am. i'm not very familiar with these cars, can anyone tell me what to expect?
  • samplessamples Posts: 2
    Would you let me know what happened with that.. I have a 2000 and suddenly having major overflow problems too. Trying to change the thermostat and can't get it out with everything in the way. I am hearing bad things about the dexcool too. Did you have it fixed? If so what was the deal? Thank you for anything you can tell me. I hope you got it straightened out.
  • samplessamples Posts: 2
    Having coolant leak out of overflow excessively. Replacing thermostat first.. hoping that is the problem. Problem is that I am having trouble getting the thermostat out. Does anyone know the procedure or tricks? Thank YOu
  • I have a 99 GA. I'm having major engine issues after replacing a busted camshaft. Will the 3.4 out of the firebird replace the 3.4 in the GA??? I know you have to swap upper/lower intakes, exhaust mans, are there any other issues. TY in advance!!
  • a svt focus that had exhaust, performance tires and rims peeled out next to me and took off but to his suprise i floored it and caught up to him in no he tried to take off again but i just smoked him i finally let off. at about 100 mph, and he was about 6 car links behind me. what a slow car and im a bone stock automatic 4 door. although i have suprisingly beat a few other cars as well.
  • darbardarbar Posts: 1
    go to and read the Whistleblowers segment on GM's. This could be what is wrong. The recalls could be up in the millions if this article is acurate. Im not a big fan of the GA as my 2000 with only 60000 Km (45000miles) blew an engine in the middle of no-where with myself and my two little girls as we drove across Canada! Of course if happened after the 3/60 warranty was over.
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