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Pontiac Grand Am



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    I've never heard of that before, it sounds like some kind of aftermarket security system.
  • cherbear74cherbear74 Posts: 2
    Thanks I have been searching online for the past day and on all pontiac sites no one can tell me what it is. I wonder if im just S.O.L.
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    Traction Control light keeps coming on i have a 2001 grand am se 2.4L 4 door automatic and the trac light keeps coming on while driving and once its on the transmission will bang while switching gears and if i push the trac button to cut the light off it stays on.To get it to go off so the car will drive properly i have to pull over and park the car and turn it off and restart the car.when i put it in drive it bangs the gear once and then it starts driving ok for a while i cant figure out whats making it do that. the only thing that needs to be changed is the fuel pressure regulator because it leaks once in a while :mad:
  • jerry79jerry79 Posts: 2
    I know, the price is kinda exaggerated and just for labor?? is about $1100 and the rest of parts.

    The warranty expired because i have more than 36000 miles and i didn't extend no warranty...big mistake. I have found another place where they charge me hella cheaper so i guess i might take it there.

    Thanks Burdawg for replying to my message and i hope they can fix this problem since its been going on for hella years.
  • chadderchadder Posts: 1
    I have never heard of any with a chip in thier key for the grand am, that is a passkey3 system and the grand am uses a passlock 1 or 2 system
  • nyilesnyiles Posts: 2
    I just recently picked up a 2004 Grand Am. I am very happy with it. Love the way it rides. Occasionally, I will turn it off and the key will get stuck. After a while, I hear a clicking sound (relay?) and the key can be removed. Anyone else experiance this problem? Is this something I need a dealer to fix or can I do it myself?

    Larry in Waynewsboro, VA
  • On my 16th Birthday, my parents bought me a 99grand am seV6, from a shady dealership. I know that an old lady drove it before i got it. And so did the guy that owned the dealership. This is my first car. It is pretty quick. i have beaten several other grand am GT's with ram air. (actually blew them away ). it all looks stock to me. but i cant find why it is so fast. People ask me and i dont know what to say. My fun ends at 107. Is there someway that i can get the gov, off my car. And i am quite pissed about the headgasket. if there is some many problems, then why isnt there a recall ? Last, I have been saving up money for a supercharger, what type or brand would be best for my car ?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Oh, but to be young and foolish again....sigh.
  • Young I see, but where does foolish come from.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Don't get me wrong, I think it's great. Foolish comes from the desire to put a supercharger on an engine that you can't even get a high volume oil pump for, which has virtually no meaningful performance or heavy duty parts available. I learned, the hard way, almost 30 years ago that you build and engine from the bottom up, not from the top down.
    BTW, the biggest difference between the GT/ram air and the other models is the handling and high speed intake volume. Between the lights the GT is virtually the same, the ram intake doesn't have any effect until your speed forces a positive pressure into the ram intake behind the grille, and even then it's effect is minimum.
    Please keep us posted on your endeavors though.
  • Thanks for the info. I just really like the grand am body and style and would like to see it perform better. You say to start from the bottom and work your way up. I agree that the 3400 does suck for performance. Assuming that you know alot more about engines then me, (my car = 101,000) was think about putting a used 3.8 GTP engine im my car. with my mannual trans. i got the monney to do it and got a friend that would do it also, would u suggest doing that for alot more power?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    I have not personally seen that mod ever done, but I won't say it's not possible. I imagine there would be lot's of custom fitting involved with mounts, clutch, etc. The performance gains would probably not be as high as you might think, since the weight will increase somewhat from the larger, older design engine.
    I have seen a supercharger (Paxton) on a 3.4L Grand Am, but it was custom and I don't think a direct add-on is available.
  • dmac93dmac93 Posts: 1
    I just used the 'cut yellow wire' procedure, and so far so good. I'm a bit worried about disconnecting the battery now because I read somewhere that it may not turn on again. Anyone use this method have this problem?!
  • laravichlaravich Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Grand Am with almost 100,000 miles on it. Five mornings ago when I started it, a warning bell sounded and the gas gauge stayed on 'empty' even though I just filled up (no, there was no leak). After maybe 15 seconds of idling, the low fuel warning light went off and the indicator moved up to 'full'. It did the same thing each time I started it over the next several days. Now the warning bell and the gauge showing empty have stopped, but now the gauge still shows completely full even though I'm probably down to half a tank by now, and appears to be stuck on 'full'. Is the gauge broken or this an indication of another problem?
  • i also have a 99 grand am and the gas gauge goes wild also. i believe that that the gauge needle is becoming stuck.. try hitting the top of the gauge a couple of times. that is what i do, to know how much gas i really have.. i think u might have an O2 sensor out.. not really sure thou. dont u just hate that dam warnging bell.. well give a tap on top and that should do it.
  • i own a 1992 grand am SE. i was wondering where the governor is. and how to remove it
  • rev_sonrev_son Posts: 3
    Hey Everyone,
    Got a thing going on with our 97' Grand Am that I do not understand. Get this,.. when we crank the car, place on our seatbelts, place it in drive, the seatbelt warning buzzer goes off, the doors lock / unlock like we have a ghost in the car with us. After getting out on the road, the buzzer quit and also the door locks, but when I hit the brakes, there it goes again. Long as the car is in (P)it doesn't do it, but when placed in (D) it goes nuts. Checked the fuses in the interior and it was all good. Any ideas why the car would do such a thing?
    Please Help

  • rev_sonrev_son Posts: 3
    Hey everyone, just new to the forum and have a good question to ask. We have a 1997 Grand Am SE with a little over 97K on it. I got a couple of things going on with it that I haven't been able to resolve. For one, I have water leaking off the back side of the engine, but does this on occassions. My temp light stays on constantly like it has no anti-freeze in it or water. I have to replace the water in the car every other day to make sure it has enough. I constantly look under the car everywhere we go and park to see if it has been leaking, and if it had, it's only very little. But I have to fill it up continously so I'll know that it has enough water in it. Even when filling it with water, the water drain out the tank as you're looking at it. No water stays in the coolant container. I thought that it was the heater core but the carpet is never wet inside the car. Anyone have any ideas or is this a losing battle and the car has won? Please help me with this......
    Thanks All
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    V6 or 4 cyl?
  • Young and foolish, indeed. There are several reasons why you have "Blown away" several other grand am GT's with ram air, as I will list:

    1. They were not interested in engaging you in a race.
    2. They did not know you were trying to race them.
    3. Their car was not really a Grand Am GT; it's very common for people with non-GT Grand Am's to install the SC/T hood and front bumper to get the GT look.
    4. Their car had some sort of problem, whether it be a clogged air filter, bad spark plug, or some other mechanical problem.

    What makes the '99+ GT faster than your Grand Am SE is the fact that the transmission has a very aggressive 3.29:1 final drive ratio, which you do not have. The ram air intake functions more as a cold air intake at lower speeds, and the exhaust flows better.

    As for the 3400; it is a very stout power plant that can easily make more power than the transmission can handle with simple bolt-on mods, naturally aspirated. With just headers, a cat-back exhaust system, and a 62mm throttle body, it's possible to get upwards of 200 horsepower from the 3400. Get a port and polish, Corvette valve springs, a DHP PCM, and a hot cam, you're looking at getting the transmission beefed up to keep up with the power the 3400 will be making. Having a very strong bottom end, it takes well to boost once it's been tuned properly.

    The beautiful thing about the GT is the fact that nothing needs to be done to the brakes or chassis to handle the extra power you can make. Unlike the SE, the GT already handles and brakes as good as it can from the factory.
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