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Pontiac Grand Am



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Could be trans fluid or coolant by the color. Here's the $1,000,000 question: what fluid level is low?
    At first by looking at your pictures I thought it was coolant (old Dexcool that should have been changed) but on second thought it could be warmed up trans fluid also. Checking the fluid levels will tell the story for sure though with that big of a leak.
    As a general warning, quad 4 engines were notorious for having water pump leaks around that mileage, and your pictures are showing a drain off exactly where it would be for that. If that's the case, get ready for a big repair bill, quad 4 water pumps are a big job.
  • Cousin thinks its Coolant because the fluid on the garage floor evaporated overnight. He said if it were trans fluid, there would still be a puddle. I look at the coolant tank and it was low. Just trying to figure out wear the leak could be because it has not leaked at all today. Even when driving for 15 mins. strange. But thanks for the quick reply.
  • blaine4200blaine4200 Posts: 2
    hi there i have the exact problem my brake lights only come on at night if i hit the brakes and as for my dash lights i cant see nothin at night do you have a fix to this problem it was ever since i have my stereo changed somthin was shorted out ?? please help me eeeeee lol
  • blaine4200blaine4200 Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am i changed the stereo and must have shorted somthing out because it effects the Tail Lights and the Dash Lights. When i drive at night i cant see nothin on my dash and my break lights only light up if i press on them they should be on at night without pressin them can anyone help me please
  • miszkekmiszkek Posts: 1
    I have 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. The dash and tail lights stop working one day, I checked all fuses and they are ok. Stop light and blinkers work though. Read somewhere that it might be a multi switch? Anyone knows what is going on? Please help!
  • Whether engine running or parked and key out, parking / running lights flash randomly. Checked the micro relay..fine.. Keyless entry remote..good.. Sensor under dash defrost grill unobstructed. Dealer wants to run electrical check..$$$... Can the ALC be disabled?
  • ...just sold the biggest piece of s*** I have ever owned. The final straw was the transmission going out at 117k miles, way to premature for modern cars.
  • I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am...and it has went crazy on me. The crazy thing will start and it will change gears, but when you turn the steering wheel it dies. Anyone have any ideas what's going on with it? :sick:
  • 1997 pontiac grand am gt driver door window is in the down position need to change motor but window is supposed to be half way up it wont go how and if i dont what will happen
  • The 99 thru 04 series employs a worm expanding strut driven by a nylon gear at one end that is powered by a small Fasco electric motor. Most any other manufacturer but Government Motors would make both the strut and motor available as individual service replacement parts. With GM, however, you must pay over $330 for a complete replacement seat frame with motor and strut included. It's outright gouging and it's ridiculous! The nylon gear at the end of the strut either cracks or suffers tooth shearing, whether from age deterioration of the nylon material or overuse/abuse of the power system, much like Ford power windows. Replacing the strut assembly with nylon gear seems the practical solution but GM does not provide that option. It's either live with whatever height the seat is at when the gear cracks or shears, or shell out the $330 plus labor for the sake of a 50-cent piece of nylon attached to a ten dollar worm strut! There are tens of thousands of Grand Ams with broken driver's seats desperately seeking an affordable height adjustment fix. Does anybody know of any aftermarket source for a replacement strut with nylon gear assembly?
  • I have a 2003 Grand Am GT.. It recently started chugging so I went through everything on what it might be even though I got screwed out of alot of money.. I have changed the fuel filter.. changed the spark plugs.. Put my car on the diagnostic and the thing that came up was my thermostat sensor which I fixed $215 later, the guy said that should fix it.. Well it didnt... I have no acceleration, and when I press the pedal it chugs.. Also it seems to be taking alot of effort for it to keep up the speed when Im approaching hills..especially with my cruise.. it shoots up to 3500 to 4000 RPMS and it wont shift down properly until Im on the other side of the hill... Please help on what I should do! Im $750 in debt with this thing so far and nothing is working!
  • Sounds like your injectors are dirty. i have a 95 with a 3.1 motor that hapens on it I get a can of SEA FOAM INJECTOR CLEANER put in with a 1/2 tank of gas. that takes care of that. mite take several miles to work. Cost less than 10 dollars. worth a try. Menards, Auto Zone ect should have it. Good Luck. Joe let me know if this works
  • Nephew over heated our Grand am and destroyed the head. We just replaced the head, gaskets, spark plugs, boots, radiator, heater core, all hoses, alternator, water pump, battery and starter. We then noticed the ignition module housing was cracked so we replaced that and the coil packs. Ignition module was tested and passed all three times. Now the car won't fire. It isn't getting spark to spark plugs and the new battery keeps draining. We thought maybe it was a timing problem but it isn't back firing while trying to start. Fuel is in the line but not getting to the plugs either. Maybe electrical?! Help any ideas are better than none...thanks :confuse:
  • Did you just buy regular spark plugs? If not then it may just be that the wires you have now are not capable of delivering. If you bought higher performance spark plugs you may want to look into upgrading your spark plug wires. I'd suggest 9mm racing wires if they are high performance spark plugs. If they aren't, I really cant think of anything else that you could do. It sounds like you've done everything ( that I can think of ) . I'll ask around and try to find out what else it could be.
  • Every part including spark plugs were factory ordered, boots too! That is why we are now thinking a wire has been crossed. My brother in-law set the timing and I am wondering about that as well. I do believe the car can start if the timing is off and wouldn't have anything to do with not having a spark...but not positive about that! Thanks for responding...Let me know if you have anymore idea's. I am getting ready to have it put on a machine.
  • abrucabruc Posts: 8
    Is there any new/updated info/fix on the intermittent clicking flasher (04 Grand Am)? Passlock, now this -Incredibly annoying problem.
  • psy7psy7 Posts: 1
    i have a grand am gt with ram air and im tryin to find a rear sway thick and strong enough for autocross at my school i do the tire pressure for it but the body roll is still to much and i cant get good times
  • I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am and when you put it in gear or in park the car idles erratically also when you park on a hill. Could someone please help?
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