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Pontiac Grand Am



  • donm7donm7 Posts: 1
    I have recently purchased a 2000 Grand Am SE1 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I got a fair deal or not? The car had a MSRP of $20015 including destination charges. I bought it for $18515+tax, plus I got 2.9% financing for 60 months (instead of taking $1500 rebate). I went out the door without putting 1 penny down with a payment of $354.01. Was this a fair deal?
  • Hey guys, I need a really big favor, if all those of you how have recently bought 2000 and 2001 cars could give me your VIN it would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance!
  • bmarkbmark Posts: 52
    Why would we want to give our vin #'s? That sounds pretty strange to me.
  • These little ole Grand Ams are one of the better economy cars out there. They will last you forever (100,000 miles) if you take care of them.
  • Has anyone seen, (in spy photos,) the new 2002 Grand Am? I swear it looks like the Pontiac Pirhanna or however you spell it. :) It looks even better now though.
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    Koolguy Where did you find the spy photos? I have been hoping for a glance at the new GA since my finacee bought a 99. We are going to be interested in a new one it a couple of years.
  • ....The spy photos in Popular Mechanics new november issue. The one with the U.S. Air force's flying saucer on the front cover. :)
  • I agree! I have a 87 Grand Am that did not have any problems until it passed 135,000 miles since then I've replaced the motor and misc. parts and now have 175,000 on it. I plan on keeping it until it drops.
  • Here is my story. I purchased my 2000 Grand Am GT in Sept. 1999. Since January 2000 I have had nothing but trouble. This car needs to go to the junk yard. I am definatly calling my lawyer and the dealership owes me my money back according to the lemon law. I don't even want another Grand Am or even another Pontiac for that matter. It has been in the shop 8 times now. I have had 4 rentals since June. Including the one I am driving now because my car is at a dealership in another city about 2 hours away. It left me stranded this past weekend and had to be towed to the nearest dealer. I have had problems with the fuel injectors, they have replaced a gasket, it was leaking oil, my service engine soon light is on 24/7, the security light keeps coming on, the cd player was replaced because of skipping, and now for the past month I have been dealing with it not even starting. It will turn over and sounds like it is going to start, but then it stalls out right away. ANYONE ELSE HAVING A PROBLEM LIKE THIS ONE? The dealer even claims to not know what the problem is. Well, this is the third time it is in the shop for not starting. Lemon? I think so. If anyone can give some input about this "not starting" problem, please e-mail me at I appreciate it.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    We had a 1998 Honda Accord that almost mirrors the same problems: security light, fuel throttle body unit being replaced several times, not starting, service light (solved by a loose-fitting gasoline cap).

    Anyway, it was the Honda's computer. Other than the CD unit and gasket, that almost sounds like the same problem with this 1999 Grand AM GT.

    I have a 1999 Grand AM SE with a V-6 with 46k miles and still no problems other than what I mentioned in earlier messages here in this forum. No brake shutter, no power steering pump issues, nice gasoline mileage, no window scratches. In short, I just had some minor warranty problems. Oh yeah, I replaced those awful Goodrich tires.

    Good car... no real problems.
  • Let me tell you about my experience with the 1999 Grand Am. I purchased a brand new 99 Grand Am SE2 in 1/99. By 9/99, Pontiac agreed to purchase the car back because of the many mechanical problems that I had with the car: 1)three times the rotors warped; 2) the seal around the back window warped off; 3) the fuel sensor gauge failed; 4) the power steering motor pulley pump failed; it took the Dealership three separate service repair dates on this issue to finally discover what the problem was. 5) the door panels peeled off three of the doors. The driver's seat was replaced because it creaked so as to drive me nuts. So, after Pontiac bought the car back, like a DOOFUS I bought another one (thinking I just had a bad car. You know that can happen!) I should interject here that the reason that I decided on the 1999 Grand Am, in the first place, was because I have a 1992 Grand Am that gave me years of faithful service and, while still running, she is on her last breath at close to 280000 miles. Anyway, to continue, I bought the second 1999 Grand Am. Well, the rotors have warped twice, the fuel sensor gauge has failed, the power steering motor pulley pump has failed, the door panels have peeled off two of the doors the speed sensor has failed. The first week of ownership, I noticed that the dashboard was pulling away from the windshield. It took the Dealership a week of days to get that new dashboard on straight and get everything else put back right!. Do you notice that most of the things that failed on the "old" 99 failed on the "new" 99? I have 38K miles on this car from 09/99 to 11/00. It wasn't just a bad car, it is a bad line. All of it has been repaired by the dealer and all under warranty. So anyone thinking about the Grand Am, think twice. The only thing positive that I will say about the Grand Am is that WHEN it is running, it is a fun car to drive.
  • bmarkbmark Posts: 52
    It looks like you just had bad luck with your cars. My family has bought a new pontiac every 2-3 years since 1989. My mom had a 1989 Grand Am SE,no problems with it. My dad had a 94 se and a 97 se again no problems. My mom has had a 93, 97, and a 2000 Grand Prix and the cars had been flawless. I have a 2000 Grand am GT. with 20,000 miles on it. I have had this car for over a year, and have had no problems, I would recommend this car to anyone. I know several people with 99's and their's run fine also. I would say many positive things about this car, and if anyone asked I would tell them to buy one.
  • i feel your pain.

    after experiencing many of your problems, and the ones many others here and elsewhere have posted, i opted to get rid of the junk. (at a big loss)

    i too have had good pontiac experiences, a 97 sunfire for starters.

    the 99 ga is bad, real bad.

    perhaps the 2000+ models have been improved?
  • I've had my '99 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 for over a year and have put 21K on it since I bought it new. With the exception of the leather on the steering wheel peeling, I've had no problems.
    The performance and handling are the absolute best in this price range. I love this car.
    I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't wear panties.
    Reminiscent of the true American muscle machines with safety and reliability added.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    > I love this car. I would recommend it
    > to anyone

    I have the same feel for my '99 GrandAm with 47k on it (ugh, the mileage keeps rolling upwards! -- What's with THAT???!)

    Makes me wonder what the common denominator is for the "lemon" GrandAms as opposed to the "rose" GrandAms. My GrandAm is treated rather hard with terrible rural East Texas roads and salty Gulf Coastal air. And, driving down in Houston's work hour traffic, complete with pot holes, and 1 1/2 hour stop-and-go traffic doesn't help either. So, I get a smattering of pot hole freeways, and East Texas mud.

    This is a good car. Even the crummy seats (Didn't like them even when they were new) regretfully are holding together. I was sort of hoping they would fall apart after the warranty so I could find something better to put in there. Ah well...
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    I have purchased a 6-Disc CD Changer for my finacees 99 GA SE1. It is an Alpine that will go in the trunk, and she still has the stock radio. The question that I have is where to put the remote display with the controls on the dash board. I have the option of mounting it with velcro or it comes with a bracket for in dash installation if they cut a hole. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas where a good spot would be? I know that there aren't too many big, open and flat spots on the dashboard. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Thanks for all the recent positive posts. I was beginning to wonder whether my car was the exception to the rule. My 1999 Grand Am GT has 21K on it. Except for some minor warranty stuff, my car has been great. I am still in love with this car, which says quite a bit. I usually get bored with cars after a year of so, and then start looking for something else. Needless to say I don't keep cars for more than 3 years.

    If this car holds up the way it has, I can see me keeping it for a long time. The car fits me like a glove, and I'm not a small person (6', 200 lbs). It is just plain fun to drive. I still park the car, get out, and stare at the bright red muscle. And with all the options on the car, I'm far from bored. I love the CD stereo and the sun roof. The car tells me when to change the oil and when a tire pressure is low. It has traction control, anti-lock brakes, power everything, and I can out accelerate most cars around town. What else could I ask for?
  • Picked up my new 2001 GT sedan last night. It's a Black beauty. Put about 37 easy miles on it. No sample defects noted. Can't wait to get some miles on it so can really put it through it's paces. Will keep you posted.
  • purchased a 2000 ga se. have 14,245 miles and love the car. have had no problems. handles beautifully and gets great gas mileage. only wish the steering was a little more responsive, would recommend this car to anyone.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The GA/Alero/Malibu share the same basic platform and are well-known for the rotor warping problem. At least with older cars; it looks as GM made some improvements with the rotors last year or so.

    On the other hand, what you told about Buick Regal looks strange for me. I did not see many complaints concerning its rotors. This car have different design, build on the same W-platform as other bigger mid-size GM cars, like Pontiac GP or Chevy Impala.
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