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Pontiac Grand Am



  • jdexter23jdexter23 Posts: 94
    You don't know how good you have it till its gone. My 00 GA SE just went into the dealer for some service and my loaner is a 95 Buick LeSabre. What a tank! I miss my GA already and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet.

    I agree with Tonychrys. My SE handles just fine and is plenty sensitive. I have the 16" rims, so maybe the lower profile tires help stick to the road moreso than tires on 15" rims would.
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    Does anybody have any new information about the 2003 Grand Am in relation to the interior specs and available options???? My fiancee and I are interested in the possibility of buying a new one in 2003 and the AWR sounds really appealing for our snowy climate.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Hi Everyone,

    Over the last two days while driving home from work I have detected a faint smell of burning plastic in the cabin of my GA. When I get out of the car @ home, the odor is particurally strong around outside of the drivers door. I've looked underneath the car and don't seen any plastic stuck to anything, the converter is free of debris and I popped the hood and can't find anything out of place or smoking in the engine well. The check engine gauge hasn't come on and the oil pressure looks good.

    Any idea what this could be?????
  • jdexter23jdexter23 Posts: 94
    Are you sure its not the brake pads? Other than that, I would just look for plastic shielding touching any hot or moving parts of the car.

    On a side note, has anyone had their sunroof rattle? if so, please tell me what part of it was loose so I can fix it quicker. I brought my GA to the dealership to have it fixed and they said that they couldn't. (Actually, i just think they didn't want to get into a big job of taking the headliner down). Any input will be appreciated.

  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I just had the front pads replaced @ 30k. I'm @ 33k you think I should take it in to be looked at?

    I don't have a moonroof on my GA, but I do have one on my '99 Prelude. I had a couple of annoying rattles on it and I took some WD40 and put it on the runners and the rattles went away....might want to try it....would'nt hurt to try?
  • jafan43jafan43 Posts: 3
    Last year I ended up trading in my 99 Grand Am GT due to a ridiculous problem: both doors (it was a coupe) leaked water into the back seat of the car when it rained or snowed. I brought the car back to the dealer three times. Each time they claimed to have fixed the problem with parts from the factory. I was told that it was a problem that GM was aware of, thus the parts ready from the factory. At least GM could have notified the owners of this problem, if they were already aware of it. By the time I traded it in, and several carpet cleanings later, the interior smelled of musty mildew and the under carriage was already rusting from the inside out directly underneath the back floor. Watch out for leaking doors Grand Am owners. I am much happier with my 2000 Grand Prix GT. I should have bought the GP to begin with. 6k miles and not a problem (knock on wood!).
  • jdexter23jdexter23 Posts: 94
    Did you notice the smell right after you changed the pads? My GA has that oil smell (others on this page say their do the same)that comes through the vents when the car is stopped, are you sure its plastic you smell and not that?

    Thanks for the advice on the rattle.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    No, its not an oily smell @ smells just like plastic burning...

    The smell only started a couple of days ago. I had the pads replaced if I remember correctly, sometime in January.

    I don't even know if its related, I drove the car to work, must have been Wednesday a.m....didn't notice a smell, but when I got in the car to come home, before I even started the car, I thought "geez...what is that smell?" in the cabin. I thought maybe my cat had somehow gotten in the car overnight in the garage and sprayed! But, the windows had been left up that night. This odor was distinctly different from the plastic smell and whatever it was went away. When I got home from work that evening is when I noticed the plastic burning smell.

    We did have torential rains Wednesday with some street flooding, but I didn't drive through any deep water, but the roads were wet and I did hit some shallow standing water in a couple of places...wonder if that could be it?

    I took the GA this afternoon to the dealer for a quick oil/filter change and lube. I told them about it, but they said they couldn't find anything wrong. Oh well?

    Let me know if the WD40 helps...its a wonder product....
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Well, all right you SE owners. Tired of the GT guys getting all the limelight? Well, us SE guys can strut our stuff too. The photo was taken on the Texas coast by me on Galveston Island's West End. I think I need a RED car. Notice the RED, not black, mirrors.

    By the way, Little Red has 53,000 miles on it now and still cruising along just fine.


  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Where in the world is Accra, Texas? Hey, I was raised in Galveston! Most of my family is still there! There is no place like HOME! I took the flag of Chile, because it looks like the Lone Star!

    Nice photo! I love my SE too!
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Well, the Chile flag is a great idea. Definitely is close to the Texas flag and I just adopted it.

    The profile manager here and me don't get along too well. It makes corrections much later than when you change them. I formerly lived in Accra, Ghana in West Africa, but the Manager never would let the correction stick.

    I tried again and maybe it will finally fix.

    The profile manager is cool, but what you enter is not what it dishes out.
  • I just helped my twin sons purchase a GA each, and after I drove theirs awhile,just purchased 1 for myself. Questions for all you out there. I have replaced water pump on the '97, Steering pump on the '96 and brakes on both of them. Are there any other problems looming in the background for these 17 years old? Dad's is a GT1 75th '01 loaded and yes, the kids are impressed, to say the least. 97k on the '97, 63k on the '96. What should I expect GA owners?
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    There's nothing really unusual about the Grandam that notes special caution.

    The question holiday asked really would appeal to anyone with "legacy" cars, not just the Grandam. I tend to put over 200k on vehicles and still have an '85 Old Calais that tools around just fine.

    I don't think anything beyond the usual should fail, assuming the vehicles had decent maintenance, Take my '99 Grandam for example. It has 53000 miles on it and is getting of the mileage that I should expect failure anytime from any (or hopefully NONE) of the listed items below. Perhaps none of these will go out and the car will get 200k on it without incident. grin

    * Starter
    * Water pump
    * Alternator/battery
    * -- maybe the power steering pump

    Typical "hard" maintenance items that need to be checked and maybe replaced would be the hoses and belts, including the serpentine belt. Brakes are a no-brainer and need to be replaced about every 40k.

    Struts should hang in there until about 80k.
    Anyway, that has been my experience through the years.

  • Irymal, how did you get mirrors to match the color of your car if you have an SE? I too have an SE and would like to get silver mirrors to match my Silvermist exterior.

    I know that the SE comes stock with black mirrors and the GT comes with body color mirrors.

    Did you order them from Pontiac, if so, how much were they? If not, did you paint them yourself and how hard was it?
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Hey guys....the GA is getting a thrashing over in the "News and Views" Category under "the Return of GM's might". Could use some help in its defense!
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    Local body shop charged $50.00 per mirror for a repaint. Was definitely a no-brainer for me...

  • mantamanta Posts: 4
    I doubt that this is your problem, but I get a yucky plastic-y oily smell whenever I use the GM window washer fluid. I don't get the same smell from other types, just the Opticlean...but this doesn't last for more than a few minutes. Just an idea though...
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Thanks for the info...not sure what that smell was...but its gone away as fast as it appeared...
  • nerssnerss Posts: 43
    I just wanted to move this forum up to the top:)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, maybe that works and maybe it doesn't. It all depends on how folks have their preferences set as to how they view the list.

    A better idea would be to just make a post relevant to the discussion. ;-)

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