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Pontiac Grand Am



  • riclandricland Posts: 10 Is this You? Get in your car....try to start it and find that the passlock II is screwed up again, you have to wait 10 minutes for it to reset. When it resets it starts up and runs fine. Fix-------Start the car, find the yellow wire that I'm sure you've read about, the rcode wire that is, and cut it. Shut off the car and you're done! The rcode wire on my 2001 alero is behind and to the left of the radio, you must take out the radio.....the yellow wire accompanies two other wires, the white and black, the 3 wires are alone and run inside what appears to be a cheap electrical tape that will fall apart in your hand when you start tugging on it, they are very thin wires, maybe 18 to 22. I taped off both ends of the yellow wire too.Took me about 14 days to find this out and reading no exageration 1000 posts. Forget all the relay, DEI and resister crap that I'm sure you've read about. All this writing assumes that this will continue to work.....i WILL be back here to post an update if it fails again. If you have doubts of me coming back to update a failure you can email me
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    Heres more info on a fix of that passover module starting problem. If you try this fix, please report back the results.


    n my opinion, used parts won't solve the problem either because they will just fail like the new part that I put on. There are literally thousands of posts on the internet of people with these same ignition lock cylinder problems. The N-body cars seem to be the leaders.(Malibu, Alero, Grand-Am) Yeah, I can see where this might seem a bit involved.... but it's really not. I just wanted to follow up with evidence of how it works. The quick simple fix is just to cut the yellow wire and tape up both ends. I took a screwdriver to pop the cover from around the stereo and took out 4 screws. Then, pulled out the stereo. The 3 wires from the ignition are right there on the left. Start the car and cut the yellow wire. That's it. You won't have to replace the ignition lock cylinder until it falls apart. I don't have to worry about my wife and kids being stuck somewhere. I certainly didn't mean for it to come across as being complicated at all. Enevitably, someone will ask why this works.
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  • Need some help here. My daughter just bought a 05 Grand Am and insists there is some sort of light that will alert her when the oil viscosity gets bad and only then does she need to change her oil. The car is brand new and has never had its oil changed. It has over 8000 miles on it. This seems way too long to wait to change oil. Please I would appreciate any input.
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    As I understand it, the yellow recode wire under the ignition housing is the wire that sends the correct anti-theft code to the computer, right?

    Ok, with the fix I mention above, it seems what the poster was saying is that if you start your car and cut this wire, the correct code is stored in the cars computer and the automatic shut-off (or non-start) won't be triggered again.

    Is that about right?

  • Yes the Grand Am have a system that monitors the oil quality and a light will illuminate on the dash once the oil needs to be changed. It monitors various things such as speed, rpms, temperatures, and some other stuff and then determines when it needs to be changed. If it were me since the car has never had its oil changed i would suggest doing early since it is the first on and i know when cars are new they suggest changing the oil sooner than normal. But after that I would wait until the light comes on and I frequently make 8000 miles or more on an oil change.
  • I have a 1995 Pontiac Grand AM and when it rains the floor gets wet. I have sat in the car with rain pouring down, and cannot locate where the leak is. I have put a sealant on the windshield, but water still gets in. Now I am having problems with the defrost and heat. This morning though the heat never came on, the rear window cleared up, the front window and other windows did not. All help, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  • cajekecajeke Posts: 1
    2001 Pontiac Grand Am

    I have the exact same problem. How did you fix this?

    Does anybody know how to fix this.......key won't turn, steering column is not locked.

  • I recently got a car from my parents as a christmas gift but anyways it has a surging comes and goes...sometimes when i start the car it sounds like it is really trying to stay running and everything in it surges..the lights and stereo loose power because of the surging...the car has about 200,000 miles but its my first car so im trying to get it to last for a while if anybody knows what i should do that would be a great help...the 1993 grand am has a 3.3 v6....another problem is the check oil light...that also comes and goes like the surging but i check/change the oil frequently so basically i ignore it because the oil level is normal and it has new oil in it...please help me!! :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    Alternator ...?

  • I was on freeway in Pontiac Bonneville'94. Lost power. Coasted off and stopped. When I restarted car, the reverse gear wasn't working, but the forward gears were. It makes a clanging noise when I go forward. Is it transmission or is it something else? Thank you for the help.
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    I heard on Car Talk that lost of reverse usually means the transmission is shot.

  • I have a the 2004 gt and she is right it has a light and the computer doesn't go by miles. Gm says that you should change the oil with in 300 miles of the light alert. I usually dont wait for the light . Remember when you change the oil you will need to reset the computer. Turn the key to the on position with out starting and pump the gas pedal 3 times. You should hear a 3 beeps then you know it has reset the computer. You would be surprised at how many places that change oil dont know this.
  • Yea I noticed that on my 2004 gt. First thing I did was check the car fax report to make sure the dealer hadnt sold me a wrecked car! Now that is a big quality flaw.
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    I heard that it's really expensive to put an out of track windown into track.

  • I also have a 2004 GT with same wavy roof among other problems
  • I would hook a scanner and pull the codes . sounds like a sencer maybe a tps or map sencer. scanning a pulling the codes will save you a bunch of guess work and money
  • riclandricland Posts: 10
    Ok, I bit the bullet and cut that yellow rcode wire at the ignition. That's the little that cause all the problems in n-cards like the Grand Am. It reads your key and sends an ok to the computer to start the car. Prolem is, it doesn't work the way it's supposed to, that's why so many people run into that damn Passlock problem that cost $600 to $800 to fix.

    I found the easy fix in one of these forums. Today I went out and cut snipped the yellow wire (WHILE THE ENGINE WAS RUNNING)
    cut the engine off, then held my breath while I turned it back on. SHE FIRED UP RIGHT OFF! and has been firing up nicely all day.

    He's the post I got the idea from:


    he 3 wires from the ignition are right there on the left. Start the car and cut the yellow wire. That's it. You won't have to replace the ignition lock cylinder until it falls apart. I don't have to worry about my wife and kids being stuck somewhere. I certainly didn't mean for it to come across as being complicated at all. Enevitably, someone will ask why this works.
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  • The gauges, such as the speedometer, RPM gague, etc. won't light up!!! I have already checked all the fuses. I have already opened up the cluster and nothing is wrong. The bulbs are not burned out! Every other light is working though, like the ABS light, Security light, etc.
  • :confuse:
    Anyone know of a Web site where I can find an armrest replacement for my gold, er, taupe 97 GA SE? Im struggling to find one. The one in the car now is cracked and about to give way.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The last time I looked these parts were still available from the dealer, but you had to buy the entire door panel. What about a wrecking yard?
  • well, its not the door armrest. it's the one in between the seats. all i need is the top part. i'm checking with local dealer this week. searched on web to no avail, and junkyards around here are few, if any.
  • What engine do you have? Thanks
  • yuppers. No. 17 right there. Thank you, sir. :)
  • I have a 93 Grand Am and my entire gear pattern was messed up. Basically i had 1 neutral and the rest was all drive including park. I got mad and hit the shifter up into reverse one day out of anger and it straitened out. I was told it could have been a linkage problem. I was told that my trany was not affected in any way by this.
  • jlhou7jlhou7 Posts: 6
    we have a 94 grand dam my husband did everything possible, he even scanned it, with his computer scanner he says it says there is nothin wrong, can u help????image
  • I have got a 2002 Grand Am 4 cyl. with 95K on it, mostly freeway miles, my wife bought it new. Lately the car has been sputtering when at a complete stop while the engine is in drive. The rpm's drop and lights go dim. I have brought it into a local dealership twice now, where they have looked over the car and basically found nothing, they changed the spark plugs, checked the alternator,battery,ect. Cleaned the fuel injectors and gave it a fuel kit whatever that is. The problem is still there.

    Anybody have any ideas on what might be going on?
  • check to see if the fuel pump fuse is ok also turn key and listen see if you hear the fuel pump come on don't start it just turn the key on. Also if it is not whirling over try the cables and where battery cable goes down to the starter.
  • My sons key was stuck and would not shut off . I brought it to an independent electric man and he said switch was ok , but key was cut wrong. only the top part of the key does the work, flipped the key and it worked. was told to go to chevy dealer and they would cut an original key using the vin number of the car
  • jim73jim73 Posts: 3
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