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Pontiac Grand Am



  • I have a cd stereo in my 2001 with all the toys on it. Sometimes if Im listening to the radio, the cd will automatically come on or vice versa and all my preset stations will erase. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • moeharrimoeharri Posts: 108
    Funny you should mention your stereo problems. I have a 2001gt with the single cd stereo and today I had my presets erase for FM2. I also came out of work one day to have all presets erased, for no apparent reason. It was annoying, but much less so than trying to deal with my local dealer (out of warranty anyway). If you find out the cause, let me know :-)
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Do any Pontiac owners here get the Pontiac Performance newsletter? In the Fall 2003 issue there is a teaser photo of the G6.
  • i bought the car used about a month ago, and it was running fine for about 2 or 3 weeks. then we got a huge snow storm and right before the storm started, i tried to start my car but it wouldnt start. the car would crank but it wouldnt turn over. i tried it a few times and it still wouldnt work. so i read the manuel and tried their suggestions (pushing the gas pedal for certain lengths of time) but that didnt work. i decided to try to get it towed to a mechanic, but when the guy came, he tried to start the car and succeeded on his first try. after that i drove it around for a little bit without any trouble. then i turned off the car and let it sit for about 5 minutes and started it up again without any troubles. the next morning i tried to start it again and once again it wouldnt start. ever since the guy came and got it started i havent been able to start it myself. i think it may have to do with my remote keyless entry system, but im not sure. its a V6 engine,automatic transmission,only about 43k miles, and was never in any kind of accident. if someone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated. you can email me at:
          ~thank you very much
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Sounds like a battery problem to me. One thing though - when you try to start the car does the security indicator light come on and stay on?
  • Hello:

    Does anyone know of a manual method to pull the diagnostic codes from a 1998 Grand Am (not using a diagnostic tool)? For example, for my Durango, you click the ignition from 'off' to 'on' 3 times and the code will read in the odometer. Is a similar method possible for the Grand Am? Thanks in advance.
  • its not the battery, because it is brand new. but, yes, the security light does come on and stay on....i dont know what that means tho
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    If the security indicator is coming on and staying on when you try to start the car (when the ignition is off), then the passlock system is being activated when you try to start the car. It thinks that someone is trying to steal the car, most likely because the sensor in the ignition switch has gone bad or is intermittent. The owners manual goes into some detail about this. If you wait for 10 - 11 minutes or so it will reset and then you can try to start it again.
    This happened on my 99 some time ago, and I had it repaired by changing the ignition switch.
  • I have a 96 Grand AM, with 83k miles on it. For sometime now, I hear a strang thuddy sound after it goes over a speed bump, after the back wheel goes over the bump. It doesn't always happen, but it puzzles me.
      Then suddenly last week, while I was on the freeway, suddenly I heard a strange sound from the car, just like the sound when any car goes over a bumpy road, except I was driving on a smooth road. I immediately took the exit and drove on the surface streets. I am beginning to see this problem more often now, and sometimes, the steering wheel also shakes. Do I have a faulty engine mount? Please help...
  • I have a 01 Grand Am GT and lately I am hearing a rubbing noise coming from the tires. Took my car to a trusted repair tech thinking my brakes needed replacing and was told it was the calibers that were bone dry. The noise stopped for awhile but came back. So I took the car into the dealer I bought the car from new and the service manager said it is a problem with the tires and that the grand am is known for this problem and said that they would seal the wheels. This rubbing sound worked for a few days and now they are making the sound again. Now my warranty just expired and I have seen on some forums that by replacing the wheels, the sound is eliminated. Has anyone owning a Grand Am come across this problem and if so can you let me know how it was solved. Thanks for your help. Regina
  • moeharrimoeharri Posts: 108
    I have a 2001 GT as well and have also experienced the super loud rubbing sound. I took it in at about 25,000 miles and they said that the tires needed rotating. That fixed the noise for about 10,000 miles or so, but it's been back since just a bit outside my warranty. I think I'll just get a different brand of tires the next time. Anyone have any recommendations for those? I'm at over 45,000+, so it's almost time anyway. I hope you get your problem fixed, so if you find out an alternative, please let me know :-) Thanks.
  • jerentjerent Posts: 8
    Hello: I noticed many posts about the intake manifold gasket going bad on the V6 Grand Ams. I have a 98 GA GT with the 4 cylinder, and noticed the temp guage was climbing. I pulled over and sure enough, almost no coolant was in the reservoir. Does anyone know if the 4 cylinder also has the intake gasket problem, or is there another known issue with these motors relating to coolant leaks? Thanks in advance.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    4 cyl engine its most likely the water pump,have it checked out,its about a $700 job at the dealer,of course less at an independent.
  • gmhellmangmhellman Posts: 121
    My wife has a 99 Grand Am and shortley after we purchased it the stereo display would make electronic hyroglyphics. I brought it to the dealer and they replaced the entire stereo head. This solved the problem for about two years. Now when we try to turn the stereo down the volume actually goes up unless we really turn the music down. Before the NHTSB changed their web site I found a TSB that stated that this was a known problem with the AC Delco stereos. That is why they replaced them in the 2002 model (I beleive). I have talked to many people with various models of grand ams and they stated that even the new stereos have this problem. Your best bet is to buy a quality aftermaket (Alpine...Sony....Eclipse)and while your at it replace those crappy factory speakers.
  • gmhellmangmhellman Posts: 121
    I have noticed that after 2001 they changed the interior slightly (they went to vinyl inserts in the doors, made ETS an option on higher level packages, made the split rear seat an option on higher level packages and changed the cupholders).
    I drove the 2003 SE1 package with the V6, but it seemed to have less power than my wife's 99 Grand Am with the 4 cylinder. The car also had significantly less options on the package and just seemd like another econo box. My wife's Grand Am has a higher level feel to it.
  • my wife just scrapped the engine by not noticing the oil level control light. Otherwise my 1992 Grand Am is fine, with some time to time repairs last year (water pump, starter, thermostat, alternator, ignition module). Is there anybody with suitable engine with around 70k miles and willing to help? Thanks, Mike
  • I had similar sounds coming from my car, so it sounds that way anyway. I have a 97 Grand Am GT and at first I thought it was something to do with the dual exhaust. It wasn't that.... it turned out to be a bad shock absorber. Went to the dealership and about $160 later my car was quiet again. I first started noticing the sound about 300 miles away from home in a crowded coastal area city in July. It wasn't loud at first but it did persistently got louder and I brought it to the dealership in December and I told them what I thought and I guessed right... so my advice is to have them check it out. It was the right side shock absorber for me. But as far as the steering wheel shaking... that's another story.
    Now I have a question... my GA has the 2.4 TwinCam engine, now is this engine prone to the same problems as the old 2.3 Quad4? So far the only problems I have had have been minor and nothing to do with the engine *knocks on wood.* I hope it isn't prone to the same problems because I love my car!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    I sure hope it doesn't have any problems, I only have about 210k on the odo on my 96 GA se and don't want any troubles with it ;-)
  • alan34alan34 Posts: 11
    Are there any good deals in Canada on the Grand Am GT1?
    Has any one heard of any incentives to get current Gm leasees into a new car before their lease is up. A Saturn dealer told me that Gm will allow people to bring their cars back if their lease is up between now and Dec 2004 with no penalty. Could this be true ?
  • An Old Fart’s simple answers to all the really important car questions

    1. How often should I ……? Just follow the maintenance schedule in the owners’ manual. If you don’t have one, buy one-it helps if you can read (not everyone graduated from Southern Cal).
    2. How many miles will my car last? Most any car will last forever (longer than a young mans morning timber) provided you follow number 1.
    3. What kind of oil should I use? See number 1 above (remember, not all engineers graduated from Georgia Tech).
    4. How fast can I make my car? Money=Speed-the more money you spend on real motor parts (the stuff below the intake) the faster you go (do you really think a “tornado” will improve gas mileage and add 10 more hp).
    5. What kind of air filter should I use? Whatever you bought-provided you follow number 1 above (just make sure it stops the dust from the GTO in front of you).
    6. What kind of oil filter should I use? Whatever you bought-provided you follow number 1 above. I use my hands to put it on and take it off, without the fancy tar on the end.
    7. What kind of tires should I use? See number 1 above. GM/Tire engineers collected large amounts of data and research about the kind/size of the tires on your car long before it came to market. Any time you change from the owners manual strange things like noise, rubbing, sliding down the road upside down, etc happen (remember, not all engineers graduated from Va. Tech and work for Firestone).
    8. What kind of plugs should I use? Whatever you bought-provided you follow number 1 above. After all, it’s the size of the gap that matters-like all things in life.
    9. What kind of fuel filter should I use? Whatever you bought-provided you follow number 1 above. Remember to also use Texaco/Shell gas, and put isopropyl alcohol anti-freeze, Marvel Mystery oil, and Techron fuel system cleaner in your tank 4 times a year. They keep the carbon deposits down, get the water out of the fuel, frees stuck things inside your motor, and makes the brown stuff inside your injectors/carburetor disappear (so you don’t have to use the “tornado”)
    10. What kind of wax should I use? Maguire’s-he really is a car guy, has a great show on Speed, and if you buy his stuff he’ll keep his show on Speed.
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