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Pontiac Grand Am



  • Most wheel covers have clips on along the edge that hold on the rim. You simply use a screwdriver to remove them off the rim. The plastic bolts are purely cosmetic.

    Some wheel covers do not have the clips to hold them. They are held in place by 5 plastic bolts and the only way to remove them is by loosening them. These are the wheel covers that I've found to make a lot of noise over bumps.

    That said, the strut mounts on the intermediate size GMs do wear out and I'm surprised the mechanic that replaced your struts didn't recommend replacing them at the same time with the new struts. They are located at the top of the strut as you described. If other mechanics have test driven your car and feel the noises are due to worn strut mounts, then I think you should have them replaced.
  • cricket2cricket2 Posts: 16
    Thanks. I have alloyed rims and not hub caps. There are black plastic screw on covers that go over the lug nuts and that's it. Taking my car to another mechanic who specializes in front ends so hopefully he will pin point the problem. The mechanic that replaced my struts in my opinion took me for a ride. After this last mechanic put on the control arm, he said that they were real dirty and didn't look like new struts plus the left strut is leaking hydraulic fluid. When I took it back with my receipt they kept it for a day and concluded it was bad. However, he says, that's not your problem, it's the mounts and to replace them it would cost me $98 each for them plus labor. He was going to charge me again to realign my car and I basically told him to stick it where the sun don't shine. I reported him to BBB but he didn't respond.
  • I have a 2002 SE1 with a near-perfect mnx record (not counting the cheap interior plasic that GM puts in its cars) with 50K miles on it. Yesterday, it seemed real sluggish changing gears-- push the pedal, the engine revs and RPMs increase, but no shifting occurs until I release the gas pedal. he engine topped out at about 55-60 mph, with the RPMs peaking at about 4000. Any attempts to rev the engine any higher yeilds nothing but the check engine light. Revving the engine in Park yields similar results, except once the RPMs max out at 4000, it just drops to about 3000 and pushes itself back up (while this is going on, the engine is shifting considerably under the hood). During this process the exhaust coming out of the car has a faint gas smell.

    Here's the kicker: using cruise control, I was able to get the car up to a high speed (70 MPH) with VERY slow acceleration (clicking the cruise accelerator about once every 10-20 seconds).

    I was by seperate shops that this could be one of three things:

    1) Transmission problems-- this makes no sense o me whatsoever, but if it does, can someone explain to me why? OR
    2) Exhaust problems, notably the catalytic converter-- too much backpressure.
    3) Fuel injection-- one (or more) cylinders not getting the fuel it needs to move.

    The only one of these things that makes any sense is the exhaust. Has anyone ever heard of this before?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • bxd20bxd20 Posts: 68
    2002 Alero is a light in there, it's VERY subtle though, need to check in complete darkness.
  • tdpoohtdpooh Posts: 1
    I need to replace a burnt out turn signal bulb. How do I get to the turn signal bulb on the front bumper (driver's side - under the headlight)?
  • gigingigin Posts: 8
    I have a code 23,when I drive the car and the Light comes on the car stumbles when the light goes out the car runs fine.The problem is intermittent.I had a tps installed but problem is still there.Can anyone help.93 Grand AM with a 3300 eng.
  • gigingigin Posts: 8
    I have a code 26. When I drive the car the Service Engine Light comes on and the car stumbles. When the light goes out the car runs fine. The problem is intermittent. I had a tps installed but problem is still there. I was also told that it could be the quad driver circuit. Can anyone help? 93 Grand AM with a 3300 eng.
  • My wife's Alero 3.4 is a 2002 model, and has covered 43,000 miles (same layout as Grand-Am).
    I've noticed a leak from under the engine bay. It is too thin and clean for engine oil, so must be power steering or auto-box fluid. Unfortunatly, the latter has no measuring tool. I've looked underneath, and the leak appears to be coming from up above the starter solenoid area, but it is impossible to be sure as the leak travels with the wind etc as we drive along. Does anybody know where i should look to check for leaks from the power steering system and auto box?
    The leak is not significant, but I'm worried damage might be done if the levels fall too low. The power steering dip-stick showed a small drop of oil missing, but nothing too significant.
    Are these engines renowned from auto-box and power sterring leaks?
    Thanks for any help here.
  • I had the same problem but what i notice is - it is the way i park the car in my yard. It's strange...
  • wolferwolfer Posts: 1
    I need to replace the 2.3 liter Quad 4 engine in my 1995 Grand AM. Does anyone know where I can find one at a reasonable price? I've found one with 100,000 miles and they wanted $1,000 for it. Surely there is a better deal out there, but where?
  • rodanrodan Posts: 1
    Have you found the culprit for the noise you were investigating?
  • Sorry i found this group kinda late but saw this post and wanted to comment. Yes i've had this problem too (still dealing with it)on my wife's grand am. It's a 94 se but basically the same deal, bad vibration from front end. When it got real bad on the right i replaced the strut (everything but the coil spring) even replaced the mount along with the bearing plate, etc. Replaced the whole thing on left side a few days later. about two weeks before that i replaced both rotors with new, and all brake pads. It still vibrates! although it is much quieter (haha). I'm at a loss too as what it is but by looking at what i did you may get an idea of what it's not. Or have you fixed it in this time?
  • cricket2cricket2 Posts: 16
    Yes for the most part. I had my left strut replaced that was leaking fluid. Also replaced the right strut mount (because it was making the most noise). Also while having my tires rotated during an oil change, they broke the stud on my left tire and broke the lug nut on another stud. They were going to charge me $60 labor to repair it. So I bougth them myself at .98 cents and my trusty mechanic put everything on. I'm still hearing on the right front when I ride over rough road like the strut is bottoming out so I think it will need to be replaced soon too. But at least it's a lot quieter than before sounding like the front end was falling out.
  • cricket2cricket2 Posts: 16
    Yes somewhat! My mechanic put a new left strut on and a right strut mount. Both were bad. It has alleiviated a lot of the noise however, I feel the right strut is going bad also. It bottms out when riding on rough road. One thing at a time I guess.
  • cricket2cricket2 Posts: 16
    I had the same problem trying to figure out how to get the headlamp out to replace it. I have a 99 Grand Am SE. Under the hood, there should be a shield over the radiator all the way across. Pull it up and there is a metal piece I think behind the lamp. Take a screwdriver and force it upward. That should release the headlight so you can get to the turn signal lamp. Hope this helps.
  • Glad you got most of it fixed cricket. Hmmmm... lug nuts,eh? I got one missing on the right cause i had to replace the stud too(tire shop stripped that one). I just didn't think one missing would cause it to do that, meaning the wheel was vibrating? As for the noise you still have, even though i replaced both struts with brand new ones including the upper mounts / bearing plate,etc. it still makes some "clunking" or at least a soft "thud" type noise. I feel it may be some old rubber bushings on the stabilizer bar or underneath somewhere so i'm not worried about that, my role as a MECHANIC? now that's another story.
  • cricket2cricket2 Posts: 16
    Ditto on the clunking but I'll take less than more.
  • I have put a gallon of gas in the tank and it turns over but never catches. What do I need to do to get running again?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If your on an incline or the car isn't level, one gallon may not be enough. Does the fuel pump run when you turn the key to the on position?
  • :cry: Can someone please help me?
    I bought a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am with 90k miles on it for $1000.00 about 6 months ago. Since I have made this haunting mistake, it has been in the shop 6 different times, spending about $2000.00 . I noticed a few weeks ago that the low coolant light kept going, there was a leak coming from the passenger front end and the thermostat would go into the red. I brought it to a new garage to get it fixed. They installed a new water pump and thermostat ($600.00). I went to pick it up today, and on the way home I noticed the low coolant light was still on and it was running past 220, but not quite in the red. I took it back to the shop and they told me that there may be some air bubbles and to let it run a bit and they should come out. I went home, let it sit for about 3 hours and took it for a road test. I first drove through town, 35-45 mph, still over 220 but not in the red. I took it on the highway, the second I sped up, it went below 220 then slowly crept up to just below the red. It doesn't seem to go in the red, but for $600.00, I am not impressed!!! Please somebody help me figure out what is wrong with my car! The techs can't!
    Thank you,
    rezn8princess :cry:
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