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Pontiac Grand Am



  • rhonda4rhonda4 Posts: 1
  • vern2vern2 Posts: 6
    Yours sounds like a crankshaft sensor, it's a pain in the neck to get to. It won't let your car star if it doesn't pick up, there is also a switch on the oil pan for oil level, it may be malfunctioning. Mine will start it just won't run good, has a bad miss and the EST light comes on immediately after I star the thing, not sure what to do about it. Hope this helps you out.
  • bmayobmayo Posts: 1
    I have a 98 grand am it ran fine for the first year i owned it. Then the prolbems started. First, the brakes then the Ignition Switch and now it will crank but not turn over I thought it was the fuel pump so I replaced it that wasn't it. It has a theft system I was wondering if that could be the prolbem. When I go to start the car the theft light stays on and it won't let me move the gear shifter. Could some one please help me................... :(
  • vern2vern2 Posts: 6
    Somewhere on this site there is a article on the anti thief, and a procedure on how to get yours keys out of the ignition, the radio to work, and the rest of the anti thief system, I'm not sure where I saw it but, it's here. As far as the not starting, that could be a may things. There is the crankshaft sensor, the ignition module, there is a switch on the oil pan, and there is a fuse for the ignition module. That is all I think of right now, check the obvious, and see what you can come up with. I have to take my to a shop to have put on the "super computer" to find out what is going on with. I have put 4 control modules, checked/tested all the sensors that my book tells me, replaced ignition coils, spark plugs, and still can not get this thing on the road.
    Hope this gives you some hope, look around cause I know I saw the anti thief article on this site somewhere.
  • deadenddeadend Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Grand Am GT with the cd/cassette receiver with equalizer, and a stock subwoofer. Now i have a 1000 watt subwoofer with amp in my other car and i was wonder if i could switch it into my Grand Am without too much hassle (i.e. do i have to buy a new receiver to install a non stock sub). Detailed instructions would be appreciated.
  • check your heater core it might be bad that happened in my GA and it took a while to figure out
  • Can someone please help me figure out what is wrong with my car! I have a 95 Pontiac grand am se v6. When you turn the key the lights on the dash come on, but there are no clicks or noises, it will not turn over. I had a mechanic tell me that the problem was the neutral safety switch, so I had it replaced, that didn't fix it! I know that the starter is still good, so what else could it be?? If anyone has any ides on what might be wrong with my car, I would appreciate the help!! Thank you
  • gigingigin Posts: 8
    sounds like TCC solonoid [torque converter clutch sol.] sol. is located in side cover of transmission .
  • gigingigin Posts: 8
    might be in the factory secuity system.
  • Please help/give advice

    I have 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L V6 with 71K miles. When i'm driving for a long period of time the car will cut off. When it cuts off the battery light comes on along with the oil light (i think this is natural because the car has cut off) It then has to coast over to the side of the road. I try restarting the car and it doesn't turn over. I have to wait about 10 minutes and then it turns over fine. My Battery charge is fine, my friend is a GM mechanic and listened to the alternator (by putting a screwdriver with his ear to it) and said it was fine.
    The symptoms before cutting off is that about a minute before the car cuts off it stops responding, i step on the gas and it gives me little if any power to the engine. Also, recently my A/C and Heat won't work unless i turn the knob to 3, it doesn't work on 1 or 2 but works on settings 3-5 fine. I'm thinking it may be my fuel filter but i just had that replaced 6 months ago.
    If i drive the car steady for about 40 minutes it cuts off, it seems to not cut off as much if I drive at a slow pace, accelerating slowly and barely going the speed limit.
    I don't know what to do?! I'm trying to get some advice, I don't want to take it to the dealership without some advice, because they will try alot of everything and fix a lot of nothing, then charge me for it.
  • vern2vern2 Posts: 6
    If anyone has been reading these post on the 96 Grand AM, you know that I have had a hard time trying to get it fixed. Well I have gone through 4 IDI Modules, 2 sets of plugs, and 3 sets of coils. I did have a bad coil for #2 cylinder , it shares with #4, replaced it. We then changed the IDI control module (4 times) and then back to the coils again. I just kept getting faulty parts, finally I got good parts and it runs now. Just remember that if it's new doesn't mean that it's good. Be careful when you buy parts and if possible have them tested before leaving the store. I had a terrible time with this. It is on the road now, and it seems to be fine.
  • dcox2dcox2 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my 99 Grand Am GT. The low coolant light comes on but the reservoir is full of coolant and the tension belt or pulley makes a loud screeching noise when I turn on the car and keeps screeching throughout my whole ride. Also one of pins for my brake caliber is broken will that affect my brakes. Please help if someone can :sick:
  • shellcshellc Posts: 2
    one month ago i bought a 97 pontiac grand am that month it's died 4 times, mostly when backing out of a parking space, it would start, back up, and as soon as i put it in drive it would die, then it would start back up, no problem. well,the next time it didnt want to start back up, finally it did. so i took it to the mechanic, he said" no codes were showing up" so all he did was clean my air idol control, this was thurs. am. i left the shop, got to work, my car died as soon as i pulled into the parking spot. now today , after work, it took a while to get my car started, the check engine light stayed on , i made it home, now my car wont start at all. can anybody please help me?
  • ross6ross6 Posts: 1
    I hear yah!! I have a 1996 Grand - Am with over 322,000 clicks. It has served its purpose but I would never buy another grand - am or a north american car for that matter.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    There's so many things that can cause this to happen it's impossible to know. I hate to say this but you need to have a competent mechanic who is knowledgable on the car diagnose the problem, which for many of us usually means a trip to the dealer. If this is a quad 4 engine (don't remember if a 4 cyl. was available in 97 on a GT or not) then I would recommend it for almost all engine related repairs, since the quad 4 was and is still not well understood by a lot of private repair shops.
  • shellcshellc Posts: 2
    Thank you for your reply, the car is in the shop now, for the third day, they believe it is the -PCM-, some sort of computer trauma, I am told. You are correct, the car is a 4 cyl. I feel as if i've made a good choice by using this repair shop. Once again, Thank you for your reply, any information is highly appreciated!
  • sleepy01sleepy01 Posts: 2
    i have taken my grand am up to 89 mph but that is when it was stock now i am taking it over 150 mph but the is only if you add performance parts
  • sleepy01sleepy01 Posts: 2
    well i fixed up my grand am so it is the fastest grand am in town so as you can tell i have worked alot on it i know alot about cars and motors and stuff like that so i know what parts are very good and some that are good so yeah i was able to keep up with the evo lancer8 all the way but i couldent beat him so that just showes you how much HP my car has
  • I have an 86 grand am 4cyl.automatic. Has been running great till i noticed the smell of leaking water coming through the vents on the interior, when i turn on the fan. I have tracked the leak to a rubber L-shaped hose coming from the firewall just underneath a shock looking thing , i assume is part of the steering stabilization. When i run the engine and it heats up, coolant comes out of the L-shaped rubber hose. Can anyone tell me what causes this ? And how to fix it without having to goto the shop. Thanks
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That shock thing is the steering rack. The hoses underneath it go to the heater core, which is probably leaking, since you can smell coolant when the fan is running. More than likely it's the core leaking, but's there a very slim possibility that it's one of the hoses leaking into the core housing. You can fix it yourself, but it's a big job, you will need to take a lot of the dash apart to get access.
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