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GMC Terrain Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
Tell us about shopping for your Terrain!

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  • I'm in Cincinnati and need to find a decent dealer within 50 mi. Looking for a price on an AWD, SLT-2 Terrain preferrably with the V-6

  • Me and my wife live in central florida, and we have been looking at terrains among other vehicles and supplies are tight one dealer,has maybe 3,and this dealer has in the past had a large inventory of all gmc and buick makes,i also have not seen very many on the road either so perhaps it may be a bit before supplies loosen
  • Bought my GMC Terrain SLT1 in Bossier City, Louisiana at Mike Morgan. Great car. Paid 25,000 for it

    Discounts - GM Employee Pricing, Trade, $500 off for agreeing not to take it back in 60 days
  • I'm in the Cinti area too. Having the same issues with dealers. Fiehrer and Borcherding are both unsure. I'm looking for a SLE-2 AWD with the 6 cyl in Carbon Blk.
  • I plan on looking at these as soon as there are some incentives. It is only a matter of time I figure before they start to offer them.
  • Yesterday I decided to head down to my local GMC dealer to take a look at one since he had one in stock. Online it said it didn't have all the options I wanted but I was only checking out the interior and styling. When I got there I saw that it was the exact model I built the other day. I took a test drive and was sold on it.

    It is the 4cyl FWD 4dr SLE-2 with remote start package and moon roof. I had supplier pricing through my credit union so it was $100 over "invoice." $1500 worth of rebates also for not taking the test drive and having a Chrysler.

    Very happy with it so far
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Have GMC made a mess of this!!! I have been shopping around Florida for one of three colors and what a problem. Everyone is telling me "No stock" "More in March" The vehicles they have are what probably people don't want, 6cyl's, black on black, all wheel drive. The cars that people may buy are marked up with all the crooked add on's like paint sealant, pinstripe. If the cars are built requiring a sealant GMC should do something about it. I am looking for a 4cl fwd Gold Mist with light titanium trim SLT2. If you se one that is not marked up let me know. My last Toyota with all the extras the distributor adds on put me off them until their pricing changes.
  • my purchasing of the 2010 terrain was a little crazy. however i STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT TAKE THE $500 customer 60 days. if there is something wrong with it and you will have to go through the lemon law in order to get a new terrain, trade, return, etc.
    after all the trouble i went through with my terrain i still LOVE my terrain!!! :blush:
  • It is my understanding that the 60 day return no longer applies.
  • I am going to start looking for a 2010 Terrain. Looking for a FWD with all options. What can I expect to pay ?? No one who has posted has said what the paid.
    I currently have a 2004 AWD Toyota Highlander that has been the best car I have ever owned, but I really like the looks of the Terrain. Any feedback would be welcome.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    GM seems to always miss the boat.
    Where are the Terrains?? If you don't want black or a six cylinder then they are like hens teeth down in SW Florida.
    Once you start chasing then the price goes up.
  • I am going to start looking for a 2010 Terrain. Looking for a FWD with all options. What can I expect to pay ??

    My local dealer is discounting about $900 off sticker for a SLE1 AWD and $1327 off an SLT2 AWD....i would think a FWD would be a little less, maybe not!?
    I'm in north central PA.
  • In Phila area. Hard to find these vehicles. What gives ??
  • dzjdzj Posts: 1
    I am in Texas and I want black and 6 cylinder and there are none to be found. There only seems to be 6 within 200 miles of Houston. I guess I will just have to wait, since I can't even get my dealer to take a order.
  • I'm looking for the Feburary money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease. Looking to purchase this weekend.
  • In Dallas and also had the same issue. Was able to find a dealer that had allocation to order one (back on 1/7) . . . Target Production Week of 2/22 so the wait is almost over.

    Also there is a conquest that is valid on the Terrain (not the Toyota one):

    $1000 Current Owners/Lessees of 1999 or newer Chrysler (not Dodge or Jeep), Acura, Lexus or Infiniti Car or Truck get the extra rebate toward Purchase or lease: Not required to trade qualifying vehicle. May be transferred to member of household. Expires 3-31-2010
  • We recently purchased a Mocha Steel Metallic with Jet Black Cloth SLE-2 with Convenience Package, 18 inch wheels, and Nav System for 26882 + TTL (27882 - 1000 Acura Conquest Incentive). Total out the door was 28855.2 This was an order and not purchased on the lot which is why I expected we were able to receive any discounts off price.
  • vicjorvicjor Posts: 8
    Baylorpaul, you got one great deal, we got the same car (color option of $175.00) and yours was $500 less plus they gave you a navi for free (that option was 3K).

    SLE-2, Convenience PKG, 18" wheels in Carbon Black for 28,500.00 sticker was 29,330.00. (USAA $750.00 discount not included pricing as well as GM points from CC). Great dealership on Long Island - Van Buren GMC in Garden City Park, NY a pleasure to work with did everything over the phone. Picking the GMC Terrain up Tomorrow Morning.
  • lynnminnylynnminny Posts: 49
    You are lucky to get a discount!! We were at a dealer in Mpls yesterday and they are charging full MSRP. Also-- if you want a certain color or model, they said we would have to order and wait 6-8 weeks as they are in short supply and other dealers are not willing to trade vehicles with them.
  • lewbie43lewbie43 Posts: 6
    I have a 2010 Terrain SLE-2 w/ std eqpt AND convenience pkg (remote start and heated front bucket seats. Bought in Nov and has only 5400 miles. 2.4L 4-cyl 6-speed auto. Color is Merlot Jewel Metallic w/ light titanium premium interior. This is my first SUV and I have concluded that an SUV is not for me. MSRP is $27,135. If you would be interested, I would consider selling for $2,000 under MSRP. Of course, we would have to work out how to get it to you, etc. We can continue this off-line. my email at hotmail is "economist01"
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