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GMC Terrain Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Working with a dealership to get me a SLT 1 AWD 4 cyl. He is searching for the color that I want. The cost is $30k. Thoughts? Thanks.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited March 2010

    If any help, this is a lightly different trim: Shopping for a friend in SoCal SLT1 FWD w/ V6 and power lift gate , dealer's asking 29000+tax&ttl

    Why would you need AWD anyway? This vehicle is way over-weighted GrossWeight over 5000 lbs!

    V6 engine is average with up hills and acceleration. RPM offen rev between 3000-4500 (similar to vtec) in normal red lights stop and go/ highway merging and 60-70 passing.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited March 2010
    Got a quote for a SLT-1 FWD V6 with leather , power lift gate, sunroof, cargo management package for $29,250. Is it an ok deal? We told another dealer, they say that they would try to work out something by tomorrow. So we expect lower than 29000.

    FYI: Some dealers are offering cash back $750 - $2000 due to the end of 1st quarter 2010 and tax season.
  • skygalskygal Posts: 1
    The dealer could not find the Terrain I wanted within 300 miles of the dealership so I ordered it about a month ago. So far no "build date" as yet. Is this normal or is the production of this vehicle behind? I ordered the SLT2 , with 3.0 engine, FWD in Summit white with navigation. I also ordered the Titanium grey interior. I am in So. Calif. My dealership had quite a few Terrains but mostly the 2.4 and only black interiors. I have also seen very few of them on the road out here...maybe two. I am beginning to think of it as the phantom car that doesn't really exist beyond the showroom.
  • Is anyone buying the 2011 Terrain at invoice before any rebates, just wondering? I live southwest of Chicago.
  • We would like to lease a 2011 GMC Terrian SLT2FWD. The sticker price is $32540. Never leased before and would like to know what the lease would be for 36 months.
  • DO NOT BUY A GMC TERRAIN!!!!!!! The car is sexy and drives OK but the V6 has little power and I've had several trips back to dealer because of mechanical problems. Not to mention the best gas mileage you will get is around 25-27mph highways instead of the advertised 32mph.

    I've had my new 2011 GMC Terrain SLT FWD for a total of 24 days and 1,000 miles and the Service Engine Light (SEL)came on. I took it back to the dealer and they fixed it after a few days saying "Found lean codes in memory. Inspected Engine for vacuum leak. Found Dip Stick Tube not sealed properly. repaired and road tested vehicle." I asked the service tech if they have seen a lot of Terrains back in for repairs and of course he said no I just happen to be unlucky. I drove the car for another 19 days and ~700 miles and the SEL came on AGAIN. The vehicle is back in the shop and it's been over two days and I am still waiting for the shop to call. If must get this car make sure to get the extended warranty because you will need it.

    I should have known GM = Government Motors and it would function the same as our government - IT DOESN'T!
  • automan17automan17 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    you complain about not getting the advertised 32 mpg yet your terrain only has 1,000 miles on it?!? Do you realize that the engine and power train needs time to break in. Not to mention the advertised 32 mpg's is for the 2.4L 4-Cylinder, not the V6. But, with any new vehicle, until you reach 3,000-5,000 miles you should not expect to be averaging the advertised mpg's. Also, the Service Engine Light (SEL) with lean codes in memory is caused by YOU not tightening the fuel cap correctly. It amazes me how SLOW people can be, this is why there are so many people driving around aimlessly on the roads, la deda deda! PAY ATTENTION iiichicago!!!
  • fedor2fedor2 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I have read some complaints about lack of fuel economy; I too have been disapointed, puzzeling since I had a 2010 rental for awhile which got excellent mileage. It was an AWD 4 cykinder and I got about twenty-seven mpg at seventy-five mph plus country driving, OK by me!
    I checked with the service manager where I bought my 2011 vehicle and it turns out there is a service bulletin about reprograming the mileage computer; that the information center may be reading one to three miles per gallon less than the actual mileage.
  • mkomenmkomen Posts: 1
    Have been contemplating the purchase of a Terrain , mostly due to mpg it is supposedly suppose to get. Seen the message boards,reviews and discussions on mpg. Curious to know if anyone has actually done the math, that is total miles on trip meter for a full tank divided by gallons to fill tank as opposed to just relying on what the Terrain's computer/display is telling you..
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    I have done the math a few times for longer trips. As always ones driving habits and driving conditions can make a large difference. One recent trip was 380 miles, 16.468 Gals = 23.07MPG (while highway miles, some hilly terrain involved). Last week a trip to Maine from Connecticut yielded 526.8 miles 19.819 Gals = 26.05 MPG (kind of surprised me even though it was mostly flat territory). On the trip to maine I kept cruise on between 56-58 MPH and A/C was an off and on thing. This is with the AWD V6 rated at 22 MPG highway.

    For the last 3500 miles or so since I reset the computer the puter tells me its averaging 23.6. Total miles on the odo is just over 7000.
  • We just bought a Terrain SLE-2 V6 cloth, nav + sunroof + convenience package + 18" wheels + trailer hitch for $30898 + ttl in Dallas , TX.

    Invoice was 30408 including destination + ttl. They charged us $490 for regional ad & dealer ad fees. They threw in wheel locks and tint on front windows + one extra tank of gas in the future. Still feel a bit ripped off......What do you think, ok deal ?
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