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Buick Century



  • artwisartwis Posts: 66
    with our new 2002 Century paint. Go to the dealer he bought it from and see how they prepare the cars for delivery. Those scratches may have come from being buffed with an electric buffer. The guys that get the cars ready for delivery don't seem like the sharpest needles in the pack in my opinion.
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    I was considering a Century last fall and took it for a test ride. I liked it, but noticed the rep put the magnetic license plate on the top of the trunk. When re removed it, it dragged it, creating som long, fine scratches. You could only see it in the bright light, but it turned me off that he could be so careless.
  • gmusic7gmusic7 Posts: 42
    I originally wanted to rent an Impala but the rental place didn't have one. I decided to settle with what they had available which was a Century with 5700 miles.

    I drove down to L.A. with my wife and my dad. Some positives: Very quiet and comfortable interior, decent space for 4 people, smooth ride, good power from the quiet engine and incredible fuel mileage...33 miles per gallon driving at a steady 70 mph.

    Some negatives: No tachometer (only because the other cars I drive have tachs), the volume is weird when playing a cassette. At a certain point of the volume knob, one notch (detent?) louder and suddenly it's too loud. And the gaps in the steering wheel where the upper and lower sections meet the center part are just too large as if it didn't fit.

    Overall, we were very happy with the car. I'm only 30 yrs old so I'm really curious as to how Buick Regal might be compared to the Century.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    You wrote: I'm really curious as to how Buick Regal might be compared to the Century.

    It is easy to do. Just test drive one :-).

    However, it can be addictive. We bought Regal GS after test driving. Took 5 minutes for cooling, and put our deposit.

    There is substantial difference between LS and GS, though. GS accelerates much faster.

    By the way, GM used to send $40 or $50 cash cards just for visiting dealership and test-driving.
  • goatmealgoatmeal Posts: 11
    I have a 2000 Century and notice a ticking in the engine when it is cold. I went to the dealer and looked at tsb 010601010A on his computer.
    It is for engines with the J designation. [the eighth digit in the VIN ]
    It says that the ticking starts 15 or 20 seconds after starting a cold engine. It says to replace the pistons on the affected engines.
    It also states that this is a customer satisfaction issue and will not affect the longevity of the engine. I am to drop off the car tommorow night so that they can listen to it in the morning when it is cold. The car runs good and uses no oil. I cannot hear the ticking from inside of the car so maybe it is not worth pursuing. Anybody have any ideas on this?
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    Are you sure it's the engine that is ticking? Could it be the stainless steel exhaust system?
  • goatmealgoatmeal Posts: 11
    I am sure it is the engine and from what I read it is a common problem.
  • artwisartwis Posts: 66
    The ticking is common on the 3.1 and 3.4 engines. Our 95 Lumina and also our 99 Venture did the ticking thing. The wife just bought a 2002 Century and it doesn't tick yet but it probably will. The ticking should only be there for a few seconds when the weather is cold. The colder the weather the longer the tick but in no case have any of our vehicles ticked for more that 45 seconds and that's in real cold weather. Don't worry about the ticking! I don't think any dealer will replace the pistons and if they do it still ticks according to a couple of posts I read some time ago. The wifes new Buick is so quiet inside I doubt if we will even hear it if it does start the tick thing.
  • goatmealgoatmeal Posts: 11
    I agree with you. The car is very quiet and a great ride. I cannot hear the ticking inside the car. I decided not to pursue the issue unless it gets worse. From what I read it is more of a problem in GMs V 8s.
  • artwisartwis Posts: 66
    We just went over the 2000 mile mark with the wifes Century SE. Last fill up showed 32.9 mpg. It should do even better when the weather warms up. This is a NICE car and with the rebates is less than a stripped Camry. Can't believe all the standard features on this car and then with the low priced SE package it's even better equiped. I see why there's not many posts on this particular forum, most everyone likes their Century!
  • artwisartwis Posts: 66
    Just took a trip with the wifes 2002 Century. MPG on last tank was 34.7 mpg. All interstate with 70+ mph speeds. I don't think it will ever do better than that!
  • valpojimvalpojim Posts: 1
    In post #240, johnlw mentioned that the first time he used the air conditioner of his new Century there was an odor. I test drove a Century and also smelled an odor when I turned on the A/C. It quickly disappeared, but I am concerned. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a first time use thing or does the smell return? Does anyone know what the cause might be? Thanks!
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I've always owned GM vehicles. My 01 Regal LS (3.8) gets 23 mpg in town only driving and I'm thrilled. I occasionally rent a GMC Savana van (305 V8) and it gets 23 mpg on the highway with a 500-800lb payload. My dad's 99 Venture (3.4) gets 26-29 mpg on the highway consistently. My neighbor won't discuss gas mileage... he owns a Ford.
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    I agree about the GM gas mileage. People like to carp about the old pushrod design, but they get better torque and mileage than the competition. I have especially been impressed with recent Century's and Impalas.

    Regarding the Air Conditioning smell upon startup, I have experienced the smell upon startup with virtually all makes of car I have driven...especially if it has not been used for awhile. It goes away very quickly and never indicated a problem.
  • johnlwjohnlw Posts: 28
    The car was new, and the smell is gone now. I like the way the car rides. My only problem is that the fabric on the passenger seat has two small holes. It has not been used roughly. Would this be a warranty item, or will the dealer blame it on wear and tear?
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Hi, I purchased a 2002 Buick Century and I have the concert sound II system with a cassette player am/fm when I use the radio it seems that i'm not hearing anything from anywhere but the front speakers, is there a button to get the rear speakers on? i checked the manual though it didn't seem to helpful. Also I didn't see many postings about the Buick Century, I take that as it must be a long lasting stable car.
  • jpelderjpelder Posts: 235
    You are right about the Century being a stable car. They are a very well kept secret, mostly because they are dismissed as an old person's car. I am 35 and almost bought one this year.

    It seems that they changed the radio knobs on the 2002, but the Fader control should still be labeled.

    I really miss the quiet buick ride. Let us know how you make out.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    I actually test drove the Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala, Chevy Malibu's and by far the Buick Century had the quietest ride and handled better, the Chevy Impala was nice though a much higher price than I wanted to spend. I'm 34 and bought one, so I guess its just not for the old folks anymore. :)
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Has anyone had rear brake squeals come and go on their Century? I've had my dealership adjust the rear brakes and road test and they still say the brakes are operating to specs, however I notice when I use the pedal lightly I get a rear screech/squeal noise, anyone have the same issue or problem? any solutions?
  • bsappbsapp Posts: 21
    I purchased a 1999 Century Limited new in Feb of 99 that had every factory option, leather,sunroof,dual power seats,electronic climate control, cd/cassette, concert 111, Onstar,self dimming rear view mirror and outside left mirror, well, everything and it was a major disappointment. The dashboard squeaked and rattled as well as the sunroof. One day going to work another car pulled in front of me and I braked hard enough to engage the ABS and from that day forward, the rear brakes made a clicking noise at low speeds. I could never use the passenger side windows on both right side doors because either they wouldn't work at all at times, or would go down and not come back up. I never took the car back to the dealer to repair the windows because I didn't want my pristine leather upholstery and door panels possibly damaged during the repair. I finally became fed up with the car when it started leaking oil quite heavily. The dealership told me the head would have to come off and it was a major repair. The car had 19,000 miles on it and was almost at the end of its 3 year warranty. Not wanting to be stuck with a car with problems, I traded it for a new 2002 Impala LS. So far, I'm very pleased with the Impala. A little disappointed in the Century, it was a beautiful car, gray with light gray leather. It always stayed garaged, the cd/cassette player had hardly been used and nobody had ever sat in the back seat and the right front seat didn't even have 2 hours of riding time. This was MY car and no one else rode in it if I could help it. Seeing it on the used car lot, somebody must have thought they were getting a very nice car.......................

    Bill Sapp
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