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Buick Century



  • My 99 Buick Century is revving really high when I start the engine. Then when I put the car in drive, the car just wants to go by its self, without me touch the gas peddle. If I shut the car off and restart it sometimes it drives normal. Other times I spend my commute on the brakes cause the car wants to increase speed without me touch the gas. I've changed the oil and add injection cleaner to the gas and nothing has changed. The car has 139,000 miles on it. Can someone please help? Why is this doing this and how can I fix it?


    Lucas :sick:
  • Mine failed at 32,000 miles. We all need to contact Buick Customer Care. Paying thousands for replacing parts they KNEW were defective borders on being criminal. They never recalled the car, but quietly changed the known defective part, when it should have been recalled. It's as though they're in the business of keeping their service departments in business with $1000 labor costs for each repair. I am so scared that something else will break that I'll be trading it in very soon..I think even a Kia might be more reliable. At least I won't be spending $26K for one.
  • Agree about contacting Buick customer care but probably useless. Buick has known about this issue for years and have done nothing. And why are US cars in trouble?
  • for me it was easy to change ,first you need to take off the belt the water pump is on the left side where the battery sit take the four bolts off the pully cover and there is three more on the water pump it self then pull it out don't for get to clean off the old gasket and put on a new one, it will be a new one in the box when you get it Good luck!
  • can you give a little more info on your car it can be alot of things for, one is it fuel injected ,do you have a misfire was the check engine light flashing if so you may need to go to the dealer for repairs it may be your computer i,m just giving you the maybe in this problem intake manifold gasket could be leaking and giving you the misfiring is there any antifreeze leaking under the car
  • dbloyedbloye Posts: 3
    I need to establish for insurance purposes the cost of a 1996 Buick Century Custom when new.
    Can anyone out there help? Thanks
  • 2003 Buick Century: can anyone tell me what the lines are near the oil pan and transmission pan. They snake back and forth and run up near the transmission pan. Are they transmission lines, or power steering lines?
  • 95 buick century 3.1 4t60e tranny need location of rear tranny mount and how to remove it.
  • Hello - Does anyone have this problem and know what is causing it and how to correct it.
    My 2003 buick century keeps getting water inside the tail lights. There aren't any cracks or anything obvious like that. Why is this happening and should I be concerned???
    Thanks for any advice, Deborah
  • The plastic behind the thin connector wires does not hold up well as the thin wires used as the lamp connectors heat up. The left signal and cornering light tend to stay on longer than the right while waiting to turn, so the plastic softens and the connector eases down into the plastic. I fixed mine by gently raising the wire and putting a small piece of metal tape behind it. The kind of metal tape used to seal ducts will work fine. Keep the piece small enough that it will not allow any chance of causing a short.
  • I had that same problem, and it continues on and off. its the throttle sticking. I sprayed some lube on it and it worked good as new again.
  • tlon7tlon7 Posts: 7
    My 95 Buick Centry ran great; never had more than typical maintenance, but the repair costs now are more than the car's value. Does anyone have extra carfax credits or other car history report credits I can use so I don't have to pay the fee?


    I'm going to assume the ride of the more recent models is as good as my old 95. It felt like I was coasting.
  • I have had the same problem. I think the water was condensation rather than a leak. There are small vents covered with beigh rubber caps. I removed the caps for more ventilation. I also drilled a 1/4" hole into the bottom of the backup light chamber to allow more ventilation, and less of a difference in temperature between the inside of the bulb chambers, and the outside. So far, no sign of water. I needed a new backup light socket when all this was through. I got an OEM socket through
  • My husband and I are getting ready to sell our 98 Buick Century before moving overseas. About 4 months ago the odometer/gear panel went out. Everything else, the speedometer, etc., is fine. For a few days it would appear briefly if I fiddled with the knob to dim the dash lights.

    I called a dealer and he said he would have to replace the instrument panel at an estimated cost of $600. The car is in fair condition at best and this is hardly worth it. It doesn't seem right that the whole instrument panel would have to be replaced....

    Anyway, it will be hard to sell the car without a working odometer, and it is too bad because the car only has about 120,000 miles.

    Any advice??
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