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Buick Century



  • Check the front end of the center armrest for the cupholder. Also some flip out from the top front of the center arm rest..
    Why are folks comparing the Grand Marquis and the Century. The Buick LeSabre is the direct comparison for the Grand Marquis. Shorter by 13 inches, 4 inches narrower and exactly the same interior space. Okay you give up 2 cubic feet of trunk space but the Grand Marquis has a big tire cut out in the trunk giving it an unhandy shape.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I have posted some inquiries regarding the Century comparison to Grand Marquis because that is what I drive now and am interested in getting a new ride next year - smaller and more fuel efficient but retaining the great highway cruising ride of the big Merc. Assuming you have a Century - how do you like yours for long road trips? Have you an opinion of the Century vs Regal LS? I am aware of the LeSabre and would consider that also - no choice made as yet.

    Turnpike Ken
  • I bought a new 2000 LeSabre in Jan of 2000. I have had no trouble with it whatsoever. I get 22mpg rural/city and an astounding 31mpg on straight interstate driving at 70-75mph. It is a very nice car.
    I drove both the Century and the Regal. They are on the same chassis and the big main differences with the century are bench seats only and a smaller 175hp 3.1 V/6. I was impressed with everything and thought the Limited with standard leather was a great value. The Regal is a Century with different front end, 3800 V/6 and bucket seats only. Other than that you can get pretty near the same options on either one. I did prefer the grunt of the 3800 V/6 in the Regal.
    Then we deceided to kick it up a notch and compared the LeSabre with the Grand Marquis. We deceided on the LeSabre after 3 back to back drives of both cars. If I had to pick between the Century and Regal I'd go with the Regal cause I like the power of the 3800 engine----the rest is cosmetics, you may like one front end better than the other. Good luck and test drive the heck out of them before you buy. Study consumer guides. I got $3000 off sticker (no trade in) because I knew the dealers cost.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Buick does have some interesting cars to look at. I think the LeSabre is a terrific car and certainly most closely matches the GM. The 3800 has been tried and true and if I go with the General this time, that's the motor I want. Leaves me to Regal or LeSabre then since Park is out of question now - too expensive and not the image I want. The GS is more to my liking this time out but the premim gas is out of the question. Regal LS looks good. Another viable option is a used low mile Riv - 98 or 99 for the depowered airbag. Not so crazy about a supercharger from the long-term reliability perspective but that is one classy ride - a shame they dropped it. I wonder if that superharged engine requires premium gas too.

    Actually, I kind of like the Olds Intrigue - great looking and the new V6 is doing fairly well. Too bad they have so many other ancillary problems as evidenced by the forum posters here. I'll be watching to see how the more recent buyers (2000 models) fare.

    Hope to wind up with a car that looks classy and rides smoothly with decent handling and economy for the many highway miles I drive without screaming AARP - after two Grand MArquis I'm ready for something a little less stodgy.

    Thanks for the response.

  • Thank you very much,occupant1.
    The price of this 99 Century is a good deal..
    I am just worry about its high miliage,
    71000 miles for about one and half year.
    It just looks like a man, keeping working
    every day and hardly taking a rest. Maybe
    one day this man will die. Anyway,thanks
  • Make sure you have the temperature set up for the passenger side as well as the driver side , if not you are dumping cold air into the passenger side of the car. My 99' century has a great heater so I'd bet your experience is not normal.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Have you considered a Chevy Impala???
    Definitely NOT stodgy - a little radical even in styling.

    We have an LS and I kind of like it. LS does not ride as smooth as a Regal OR Century - both of which I have test driven a few times.
    LS suspension is stiffer - like a sports car.

    Base model Impala is supposed to be softer riding.

    The Century is very nimble and attractive - quiet,
    comfortable and smooth. Although my Impala is quicker, the Century moved just fine. I actually like it better than the Regal LS. GS with 91 octane gas was out of the question - overkill.

    Although I like the look and all the bells and whistles of the Impala LS a little better, the slightly smaller Century was cushier and easier to drive and park in tight situations - much like a Camry - only better. On the open highway though, the Impala LS is super and its crash test ratings are better. LS MSRP fully loaded: just over $25K.

    Both are good cars. Just a matter of personal preference.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    back in the summer - wonderful drive - firm but comfortable. The styling of the rear is a bit over the top IMO but the front is better and the car looks great in that navy blue color with tan leather. Interior was great with exception of OBNOXIOUS plastic door handles that have hard edges and looked CHEAP. I love the elegant look of the Accord's chrome treatment there.

    My first car was a then 8 yr old 65 Impala hardtop so this car brings back many great college memories (except for a certain flat tire on the Cross Bronx Expressway with fully loaded trunk - never changed a tire so fast in my life!)

    I'll have to reaquaint myself with this car though, for as you say, it is a great bang for the buck - and comes with the 3800 engine that can't be beat. Looking at cars is always fun for me - glad to be taking my time in this process.

    Thanks for the post

    Turnpike Ken
  • I worked for a GM dealership for 4 years as a light duty mechanic in the early 90s'. All the time that I was there I never saw a Buick Century in for any major repairs. Are the 2001 Buick Centurys as reliable- I want a car that I can drive for a long time. I like the newer styling and do not think the body style is "stodgy" by any means.
  • my mother's 1995 Century 2.2 liter finally developed a head gasket leak at 142,000 miles. Those 2.2 engines leak externally so her car doesn't get hot but it does leak coolant down the side of the block. If the car was under 100K the repair would be free but Bob Daniels Buick of Columbus Ohio was kind enough to not charge for the parts. Of course the labor was almost $400 but it was a nice gesture. She still loves her car. Dad still loves his 1992 Century now at 161,000 miles and it has the 2.5 engine. My 1988 Century is still awaiting a parking brake cable so I can pass inspection and buy plates.
  • I have a '99 Century Custom with a little under 36,000 miles. Recently I've noticed (with the cold weather & all) that when I start the car & turn on the defrost I hear a moderately loud knock. It appears to be coming from the dashboard region. I'm taking it in tomorrow morning, still have a little over 100 miles til the warranty wears out. Has anyone else come across this problem...if it is indeed a problem. By the way, I'm in my early twenties and love the Century, it's a smooth car for a reasonable price:)
  • Leased a 98 Century without a great deal of shopping or researching. I travel alot and have sampled many rental cars - Camrys, Accords, Taurus, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I drove the Century. In my opinion it stacks up very well against all of the above cars... and the price is considerably less for similarly equipped cars.
    I've put on 48K over the past three ears with NO problems. I'm returning the leased car in January and will pick up a new 2001 Century Special Edition lease. I really love the Century.
  • jdinstljdinstl Posts: 10 bushel.

    I recently purchased a 2000 Regal, that had to go into the body shop for a bumper scrape, courtesy of someone in my apartment complex. During the two days in the shop, I had a 2001 Century to cruise around in.

    Why would anyone want to buy, say a Ford Taurus when Century is available? I was really inmpressed with this car. The 3.1 motivated the car admirably, the ride was absolutely wonderful.

    I understand that Century and Regal are basically the same car, but this Century felt larger than my Regal -- probably due to my Regal's sunroof and console.

    This was an excellent car, I was extremely impressed. With a vehicle like this on the road, Buick should have more market share!!!

  • We plan to purchase a Buick Century, 1995, with 47K miles. It is offered by a dealer in central Ohio. The original owner bought it from the dealer and traded in at same dealer for a new Buick. We have a copy of the maintenance records for the car. The car looks immaculate and runs well.

    Is $8500 a fair price, with 30 day warranty and no other maintenance agreement?

    I heard that Buick 3.1 Liter engines at that time had a really horrible engine and then later a re-designed that was okay. Any comments on this??
  • Where did you hear that the 3.1 liter engine is so bad? I have heard the opposite. I have a 96 Chevy Lumina with the 3.1 and 111k miles and it is still tight and does not use any oil. If you are worried about the car, have a mechanic check it out.
  • The earlier 3.1 was an updated version of the 2.8 that was on the X-cars (Citation, Skylark, Omega) back in 1980. It was not a great engine. The newer 3.1 debuted in the Lumina in 1995. I don't think there's much connection between the two engines except their size. The Century's 3.1 has since been upgraded to 175 hp in 2000 (up from 160). You can find other technical information at this link:
  • I purchased my Buick April on '99. I have driven 23,000 miles with mileage averaging between 19 and 28. No service calls other than one minor anti lock recall for a grounding strap. My low tire light came on, I stopped and looked and all looked fine so, reset light. Next morning had a flat. When light comes on get tire shop to look at reason. I was 80 miles from home and drove on freeway with a large arrowhead shaped rock in tire. When light came on I was by a tire shop. Learned a lesson. One guy I talked to at the bowling alley said his tire light has been on for 1 year. Had tires taken off and checked etc. I forgot to offer to reset light for him. Any other problems with EM tires?
    I had an '87 Century Limited 3.8 for 5 years. The repairs cost me more than making payments for the '99. Was a lemon. Only 85 for speed limit. '99 is 120 +. Been to 100 and it drives like 60. Great handling car. More later.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Hard to believe the Century, as sold in USA, will make 120 mph. At least, the top speed of Regal (LS and GS) is governed at about 108-115 mph.

    Century and Regal could run faster, but with higher rated tires, different programming and, possible, other slight modifications.
  • We have had a problem with the wipers stopping in the up position. it is the second time it has happened and our dealer wants to charge us 600$ we were outraged since it was not the first time. Since it has happened twice, we feel it should be repaired free. they charged us 81.00 just to look at it!!!!
  • turbov6turbov6 Posts: 2
    Also had lifter noise at cold startup on 2000 century,going to the shop tomorrow to check it out,had a problem with a Regal before it was the Brake rotors warped at 15,000mi.Posted on the main Buick page,but they didn't have a response for the problem.
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