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Infiniti G35 G37 Car Washes, Waxes, & Care



  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    And it seems odd no Infinitis are using the scratch shield in 2010{as far as I can tell} and infiniti won't say why.
  • This guy lives in Tennessee but can ship nationwide. He also is a supplier of Zaino products. It's basically him and his wife running a side business, but the products I've gotten from him are high quality. I use the 20 x 14 cotton towels for washing (CDT4 on the order form), and the 20 x 28 (CDT2) for drying and wax removal (even though, as I mentioned above, I am starting to utilize some microfiber products. I think the thick cotton does an even better job of drying than the waffle weave microfiber towels). The finger towels (FAP) are like small wash mitts that fit over 4 fingers...good for washing wheels, exhaust tips, etc.

    link to order form
  • I ran across a recent post that indicated at least some of the 2010 models sold in Canada will have ssp, though I can't confirm this.
  • the other day i did a stupid thing. i was at the gas station pumping fuel, and i decided to clean the windows down with a squeegee. i got some water on the car, so i took the 'seemingly soft' paper towel they provide, and gently wiped the surface dry. lo and behold, i saw swirl marks where i had done the deed. i was so beside myself because i have had the car only what, 2 or 3 weeks, had done numerous pain-staking details and had applied 4 coats of sealants, only to do something stupid like use a non-microfiber cloth.

    well, this story has a happy ending. turns out, after a few hours, i noticed the swirl marks had disappeared. i assume the heat from the engine encouraged the scratch shield to do its job, b/c this happened at night and there was no sun to hasten the ssp.

    while this may seem like a testament to ssp, and the technology did work as advertised, i wonder if this whole experience could have been avoided with regular paint?
  • Just checking in to see how you made out with the Zaino????
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    Is there some site that has the right info on waxing and detaining scratch shield paint? Infiniti was no help.
  • On the G37, I found quite a few small waterspots on the upper surfaces after washing/drying, so I decided to give the Zaino AIO (all in one) a try. I had just used this product for the first time on my '07 Honda Accord (whose paint had been neglected as of late) and was very impressed with it. Any abrasives in it are very fine and will not cause any swirling in the is more of a chemical cleaner. Took the water spots right off. In the future, I will also use this for spot cleaning bug splats and bird poop. It is important to get these off of the paint as soon as possible as they can cause permanent damage. Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently remove as much as possible, then the Zaino AIO with a soft dry microfiber cloth to remove any remaining residue.

    I then applied 2 coats of Z2 (enabled with ZFX). After removing each coat of Z2, I followed with a Z6 wipedown. I then tried the Zaino Z-CS clear seal for the first time and I like it. Very easy to apply...just wipe on (VERY sparingly) and let it dry. Finally, a quick wipe down with Z8 Grand Finale...the car now glows! The overall feel of the paint is fairly slick, but maybe not as slick as on other cars I have used Zaino on...must be the Infiniti paint.

    As hesaid had noted earlier, Zaino removal (AIO, Z2, etc) did seem more difficult on the Infiniti paint. As I have mentioned previously, I usually use the 100% cotton towels to remove Zaino, but it took more effort this time around. I ordered several of the Perfect Shine microfiber buffing cloths from, and found that these made the removal much easier. I will now use the smaller cotton towels for washing, the larger cotton towels for drying, and microfiber for wax removal and glass care. Here is a link to the microfiber cloths...very high quality, very soft, and they are hemmed in microfiber instead of polyester thread so the edges will not scratch either (and no, I do not have any affiliation with the company!).

  • I think you're at the right place! Just use your favorite car wash solution and wax, and use either 100% cotton cloths (made in USA only), or high quality microfiber (not the ones you find in Wal-Mart, etc) for washing and waxing.
  • Hey, pkhoopes, I have been using the AIO as well. Do you find that the Z2 provides a better shine/seal? I still have quite a bit left, but switched to the AIO for ease of use (no mixing). And agree that the Z8 really makes a difference, had been finishing with Z6 but now always do a final coat with the Z8.

    And thanks for the link!
  • It's hard to make an objective comparison of the actual 'degree of shine' between the AIO and Z2, but I think that I would give the nod to the Z2. As far as sealing, I think they both work well. I was not originally planning on using the AIO on my new G37 since I knew the paint was in good shape already and knowing that the AIO contains mild abrasives. However, when I discovered the small water spots, I decided to give the AIO a try (knowing that it was safe to use on new paint having just tried it on my Honda), and it worked well. I did use the zfx since I was going to be applying 2 coats of Z2 back to back, but of course you can just apply the Z2 by itself if you have plenty of drying time available.

    I have a feeling that the AIO and Z2 will have similar durability (I usually get 3-4 months with Z2 before I notice the water drops are not beading as well). My original hope was to use the new (for me) Z-CS Clear Seal all by itself and save myself some work, but in the end I think that a few coats of Z2, followed by a coat of Z-CS, and topped with Z8 gives the best overall shine/durability performance. The Z-CS is very easy to use and is supposed to have even greater durability than Z2/Z5. I will probably just use the AIO once a year for a good cleaning of the paint, and as I mentioned before it makes a good spot cleaner for stains caused by bugs, bird poop, etc.
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    Has anyone with Scratch Shield Paint waxed it or had it detailed? I'd like to know how the stuff is holding up ad if you like it.
  • I purchased my 2009 G37 sedan, obsidian black, 3/30/09. I use the paint sealant from Girot's Garage, helps keep down the swirls. Easy to put on, about 30 minutes to do the whole car. I use Meguiars 3 step -1.cleaner, 2.polish and 3. Carnuba Wax. Takes awhile, but it does a fantastic job on the black paint. I am a little obsessive about maintaining the car. I use Simichrome polish on my chrome tips and polish the connections to the muffler. I use Mother's back to black and Meguiars rubber cleaner on the under the hood hoses. Hope this helps. I do have what appear to be water marks under the clear coat and I am working with the dealer to see if he can correct the problem. This is the 1st black car I have owned and when it is cleaned up there is nothing that can beat the look.
  • i have an 09 coupe, with clear bra installed. i use meguiar's wash, and zaino's non-abrasive wash and sealant. i only use microfiber cloths and super soft applicators. so far the paint looks immaculate and without swirl marks. i only wash the clear bra and dont polish or seal. in the future, as contaminants bond to the clear coat, i will use a clay bar. for the occasional bird droppings or blemishes , i use meguiar's ultimate quik detailer with a microfibre cloth (i keep both in the trunk) and it brings back the shine.
  • Was the clear bra installed by the dealer and is it the 3M product? I also use the Meguiars ultimate quik detailer with the microfibre cloth and keep them in the trunk, does an excellent job.
  • i had 3M installed by a shop nearby. it wasnt a great job and i had to go back several times for touch-ups. i still have imperfections that may go away in time. dealerships usually use fairly good installers. i paid $750 for mine so it shouldve been a top-notch job. alas, sometimes you dont get what you pay for...

    and when it was warmer, i'd use meguiars quik detailer to re-clean the whole car by taking off dust and pollen. it works so well.
  • Thanks for the info. I will visit my dealer, Nalley Infiniti, in Marietta, Ga. next week and see what their body shop will charge and what type of guarantee they will give me on it.
  • We have very hard water where I live and found a great product to use in washing my car. It's a CR Spotless deionizer system which I purchased from Costco online. It's not cheap but it allows me to wash the car and air dry it with no mineral deposits or drying spots left on the car. I just wash with a clean sponge and car wash and let it dry in the open air. It's best to use it in non windy conditions only so that airborne junk doesn't stick to the wet areas before it has a chance to dry thoroughly. I wash and wax more frequently because it's so much easier.
  • since i live in a condo, i dont have access to a hose. so i bought a nomad pressure washer for about 37 bucks including free shipping, which allows me to spray my car anywhere. ive read of others who use their nomad with distilled water, and the resulting wash leaves no water spots. just thought i'd share that.
  • When you mentioned you use a sponge to wash your car, I cringed. That is an almost guaranteed way to swirl your paint. Please use a 100% cotton (made in USA) or high quality microfiber wash cloth!
  • I hope your cringing has subsided by now or that you have good medical insurance. I appreciate your concern but I've had no noticable problem with the paint with the spong and soapy water. The paint is a dark metallic blue-gray and damage would probably have shown up by now since it is a 2008 M35.
    I should note however that it's an artificial (very soft) sponge not a real one, and it's kept very clean.
    I have plenty of Meguiar microfiber clothes which I wash by themselves and keep in zip lock bags until needed for waxing so I could use one of those if it would calm you down before you damage some internal organs.
    I appreciate your concern in any case, and thanks.
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