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Infiniti G35 G37 Car Washes, Waxes, & Care



  • OK, feeling better now. I know that there are sponges that are sold for washing cars, but I would still be very hesitant to use one. I guess the main advantage of using cotton or microfiber cloths is that the 'nap' in the cloth gives the dirt somewhere to go while you are washing instead of being dragged along the surface with nowhere to hide (even though a sponge would have some 'pockets'. I would also be concerned that the sponge material itself could possibly scratch. But, if you're not having any problems with it...carry on.

    I'll bet that color you have looks very nice when clean, and I appreciate your concern for my internal organs!
  • You guys are freaking me out with all this talk about the paint. I am a woman who just purchased a 2009 black G37x w premium and nav pkgs. I was never crazy about waxing etc. and don't know a lot about detailing but love driving this car. I live in CT so after all your talk about microfiber cloths etc.I can't help wonder-how do I do something as simple as clean the snow off my car (obviously I don't have a garage) without damaging the paint.
  • No need to freak out! By reading this and other detailing forums, you will learn some good tips on how to keep your car looking good. Some of us are very particular about keeping our cars clean and scratch can put as much or as little into it as you want.

    As far as removing snow, I would just put on a pair of work gloves or even dishwashing gloves and use my hands/arms to get off as much snow as possible, trying to not come in contact with the surface of the car. I would not use a 'snow brush' as it could scratch if it got dragged along the surface.

    After you have gotten off most of the snow by hand, you could just drive off and let the wind blow off the rest, or, if it's dry fluffy snow, use a leaf blower to blow off the remaining snow!
  • clouser1clouser1 Posts: 10
    edited February 2010
    So I just got a new 2009 infiniti g37 sedan, and you guys have me paranoid about what is safe to use on the paint. Heck, I think the snow here put a rub on the front bumper today, and I am scared to use any towels to try to clean it lest I add new scratches.

    My wife picked up a meguiars car kit at Target, and it comes with a sponge for cleaning, and another for waxing. Do you tihkn they are safe to use?

    This is the kit here:

    The sponges are called "bone sponge wash pad" and "soft foam was applicator pad"

    If you think the cleaning / waxing productd are good but the sponges are crap, what towels or sponges would you recommend that could be picked up locally and not special ordered?
  • bmmermbmmerm Posts: 6
    Purchased new 3/30/09 and noticed what looked like paw prints/water spots in the paint, The dealer attempted to get them out, but informed me they were under the clear coat and they could not buff them out without going through the clear coat. All they managed to do was put swirls in the paint. I have had the car for a year now, only 3100 miles on it, I travel extensively for work, and I am still trying to get them to address the problem. My next step is to have a high end body shop look at the problem and give me a written estimate to correct, e.g. paint, etc. I will meet with the dealer in May and then if necessary escalate up to Mr. Bill Krueger
    Senior Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction, in Franklin, TN. If anyone else has had similar problems I would like to hear how you fared with Infiniti.
  • beanrbeanr Posts: 6
    Dear bmmerm:

    I don't know if this will help you but I spoke with a rep for Infiniti about the clear coat. As you may know the clear coat is a self healing clear coat. They discontinued it for 2010 because of cost and cost to repair and limited people that could repair. Also, becuase it did not work OR did not work unless the car was exposed to direct sunlight and got very hot. Only then did it somewhat liquifi and fill in swirl marks, etc. I just wonder if the prints you see are actually the clear coat. Since you don't get it out much and I'll be you garage it, maybe you should put it out in the sun. With the temps TN gets in the summer, it might help.

    Good luck.
  • bmmermbmmerm Posts: 6
    Thanks for the information. I actually live in Georgia and when I am traveling keep the car under a good car cover parked outside my apartment. I am meeting with my Infiniti dealer next week and use the info you sent. Have a good day.
  • crismarircrismarir Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I used to detail my car by myself also, and I was using Zaino for waxing. And it was great. But recently, I started going to Detailxperts professional detailing services . It is a local auto detail shop here in Detroit. Good thing here is they are using steam and some specially formulated chemicals and wiping cloths that are eco friendly.
  • alcinalcin Posts: 1
    My husband and I just bought a 2011 G37x--our first luxury car. We have never purchased any of the rust shield/paint protection/"car bra" offerings for our other cars, but we're tempted to purchase some kind of paint protection for a car that's a step up in price. I know the protection offered by the dealer is wildly over-priced, but what are the non-do-it-yourself alternatives?
  • check this guy out for keeping your car in tip top clean ;) GRIOTSGARAGE.COM he has everthing you need for your car good luck
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    edited September 2011
    I use Zaino for my '04 Infiniti G35 Garnet Fire. This spring, I washed, clayed, Z-5, Z-6, then Z-2 & z-6'ed. Also, I z-2'ed a couple of months later. Getting to be more painstaking as I get older, but passers-by still comment on the shine/reflections. Yesterday, I got the car washed (drive through-hate 'em, but necessary evil) and Z-6'ed & car looks fine.
    Zymol's Cleaner Wax is great- easy to use (don't let it dry!) then "spit (water) shine" & looks fantastic. It's sold retail for about $15, btw. Made my Grey '88 Cougar look wet.
    Meguiar's Gold Class is easy to use, and looks great.
    About 12 or so years ago, Meguiar's Deep Crystal System was a pain to use (3 steps) for me, and didn't look that great, but that was on an old ('83) Regal.
  • bwstbwst Posts: 1
    G37 owners like to keep their car clean for sure. I've been using a liquid glass car care it's called Double Shield by Tantacoat. If you looking for a product that easy to use. I recommend it. The great benefits of this product are make a surface very slick and leave unique shine like glass. I just spray it each car wash. Happy driving!
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