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Chrysler LHS



  • All differentials are vented, otherwise heat would expand the juice and contained air and blow out the seals. Chrysler has a TSB on this issue that lengthens the line. There was a production change or so I was told.
  • I purchsed a new 1999 LHS from a local dealer here in Florida. The car looked and drove great, but when I looked under it the next day I was shocked to find the exhaust system and all unpainted steel rusted. This is pitted rust not just a stain. The dealer advised that they would replace the exhaust system and "clean up" the rust. I worried that there will future rust problems. Has anyone seen this condition on a new Chrysler; is it typical? I traded an eight year old explorer in on the LHS, it was rust free. How do these vehicles survive the salt on roads in the north?
  • I own a Intrepid 98,when my car had 2,500 miles rear end muffler began showing,two rust signs.
    I showed it to the service manager, of my dealer.he answered me,we have to wait more ,because Chrysler will not change it now.
    So 3 months later,I was back to the dealer,with two little holes already on my muffler,besides an ongoing noise in the rear suspension.

    The dealer called me back to tell me Chrysler refused to give a Warranty,on the muffler,and the rear struts!!

    So I called Chrysler,and after talking with 4 different people,they finally agreed to replace those parts,this was three weeks ago.When I picked up my car after one week in the shop I got a new muffler,and just ONE strut replaced,I asked why,they said they made a mistake and just ordered ONE strut.
    I drove the car 10 miles and the noise was still there,the car is back at the dealer,(already two weeks),and they can´t find the problem,they don´t know where the noise is coming from.
    I talked to Chrysler,and they said,Sir. you have to let us work with your car,when we will have something we will call you,I asked at least for a loaner,NOP!,if you want they said to me you can sue us.

    What a Company?,is Chrysler a 5 star Company?

    How can they ask the dealers to be a 5 star dealer?,if the Company is junk!!
    What is for them CUSTOMER ONE????
  • Copperhead 1;
    Why, if Chrysler is such a "junk" company are you wanting to buy a 2001 Cirrus and why is your dream car a Prowler? Do you believe that the rust problems are limited to the your Intrepid and my LHS? Has anyone else out there had rust problems with their Chrysler products?
  • I never thought of this,of course with my problems now,I would not like to buy a Chrysler again.
    I have to wait now and see how all this will end,and then I´ll see what to do,today I got another call from the dealer telling me he is going to change the struts again,and offered me the best attention to my car.
  • I have a 1995 LHS with 51000 mi and it seems to be in good shape underneath. Living and driving in NW Indiana has to be a good test of rust resistance. I would like a new LHS but find that the new ones as well as the old ones like mine don't seem to have the driver leg room of a Buick LeSabre or Park Avenue. Is there a way to remount the seat back farther to get more travel back?? Seems like forward travel would accommodate an Elf and back seat leg room is plentiful. Torn between looks of LHS and features and reliability of Buick. Any comments??
  • I would also like to know if there is any way to get a few inches more legroom for the LHS driver. I'm 6'5" and the seat is OK but not good for me. Can or will Chrysler do anything about adjusting the seat, I haven't asked yet.
  • paco7paco7 Posts: 2
    We purchased a 99 LHS in Sept. and recently completed a 6036 mile trip
    from SW Florida to Arizona. While most of our
    driving was on interstates, we did take alot of state roads while visiting Carlsbad Caverns,
    the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, Etc. The Lhs performed well under all conditions and not once did we feel the engine or transmission lacked in performance.

    We used 89 Octane gas and averaged 25.5 MPG for the entire trip with speeds in excess of 70MPH where permitted, in fact, NM and AZ allow 75 MPH. In one stetch from Gallup, NM to Wichita Falls,Tx we averaged 30.3MPH. The cruise control was flawless whether climbing or descending steep hills.

    The car tracked well, even
    in 30 to 35 mph cross winds and 18 wheelers never bothered it. We felt no need for a sport suspension as in the 300.

    The climate control is the best we ever had, just set the desired temp and forget it, whether it was 18 degrees or 95 outside,
    it maintained the desired temp. BUT, DC should add a filter to the system.

    THe LHS is very roomy and comfortable, we traded in a Grand Marquis which is supposed to be a full sized car, there is no comparison in room, or handling.

    We haven't experienced any
    problems yet, but wish DC
    would add:
    Cornering lamps
    Remote gas filler cap
    Valet key
    More padding on center console arm rest

    And, since we live in Florida and put up with love bugs twice each year, please come up with an attractive deflector as opposed to a bra.
  • I got the answer from my dealer on the driver seat location. Chrysler will not allow them to modify a new car. If I buy it and have the seat modified it voids the warranty on the power seat, memory, etc.
    I guess Chrysler wants me in a Buick. I think I will look closely at my 1995 seat to see if it can be modified since it surely is out of warranty.
  • sol3sol3 Posts: 1
    I bought a 1999 Altima last May 99. Yesterday the car will not start. I had to towed to the dealer. They told me that the car was flodded. It had gasoline all over the engine. They told me that they were not going to pay for the repairs, which is not right because the car has warranty for three years. At the end, they waived the charges and I was told that next time I was going to pay for everything they do to my car. I would like to know how dangerous it is what happend to the car, what should i do regarding Nissan, meaning complains, or if I should just get another car. Please help with this dilema because i am really frustrated.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    WHY weren't they going to pay???? Look in the owner's manual and call Nissan to let them know about the problem with the car and the dealer!!! Then, if you get NO satisfaction, go to and REPORT this safety problem to them either on-line or by phone ASAP before you and your car catches on fire!

    BTW- WHY did you post a Nissan question in a Chrysler topic??

  • The Altima topic is directly above this topic in the Sedans list.
  • A friend of mine told me he had heard on the radio that the LHS airbags were very bad in terms of the speed in which they deployed. This is very distressing to me, as I was planning to buy an LHS in the next few months. I looked at the data for safety on Edmunds' and it just says "Not tested".
    Does anyone have any more information on this?
  • Don´t pay to much attention to the press,because that car was approved by NHTSA before it reached the market,there is no such problem,just think for a moment,if the "LH" cars were having such a big problem,NHTSA,and Daimler Chrysler would already made a recall,from what I know the tests that were made to the car were not made under real cicunstances,so it can never happen in the real world.

    But you can always call NHTSA,and ask them if it is true.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,482
    Just make sure your seatbelts are fastened properly and you drive intelligently and all should be well.

    Hey, planes, trains, busses and many other vehicles don't have airbags. Do you avoid them?

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • Official press release from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    There was talk here earlier that the IIHS uses a softer barrier than the government uses in its tests and that that "softness" delays ignition of the airbags. Chrysler says, supposedly, that it intentionally delays impact to prevent "parking lot" impacts from setting off the bags. I don't buy that, however, because hitting the "softer" barrier is more like a real automobile in a crash. I own an LHS and was very unhappy to read of the Insurance Institutes findings. If they can be reproduced by the Gov't, there should be a mandatory recall.
  • I just completed removing the seat from my 1995 LHS and find that it would be one big undertaking to change the brackets to move the seat back. The front bracket bolts against a cross member in the floor pan. The rear bracket just bolts to the floor but the hole would have to move back if the seat were moved back. Is there a place on the internet that a consumer like me can complain directly to Chrysler??? For having such a great looking car I can't imagine the engineer who made the seat with so much forward travel that at the end there is no way the smallest person could fit between the seat and the steering wheel. Seems like the way to fix the problem is to rework the travel by repositioning the two screws that control the forward/reverse travel.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    You can try this site. While it's Chrysler's media site, if you write to enough people in this list, SOMEONE will see to it that your message gets sent to somebody who might be able to address your concerns. Don't hold your breath, but someone just might give you a call. It worked for me. Contacts

    Good luck.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Not sure if the entire address came through- after the htm# is U.S. Contacts

    I'll try to paste it again- Contacts

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