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Chrysler LHS



  • Thanks for the address. I'll give it a try before I roll over and buy a Buick LeSabre or Park Avenue that gives me the leg room but sure is less than stylish.
  • I had reserved an Intrepid but when I went to pick
    it up I found out that I had been upgraded to an
    LHS for the same price. I kept the car for two
    days and put 850 kms on it. On straightaways, up
    steep hills and curves, this car handled superbly.
    The sensation of getting into this car for the
    very first time is so pleasing, with its leather,
    comfortable seats, fine instrumentation panel and
    controls, cassette and CD player. I especially
    liked the night-time light blue color of the
    gauges. So easy on the eyes and so beautiful.
    The engine was smooth and always gave me plenty of
    response and acceleration when I pushed it. This car had 7874 kms when I picked it up. It was very solid on the road at all speeds and that fat leather covered steering wheel gave a reassuring feel of control at the helm. This car is made here in Canada and it is a great product. I wish I could afford to buy one -- I would it tomorrow blindfolded. Great interior, engine, handling...
    Good work Chrysler!
  • paco7paco7 Posts: 2
    The rear leg room in the Grand Marquis, according to Edmunds, is 38.4", not 42.5 , while the LHS is 41.6". Being 6' 2" tall, and having traded in my Marquis on an LHS, I can attest to the difference, I can set the drivers seat in my LHS to suit me and will still have room for someone of equal height to sit behind me, something that couldn't be done in the Marquis.

    Forget the shoulder and hip room, like most cars,
    they only seat four adults comfortably.

    My Marquis had the handling package, and while the engine was ok the overall handling and performance wasn't equal to the LHS, nor was the mileage.
  • I purchased a 300M in 9/99. I experienced a wheel shimmy that felt like a wheel balance problem right away at roughly 60-65mph.. Had the car back and forth to the dealer 5 times to no avail. Finally drove 3 more brand new 300's off the dealer lot. To my surprise, all had the same problem. I wanted to invoke lemon law but was told it had to be safety related or devalue the car to get my money back. Rather than go through that, I accepted a '99 LHS in 3/99. The car has the exact same problem although not as bad. Love the car except for this annoying problem. Has anyone else experienced wheel shimmy in an LHS or 300M? Again, it shows up worst about 60-65mph.
  • I drove a couple of LHS vehicles on the road with no notice of any wheel vibration. My 1995 LHS doesn't have any either. Are you sure you aren't having a problem with a specific section of road?? Around Chicago several road sections were evidently built with a crew that was drunk as no matter what car I drive on it, the vibration is noticeable.
  • Change those Goodyears,replace them by Michelin Pilots,you will feel the difference.
    All those Goodyears are defective,in fact you will see future Chrysler products with Michelins,no more Goodyears.
  • Thanks for the response's....does the same thing over all types of pavement at that speed. The one thing they did not replace after repeated tries was the tires. They did put 4 rims and tires off of another brand new vehicle, but they were Goodyear LS's as well. The district rep here said the next step is to replace the tires with my choice, which will be the Michelin pilot's, and a full rebalance. This problem is present in every LHS/300M I drove (and I drove a lot of them) including a demo that had 5000 miles on it that I drove prior to purchase. I felt the problem even on the demo, but shrugged it off to a wheel balance problem. Ultimately I hope to resolve the problem, but it takes away from an otherwise fine car not to mention one which I am paying a pretty penny for. Hopefully someone will see this that had the same problem and got it resolved.
  • If you get those Pilot Michelins,have them re-balanced after a brake in time,( you will have to drive them about 100 miles),and then have them balanced again,with a "PRO" shop like tire rack,you need to find a shop with a good balance machine.
    If you can´t have pilots,get Dunlops or BF Goodrich.
  • I owned a 1995 LHS and had excellent performance
    with it. This prompted me to buy a 1999 LHS which
    I did in June of 1998. Unfortunately I had nothing but nagging problems and recently traded
    it in. The car was at the dealers more times than
    I care to mention, but I do have the documentation. The car never ran right and the
    dealers (2 of them) just shrugged. I had oil leaks and idling problems. Chrysler was no help and never did get to speak with anyone in authority. Not to be found. Too bad, I thought I was in for a treat. Since I did not hear from
    Chrysler, they will never again get my business.
    Back to GM.
  • My dealer has actually been very helpful to the extent that they can be. I also have the district rep involved who seems to be a straight shooter. I am gonna give the tires a shot (why not, it's warranted) and if that doesn't work, I will have to take measures to give back the car and start over. It's really a shame because the car is a beauty.
  • rhb1rhb1 Posts: 3
    Have had my 99LHS since August have about 4,600 Miles on it and so far no problems. Average about 23 miles to a gallon, No wheel problems so far no lock problems. I love the acceleration it is a fun car to drive. Handles well and rides well also. I would recommend it to anyone. Of course I do understand concern about long term reliability and may yet purchase an extended warranty.
  • Copperhead, did they say what problem the defective tires were causing? I'm being given the choice of tire I want to put on the car, but if Goodyear has fixed the LS's, then I would probably stick with those. The other question is what was the problem with yours that goodyear is replacing them?
  • My very new, produced in December 1999, 2000 LHS is equipped with Goodyear tires and so far they are fine. I have driven the car only 350 miles with short sprints to 70 mph; the wheels and tires seem to be in perfect ballance. Hopefully they will stay that way.
  • Chrysler solved the undercarrage rust problem I had on the new 1999 LHS that I bought last month. A few days after the area rep. inspected the car I exchanged it for a new 2000 LHS. The 1999 was produced in March of 1999 and was subject to a salt bath somewhere from the production line to the dealer's lot (not near salt water). The 1999 also had Goodyear tires that could not be ballanced.
  • Get those michelins pilot "sport",forget about goodyears.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Anyone interested in seeing the future Charger? Just put this together. Great looking car!

  • rbeeberbeebe Posts: 3
    My '99 LHS emits an annoying wind noise coming from the front driver's window near the speaker area. Anyone else notice the same? If so, a suggestion for fix please.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Bring this to your dealer and ask them to look up the ENTIRE TSB on their computer-

    Service Bulletin Number: 23-30-98
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 235
    Date of Bulletin: 9807
    NHTSA Item Number: SB602332
    Make: CHRYSLER
    Model: LHS
    Year: 1999
    Component: STRUCTURE:BODY

    This might be a solution for you. The important info above is the Service Bulletin Number and the Component description.

  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    I have, too, on 'Y2K LHS delivered on 10/1, but haven't yet taken it to dealer for fix. Thanks Fastdriver for the TSB information.
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    Based on the poor crash test results and Daimler-Chrysler's typical corporate response. Since I bought this car with the idea of it being a safe car, I decided to get rid of the LHS while the getting was good (or as good as it gets). A '99 with $17000 miles was down to a $20,000 wholesale price. My Chrysler dealer told me that I should be able to get $23000 for it as it was in great condition. I offered it to him for $21,000 and they weren't interested (surprise surprise). My family's safety was worth whatever I lost in the deal. My lost business to my local Chrysler dealer probably is no big deal to him.
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