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Chrysler LHS



  • I purchased a 1996 Chrysler LHS with 46,000 miles last fall. Shortly after I bought the car I noticed a rumbling or growling noise that periodically came from under the hood. This usually occurs as you first start moving forward, after shifting from reverse to drive, although it can happen any time when first moving forward. The noise only lasts for an instant and there is a hint of vibration with it. At night it appears that the headlights dim slightly when the noise occurs. The Chrysler dealer has been unable to locate the cause and the factory power train warranty expires in mid August. Anyone had a similar problem with this model?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Could it be the AC compressor kicking in???

  • copperhead1copperhead1 Posts: 157
    You can count on me!
    Take care,and have a nice weekend.
  • norbertenorberte Posts: 6
    I posted in #371 about vibration on gas pedal on my 2000 LHS. I guess it was on some rough services. On smooth roads, I don't get it. I probably was looking at this new vehicle with microscope and noticed all these things.

    Well, something I missed that was in my 95 New Yorker is the double sun visor. Chrysler did away with it!!! Why?? Now I have to swing the visor back and forth when the sun is low.

    Another design change is that they did away with the valet key. Also, the trunk release button is now outside of the glove box. You cannot lock the glove box and thus locks the trunk as well when valet park the car. Well, with the hole opened between the passenger compartment and the trunk. They probably figure that the trunk security is not there anymore, so why bother locking the release button and providing a valet key.

    I love the ride of this car. It is great. It certainly is a lot of car with the bells and whistles for the $.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Picked one up yesterday. 28 days from factory order to dealer delivery. Everything works, quiet smooth ride, good acceleration, understated luxury. No vibration or shimmying up to 85 mph. Want to see if I can get the fog light bulbs in 55 watt rather than the factory 40 watt.
  • starfire2starfire2 Posts: 9
    I'm considering buying a 1997 LHS for $10488. It has about 55k miles and it is loaded. (Leather, sunroof, etc.) I've driven it but I haven't even haggled over the price yet so I might even be able to get them to go lower on the price. Any comments on the performance/reliability/driveability of the 97 LHS would be most appreciated. Also, (this is a dumb question) I know that a lot of luxury cars require premium fuel. With the abominable gas prices of today, does the 97 LHS command premium fuel? Thanks in advance for any input : )
  • marshmallowmarshmallow Posts: 17
    On April 17, I posted an inquiry regarding TOTAL loss of steering in my '94 LHS. No response. Again on April 22, I inquired and no response. I simply can't believe that with the problems we've had with our car that ours is an isolated incident. With the recalls on all LHS vehicles over the years, there has to be people out there who have had front end clunking noises, squeaks, etc. but yet no one is addressing my question. All I am reading is how wonderful the styling of the LHS is and how understated the luxury is for the money. Hello!!! Don't you get what you pay for? If you are having road noise, pedal vibration, etc., ask yourself if you would have this in a Lincoln or Cadillac. Would the bolts have sheared off on the rack and pinion of a Lincoln or Caddy or any other "luxury" vehicle? I think not. Also, before any of you who are really ga-ga over the LHS go out and buy one, why don't you mosey on back to the service department and catch one of the mechanics standing outside having a smoke and ask him what kind of repairs he regularly makes on the LHS. We have had more than one mechanic tell us to never buy a Chrysler product without buying an extended warranty. Enough said.
  • hijinxhijinx Posts: 7
    It *is* possible that you're the only one that has had problems like that. Is it likely? Probably not. Is it likely that, if anyone has had problems like that, they haven't posted here? Probably so.

    Insofar as getting what you pay for, hey, it's a $30k car. It's NOT a Cadillac or Lincoln; it's in the "near luxury" segment. And every car has its problems. Every car. No car is perfect.

    Plus, your problems dealt with an older LHS, and lots of people are looking at newer models anyway.

  • norbertenorberte Posts: 6
    Ref #394.

    The 94 LHS was on the recall list for the chassis bracket. I think the recall notice did mentioned that the added bracket was to fix the problem that may affect steering. My 93 Concord was on the recall list. However, my 95 New Yorker was not affected. The recall said that 93 - 95 LH cars. I got one for the 93 Concord, one for my 94 Intrepid, but none for the 95 New Yorker. The dealer looked up the VIN, and said that car was not on the recall list. So they probably fixed the problem for the later 95 model.
    As far as clunking noise is concerned, I did experienced that on the 95 New Yorker. The noise was not there when the weather was cold! The steering components were tight. I did not spend any time finding out where. I was thinking of trading it in anyway. I traded it for a 2000 LHS. The 93 Concord is now making that clunking noise. I need to find out what the problem is. My son is driving it now. It had the recall service done already. Anyone knows what that clunking noise may be? It comes from the front bottom.
  • anthony56anthony56 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply. In regard to the 1996 LHS rumbling noise (#388) the AC compressor may be causing the noise, but could the power steering pump also be high on the list of suspects?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I don't know. I'm no mechanic. Try this site. Click on problems and issues and then on TSB's. Put in your model car and you'll see a list of the TSB's that have the number that your Chrysler dealer CAN look up on their computers to see the full details of the bulletin.

  • sendthetowsendthetow Posts: 1
    I have a 94 LHS, bought it with 50,000 miles on it. I've had to re-do the transmission, replace the water pump, radiator, timing belt, a/c compressor, and a circuit board that controls the a/c system (the problem here was that the a/c would blow full hot, full fan, without anyone touching the controls. Part- approx $425, labor additional). Chrysler stinks. I've owned three Chryslers in the past three years (I presently own the LHS and a 95 Lebaron, and had a 90 Acclaim). The transmissions are famous for needing replaced- I put one in the Acclaim as well. You're right, mechanics tell me to stay away from Chrysler. To quote one, "The first part of Chrysler is cry". When I dump these two, I'll never own another Chrysler. Although I will admit, they are nice looking. I might buy one for a lawn ornament, but never again for transportation.
  • jeffar2jeffar2 Posts: 5
    It is one thing to try a chrysler product, in my case a 300M. You find out it is a piece of crap ( many, many repairs within a year) and get rid of it while losing a substantial amount of money. It's another to keep going back for more abuse...I just don't get it. Chrysler products don't look that good!
  • anthony56anthony56 Posts: 6
    I started buying Chryslers after having a bad experience with a General Motors product and an arrogant GM dealer. I can say from personal experience that Chryslers are not "great cars", just average. I have gotten respectable service out of the three I have purchased, which were top of the product line. And the Chrysler dealer has been polite and relatively honest. My recently acquired '96 LHS (#388) has done pretty well but I do wonder about it's long term reliability. If it gives me too much trouble or causes a big financial hit, Chrysler will be on my bad list just like General Motors.
  • anthony56anthony56 Posts: 6

    Thanks for your reply regarding the NHTSA web site. I uncovered some interesting data although instead of solving the noise problem I may have unearthed additional difficulties. Under the consumer complaints division were listed numerous items about steering system problems and failures. When I read what "marshmallow" had posted (#394) I had assumed a steering problem for this model was an aberration. I am not so sure of that any more. I am now glad the dealer did not fix that noise the first (or second) time since it allowed me to discover this other potential problem. Also, according to Edmunds, I have lost $4000 in nine months to add insult to injury.
  • marshmallowmarshmallow Posts: 17
    After reading your posting regarding the NHTSA, I went to their web site and posted a message regarding my loss of steering on my 94 LHS. I don't know what to expect in the line of an answer or inquiry from them though.

    I have not heard anything yet from my local dealer (it's now been one month) but I'm also not expecting a quick answer. I doubt Chrysler is real anxious to admit there is a problem with the strength of these bolts. (Wouldn't it just be like a big corporation to ignore the power of the Internet!)

    After surfing the NHTSA web site, it is interesting to note two other complaints of loss of steering. I know, you all are saying but that's only three LHS's with this problem. However, I can't believe this is that isolated of an incident. We also had squeaks, creaks, and clunks in the front end before the rack and pinion was replaced at 47K miles with a new one (not remanufactured). Now with yet a third NEW rack and pinion in this vehicle, I'm happy to be dealing with my original problem of squeaks, creaks, and clunks. I truly believe at 47K miles, for warranty purposes, they wanted us to go away and tightened every bolt they could find to get rid of the noises and have tightened these two bolts beyond their intended strength. I think the shearing off of the two and only bolts in the rack and pinion should be cause for concern of EVERY Chrysler owner.

    I'll keep you all posted - that is unless you're all sick and tired of hearing about my problem.
  • I traded a 1992 Ford Explorer in on my 2000 LHS. The Explorer was terminal and I could not have retailed it without spending a lot to repair it, so it was traded. The Explorer is a truck and the LHS is a luxury sedan, so there is no reasonable comparison.

    My LHS now has 3035 miles on it and it is better than the day I took delivery. The wheels are bright and the finish is excellent. When I took my LHS in for the 3000 mile service all it required was the standard oil change and inspection - no problems!

    I wonder how much better my LHS would be if it were fitted with Michelin Sports instead of the GoodYears.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Posts: 157
    BUY IT!!!!
    I love mine.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    Buy it... I love mine.
  • norbertenorberte Posts: 6
    I saw many talks about front end clunking noise on some of the earlier LH model cars. I experienced that on my 95 New Yorker right before I traded it in at 82K miles. I spoke to a mechanics who works for a Chrysler dealer. He said the most common source of clunking noise in the front end is the worn out stablizer bar link, which ties the front stablizer bar to the strut.
    The only problem I had with my 95 New Yorker was a leaky water pump at about 65K miles. It was a very reliable car for me. I had the timing belt replaced at the same time the water pump was replaced. The additional cost was not that bad, since they already had the timing belt cover taken off to get to the water pump. The timing belt drives the water pump in the 3.5L engine. It is the same for 99 and 2000 3.5L engine in the LHS and 300M.

    I have my 2000 LHS for a month now. Love it.
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