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Chrysler LHS



  • dhgiiidhgiii Posts: 5
    I owned a '94 LHS. It treated me well for 101,000 miles with only two repairs.... neither costing over $300.

    I started looking at the 300M when it first appeared in '98, thinking it would be the one to get next, but held off. My '94 was running just fine. I continued "looking" and found myself liking the LHS styling more and more.

    Then Chrysler made my decision even easier. They increased the 300M's price in 2000 (Car of the Year-induced I'm sure) and LOWERED the price of the LHS.

    So out I went last month, buying a plat silver
    LHS with moonroof and chrome wheels on April 28th, just under the wire for .9% financing.

    Chrysler continues to improve with every model year. We rented a Deville for a week in California, and except for the Northstar engine, this new LHS stands shoulder to shoulder with the Caddy. Sure, the Caddy's engine is great, but the car costs at least 10 grand more!

    Chrysler's styling is light years ahead of Ford and GM, too. And as most reviewers tell you at the end of Chrysler product road test... no one gives you more car for the dollar.

    I'm looking forward to another 101,000 miles.
  • starfire2starfire2 Posts: 9
    I've never owned a Chrysler product, but after being disappointed with GM products, I wanted to try something else. I was considering a 97 Concorde/ Vision/ Intrepid/ LHS because I like the older design, but I wonder if the quality control was spotty on them. Half of the people I've heard from have been of the "I love problems" ilk, but the other half have been "that car has been a nightmare." Is there anything specific I should look for when checking out the used models? Should I look into buying an extended warranty? I remember my brother getting screwed when he bought a warranty on a used 1993 Mazda a few years back. I'm in love with the appearance of these cars and the way they drive, but as a college student on a limited budget, I can't afford a maintenence nightmare.
  • starfire2starfire2 Posts: 9
    Another thing that is adding to my confusion is that all of the trusted journalistic sources (Edmunds included) have given the LH cars very good reliability ratings. Yet much of the input I've heard from real people has been less than flattering. Arggghhhh...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    It comes down to ADVERTISING DOLLARS!!!! Go to and read last Tuesday's main page and maybe you'll understand the difference between the magazines AND the REAL world!

  • ljoyce2ljoyce2 Posts: 3
    I too, have had nothing but trouble with this car.
    I bought it 18mos ago with 32,000. I have had 3 rack n pinions,2 waterpumps, at this very moment the third transmission is being installed (2 in two days) chrysler just can't get it right. Thank god for extended warrantees. Biggest problem I have is idle vibration when stopped at red light. RPM's drop down to 500 and the whole car vibrates. This car is loud and I think it rides more like a truck than a "luxery car" finally changed the tires that helped the ride a little. Does anyone have any clues about the idle, I have taken it to three different Chrysler dealers - all have been unable to fix. computer says everything is perfect. What a joke!
  • marshmallowmarshmallow Posts: 17
    A college student on a limited budget should NEVER consider buying a Chrysler product period. If you are so in love with the style of the vehicles that you simply cannot help yourself, then at least buy an extended warranty for as long as you can get it. Whatever you are looking at, take the vehicle to an independent mechanic you can trust (friend of a friend or friend of the family) and get their honest opinion. Just because the car looks good and the price may be right (but I seriously doubt the price will be right if you're getting it from a Chrysler dealer), don't let your emotions get in the way of buying any vehicle (easy for me to say).

    Also, IF you do go ahead and buy a Chrysler product, factor in the down time for repairs and also the need for a second vehicle to get you around while it's in the shop (I guarantee it will be). If you don't buy one of the vehicles you have mentioned, don't make the mistake and think Chrysler does a better job in the SUV department. Look on Edmunds for new or used Jeeps and you can hear the crying before your computer gets to the web site. Chrysler has BIG problems with production and maintenance of all vehicles for the past 7 years. It's not hard to figure out what the problems are or what you should be looking for.

    As for my problems, have the front end COMPLETELY checked out before you buy. It's not a funny situation to have a complete loss of steering in an LHS. It doesn't take much imagination as to what the worst case scenario could have been for me.
  • marshmallowmarshmallow Posts: 17
    Check out my posting #394. I had two prior to that also that you can find by the dates. My postings only begin to tell the things that have been replaced in my 94 LHS. Still waiting for some resolution from Chrysler.

    We have also had a timing belt break and wipe out just about everything it came in contact with, fuel pump, water pump, struts, 3 rack & pinions, AC condenser, and more stuff under the front end than I knew was there. Car shakes while idling but as long as my steering wheel works, at this point I can put up with anything until I dump it at trade in. I don't drive this car at all now. I drive our Explorer exclusively.

    Sorry for your problems.
  • An Explorer? If you want to hear about problems just go to the Ford Explorer site, those poor people are really crying! Horror stories abound.

    What happened to the Chrysler LHS lovers? When the new ('99)LHS appeared it was the greatest vehicle in the market place or so the comments went. Don't we like our LHSs now? I don't know about you but my wife and I sure love our 2000.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    The Crysler lovers are out here... I also own a 2000 LHS and love it. These recent posts refer to older models. Most of what I have heard and read about the 1999 and 2000 models has been upbeat. Notice I said "most", not all.I have just under 3000 miles.
  • tvdolltvdoll Posts: 1
    We have nothing but Dodge and Chrysler products. In November one of our trucks was totalled (no one injured!) and my husband and I replaced it with a 1999 LHS. We did all the research and were very pleased with our purchase for the first week. I have had a STRIPPED tie rod, 2 window motors go out, 2 burned out window switches, paint loss on the rearview mirrors, the interior and dash lights flicker on and off with the headlights on (has been in twice for this..going in a 3rd time this week). And just this weekend, the dash has cracked open over the compartment for the passenger side airbag. Not to mention, the steering is deplorable at highway speeds, even after the steering problem was fixed. A third window is now going bad...making the same noises as the first two, and the inside window trim has fallen off. As have the light covers on the doors. I'm getting the current problems fixed and getting rid of the car. I will NOT buy another LHS...even though they are gorgeous to look at.
  • After owning my trouble free 2000 LHS since last December it's hard to imagine such a horror story about a new LHS. Was the '99 new? Wrecked?

    This sounds more like a Ford Explorer than an LHS.
  • marshmallowmarshmallow Posts: 17
    I took you up on your invitation to visit a Ford Explorer web site to read the complaints. You are correct. There are many. I offer no defense for those complaints but I will say that we are comparing apples to oranges. I somewhat expect my Explorer to ride like a truck. We bought it used and looked for a specific year and options. Finally found one that certainly has not been trouble free but for a 5 year old vehicle, we didn't expect perfection either. We got exactly what we paid for.

    However, none of that diminishes the complaints I am reading about the LHS. We have all bought this vehicle either used or new fully expecting it to be what Chrysler says it is - the flagship of their fleet. We expected luxury and got a HINT of that. Road noise is horrible in the early models and hasn't improved ANY as the years have gone on. We expected dependability for our $25,000+ (depending on where and when you bought). Dependability should not be an option you have to pay extra for but it seems to be the case now for the majority of postings on this site.

    I bought an Explorer to be a utility vehicle. I didn't buy my LHS to be a fishing car. Nor did I buy my LHS to become my coffin as could have happened when my steering went out, had it not been for the grace of God that I was coming out of a gas station instead of going 65 mph.

    If your LHS works for you, that's wonderful. I'm sure there are many out there who, like you, are very happy with their vehicle. However, that does not nor should not diminish the headaches, worries, and expenses that others of us are having with our "luxury" vehicle.
  • Something must be different in these vehicles! I believe all the 1999 - 2000 LHSs are built in the same facility. Possibly, like some other vehicles, you should not buy a car that was built on Monday (the workers are recovering from hang-overs) and you shouldn't buy one on Friday (the workers are looking forward to their hang-overs and don't have there minds on what they are doing).

    It shouldn't matter where or when your LHS was built, there should be a quality control department that would not let a substandard vehicle leave the plant, especially since the Germans took control.

    Am I just lucky, so far, and should I expect to have my LHS to turn turn crap in the near future.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    You're right- ALL the LH cars are built in the same plant, on the same line, by the same people, with the same parts! This is WHY I am confused when Consumer Reports recommends one LH car and not the others?? Makes NO sense to me at all.

    As for buying a car built on a Monday or a Friday, there MAY be some truth to that, but it doesn't help explain to me WHY I've had so many problems with my 99 300M that was built on a Wednesday- April 29, 1998.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Take a look! Someone is listening!!

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,487
    I own a '99 300M. I've had it for 11 months, 10,500 miles. Only problem has been one window motor replacement (under warranty).
    I have really enjoyed this car and have been impressed with its reliability, especially since it was a first model year CHRYSLER!!! The build quality is good, but not on par with the Audi/Lexus/Saab/Acura I also shopped. Other than the Acura, other models were significantly (to me) more expensive, the Chrylser is a good value. NOthing has fallen off or chipped, even after getting a parking lot dent, no paint has chipped/peeled.
    So, yes, there are satisfied (to this point) Chrysler LH owners out there....

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • norbertenorberte Posts: 6
    The idle speed should be around 750rpm. Amazing you had 2 waterpumps replaced at that mileage. Ah, if they messed up the timing on the timing belt when installing the water pump, it certainly will affect idle big time, a couple of teeth off is all it takes. There is no error code with this problem for the computer to record.

    Vacuum leaks and dirty throttle body housing can also cause rough idle.

    I had a 95 New Yorker and I loved that car, I did not have all these problems other people experienced. I did have a waterpump replaced at 60K miles over a year ago. I traded it at 80K miles for a 2000 LHS about 6 weeks ago. It is doing fine so far... keeping my fingers crossed.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    no problems to report. Car rides fine, looks great, paid only 28600 fully loaded (not including any taxes etc.) and got .9% financing to boot. I feel i got a great deal on a car that has all the options you could ask for and handles great. Didnt buy warranty and wont unless I read about more major problems with the 2000 or 99 models. guess I'm a gambling man. I'll just invest it wisely and that should cover any repairs after the 3 year warranty runs out.

    Only complaint I have is the moderate amount of road noise especially at high speeds.

    ONe other small complaint is the just middling sound of the stereo. I have upgrade 4 disc stereo with 360 watts. I find mid and high notes to be somewhat tinny and muddled. Also I find I have to balance the fader control almost all the way to the rear speakers to get proper sound balance. Does anyone else have these complaints.. Please post your evaluation of sound system and fader adjustments and also your opinion of road noise .
  • I find the road noise in my 2000 LHS to be noticeable at all speeds, but not unacceptable, I just turn the stereo up. Tires have almost everything to do with road noise. My LHS is unfortunately equipped with GoodYear tires and I believe that they are responsible for the noise. I don't know if I can wait for the Good Years to wear out before I replace them.
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