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Chrysler LHS



  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    I am a 2000 LHS owner.... First let me say that I also have adjusted the fader toward the rear. When set at the normal,center, spot the sound seems to come from the windshield area. As for the sound itself,I find this system to be outstanding. The low high and midrange all rival the sound of my home system which is quite sophisticated. Could it be you have to adjust the equalizer? Or could it be that your speakers themselves need to be checked? It is very possible that all is O.K.and this system is just not to your liking. Sound is a very personal thing. What sounds wonderful to one person may sound poor to someone else. Good luck... and I hope adjusting the equalizer may help you to enjoy the system more.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I may be a bit fussy on sound system. I did fine tune the equalizer for best sound and find that I Had to put base control just below midlevel, the midrnge is adjusted almost to the bottom, and highs are just under midlevel. I think my speakers are ok as sound is the same no matter which set of speakers I listen to. Guess I just have to get used to it. I probably would have liked the Bose system better.

    Otherwise, except for road noise which I am getting used to , I love my 300M. The best value for the money out there. Just hope they have finally made their product more reliable. So far, so good. No defects after 2000 miles.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    As I said in my last is in the ears of the beholder. I have my bass set at just under the highest setting, the midrange is set a tick above center, and the high setting is all the way to the top. I love to hear the bass and I love to hear the cymbals etc., without the loud volume.Have you tried this setting or anything near it? I agree,great value for the money and I am really enjoying this car.
  • tomjobetomjobe Posts: 6
    Having bought 14 new GM cars over the years, I have promised myself never to buy another GM product. When the first lhs came out I had a hard time going to a Chrysler because I had never owned one and their history. However I liked the looks and the features, not as big as a Cadillac or Lincoln but still plenty of room. My 94 served me well, the only problem being the AC controls. The 99 has 12,000 miles on it and has never been back to the dealer but will go back for the seat belt recall. I have friends with very expensive cars (mercedes s500, etc) that are impressed when ridding in my lhs and they have problems too. Hopefully my lhs will continue as it has started. I do not expect a trouble free car but I like what I have had the last 5 years. tomj
  • dhgiiidhgiii Posts: 5
    Most of us hear the road a little too much. Those that have 300M's with the performance package seem to hear it even worse than we LHS owners.

    My '94 produced a lot of road noise. It was a little quieter once I replaced the Goodyears. My 2000 is much quieter, even with the factory Goodyears. But it's still not quite there yet. Chrysler's aware of the problem because they did some re-design of the rear suspension. The 2000 interior noise is 4db less than the 99's.

    But.... it's still there, especially on certain surfaces, like concrete.

    So. What tires should we be putting on these cars to help eliminate the problem, people? And... let's hope Chrysler's listening, too!
  • carnutpacarnutpa Posts: 42
    I have 4000 miles on my 2000 LHS and I'm very disappointed in the noise level. In my car, I don't see it as a "road noise / tire noise" problem. It's a "wind noise" problem. I keep checking to see if I have a window open a bit because it sounds like air is getting in somewhere...mostly on the drivers side front pillar. Can this be corrected? Don't you hear it?
  • dhgiiidhgiii Posts: 5
    I don't have any wind noise. Check the alignment of your doors, hood, trim, etc. Something just a little out might grap some air. Compare the door gasketing on both sides of the car, too. If the driver side doesn't mirror the passenger side, you might have found the problem.
  • jimbofryjimbofry Posts: 1
    I own a 1996 Chrysler LHS and have had many problems with the steering mechanism. The tie rods have been replaced twice, and the rack and pinion once. The car has 72,000 miles. I wrote four letters to Chrysler after learning that Chrysler developed technical bulletins reflecting the problems encountered. I was refused any assistance, including an evaluation request by any Chrysler dealership regarding the safety of the vehicle.

    Another problem is the ongoing odor from the A/C system, which was also a technical bulletin issue from Chrysler.

    This Chrysler is the first and last I will ever own.
  • starfire2starfire2 Posts: 9
    Didn't Chrysler at one point have a 7year/70,000 mile factory powertrain warranty back in the 1980's? I guess those days are long gone...
  • anthony56anthony56 Posts: 6
    My original post was number 388 regarding the rumbling noise. After 10 days spent surfing the net, trouble shooting, writing letters and talking to regular people, I determined that the noise was a power steering pump going bad. I am not sure why the dealer could not diagnose the problem. Anyway, it is currently in the shop getting a new power steering pump and a water pump for good measure under the power train warranty. I am also having a new timing belt installed for peace of mind. We are going to be leaving soon on a road trip and if I had to drive my 1987 Crown Victoria (without AC) on vacation, this would have been my last Chrysler. The really sad part of the story is I trust my old V8 Ford with 132,000 miles more than the 1996 LHS with 53,000 miles.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    Wind noise at above 65 mph is about the only complaint I have about my Y2K LHS. My dealer reported "couldn't hear it." I guess the car is so noisy, they considered it "normal."
  • jyanuljyanul Posts: 9
    I haven't been reviewing this section for awhile
    until today and saw some opioions on the 2000
    LHS STEREO SYSTEM. I basically saw TWO extremes:
    One person who thought is was poor & another who
    thought it was excellent. I know this is a very
    personal subject based on what someones ears hear
    and possibly what they are used to hearing (equipment quality). I've owned quite a bit of new
    cars and have ALWAYS purchased the "upgraded"
    STEREO....I have NEVER, EVER had a good sounding
    factory stereo system...NEVER. They ALWAYS sound
    cheap, "tinny"..lack depth. And you pay a fortune
    for them...a definite "cash cow" for the mfg. I
    did order the 360 watt upgrade thinking that FINALLY the $300.00 (whatever it was) upgrade
    would be worth it but like way!! I cannot even imagine what the base system sounds like. These CHRYSLER Infinity and GM DELCO products are
    terrible...they should contract out with BOSE, etc...maybe that will help....but knowing mfg's,
    they will have whatever company special make an
    inferior product BUT still charge full price.
    SORRY....this system is very, very poor sound quality. What you can buy aftermarket (ex: Crutchfield, etc) is FAR superior..FAR. The ALL is aware of is monkeying around removing factory components....nothing ever goes
    back in the, we're stuck. The one thing
    (in my experience) you can do is to simply replace some of the speakers (trunk the easiest).
    The manufacturers speakers are DEFINITELY the biggest "WEAK LINK" in the system...they are beyond "cheap".
  • hijinxhijinx Posts: 7
    Yeah, I'll agree with you on that. The stereo is, on the majority of cars, the weakest link. Aftermarket is the way to go, for certain, if you're not throwing thousands of dollars into a "super premium" sound system.

  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    Why didn't you try it before you bought it? Nearly every floor model I saw had the stereo upgrade. No reason you should pay extra for something you think is inferior. I also have owned more than my share of new cars. I never paid extra for a music system, and most of the time I felt the systems were o.k. at best, This time I went for the extra expense. This time I finally have what I think is a very very good auto stereo system. I am sure you can get better in an after market system. You probably will pay more also. Bottom line... rate this system against other factory installed system and it rates right up there with the best of them in the same price range. All of this still depends on the ear of the person listening. To call this system "cheap" and "tinny" is a little far fetched. No disrespect intended.
  • carnutpacarnutpa Posts: 42
    I just read a possible solution on the 300M board. Check topic #3440 and message #450. May be something. I checked my car and there is an opening there.
  • jyanuljyanul Posts: 9
    Sorry...disagree...but thats ok. I'll stick to my
    ears & perception of quality. I guarantee you
    (can NEVER prove of course) that these FACTORY
    stereo's are not only CHEAP in sound quality but CHEAP in price. I've had cases where I had problems with a stereo...under warrranty...took it
    back and they simply put in a new one...not bothering to repair. I also agree with the last
    few POSTs on ROAD NOISE. This car does have alot
    of road noise. Now someone can argue AGAIN that how good your ears are on this BUT this car has
    TIRE NOISE and WIND my book for a
    car of this susposed calipher and the PURE FACT that this is CHRYSLER's FLAGSHIP auto....there should be hardly none! Not being an auto engineer
    I hope someone out there with this type of knowledge can explain this WHOLE CONCEPT of auto
    interior noise. What does it take to COMPLETELY
    isolate niose from the inside cabin??? Thicker
    metal, more insulation, what? How can it possibly
    cost that much more (hell, I'd pay a grand or more
    for a SILENT interior)! I've noticed that a few
    of the Japanese imports (not really that much more
    in price) are substantially more quiet? Why?
  • audioman1audioman1 Posts: 1
    Sorry to tell you folks this, but most premium radio systems for OEM (not GM)are made by the major players of the after market. Bose doesn't make a radio for automotive, just speakers and amplifiers. Ford uses Pioneer, Lexus uses Pioneer, Porsche uses Blapunkt, Acura uses Pioneer, Alpine, Panasonic, but for some strange reason, Chrysler decided to use Mitsubishi Electronics. Most people are saying, What? Mitsubishi? yeah, major screw up for Chrysler. If you want to upgrade your LHS radio, go with the Pioneer PF4400, and a Crutchfield mounting kit. It will allow you to use the existing wiring by use of a special connector. Upgrade your speakers and enjoy. The sound will make you think your at a concert. I just thought I'd let you know since this page has helped me decide not to buy a LHS. Good luck!
  • mmanson2mmanson2 Posts: 4
    My dad owns a 1999 Chrysler LHS and the windows
    started sticking and the drivers power window motor burned out.
    I have found out from the dealer that the window tracks and the rubber at the top of the windows need cleaning and lubrication.
    The dealer said silicone for lubrication.
    The damp moisture gets in the tracks and the
    rubber causing the windows to stick like glue
    in the heat of a hot day.
    Note! This car has never been in a garage, it is in the weather all the time and this might
    make a difference to other people.
    I talked to several Chrysler dealers and they
    have been replacing power window motors a lot lately because of this problem.
    To all that read this, take a little time for
    cleaning and maintenance it helps in the long run.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    There is a TSB out on this that the dealer can find if he bothers to look in his computer. It was probably issued in late 98 or early 99.

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