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Chrysler LHS



  • I'm sorry, but I guess I didn't realize they had re-named this the GTP forum.

    You should take pride in being able to "wup" an LHS. Maybe next week you can find a DeVille or Town Car to race.

    I don't recall anyone here claiming the LHS was a drag racer. It is a LUXURY car with very good acceleration and handling, outstanding styling (much better than anything Pontiac can come up with), and an impressive list of standard features at a reasonable price, but it's not a drag racer. No, it doesn't have a heads-up display or any other gimmicky features, but that's not what the LHS buyer is looking for.

    Go talk racing with the rest of the GTP owners, and leave the grown folks to talk about real cars.
  • Ha..funny excuse though. If you take so much pride in your LHS then why refer me to a DeVille or TownCar?? What i think in the back of my mind is "Take pride in your car no matter what it is!!" So what if you dont have the best acceleration or handleing, Thats no reason to refer me to race other Competitors and brag about your biggest competitor Lincoln and Cadi. If you read up in the chat you guys always have something good to say about the LHS compared to the Cadi And Linc. But why now that i brought this up you make yourself look bad refering me to Ford

    Also as far as styling goes man sorry to say but Pontiac always out looks its competitors. Look at the ford Taurus...Yuk its better than the older models but just not right yet. But i give it to dodge with the Intrepid they did a nice Job specialy with the R/T

    Hey man sorry i struck a nerve but im a huge dodge fan and I feel that the LHS is million times better than a Ford or Cadi product(personaly they suck) but i was just simply giving you a story and some life in this
  • I guess my obvious sarcasm was a little too cerebral for you, so allow me to explain. I will try to make this simple so you can follow the logic.

    You seemed to get a great deal of joy in reporting that you were able to beat an LHS in a race. This is not a great revelation. The LHS is not a drag racer and was never intended to be one. You took pride in beating a car that anyone who knows cars would expect you to beat since, as I said, the LHS is not a drag racer.

    My suggestion that you go race a DeVille or Town Car was a sarcastic attempt to point out to you that there are many other cars that you could race without much risk of being beaten. I never said that either of those cars are better than the LHS. Merely that they are in the same class. They are luxury cars, not drag racers. Unlike you, not all car buyers rate their cars by how fast they go from zero to sixty. Some of us are actually interested in other aspects of our cars.

    If you will take the time to read my earlier posts, I do take pride in my car. But Cadillac and Lincoln are still the standards against which American luxury cars are compared. I happen to think the LHS stacks up very well against those two makes considering they both cost over $10,000 more.

    As for Pontiac styling, It just proves that you can get some people to buy anything if you stick enough plastic on it.
  • Oooh.. big words Cerebral,lol..Hey i guess it worked i did bring some life back into this chat. But the thing is no one else is writing. Ha, brian your the type of person i can tell that always think your smarter than everyone else by the bs.logic Ive been jumping around from chat to chat and i say this is the funniest topic ive been through. thanx man you've really made my day.Also like i said before i was simply telling a story, If you got offended by the 0-60 time i do apologize maybe ill put another govenor on my car. As far as styling goes Long after your Vinyl starts cracking my plastics will still be As far as buying cars 40% of the time people take a test drive is to find out performance in the car. Its not just to see how that Vinyl smells. :0p

    Man you guys are great though i give it to you, Hey atleast you didn't buy a Ford product i give you all the "Pats on the Back" for choosing Dodge. Ok maybe the "Wuped butt" was a little to harsh. But i was mearly saying that the Pontiac has come along way.. If your in the market have a look.It doesnt hurt to take a test drive, you know not all people on the market for Chrysler have gray hair you know.

    P.S. Also on that "DRAGSTER" talk you speak so highly of you must be the 40Mph,Right Lane highway driver. No offence :0p
  • No, I really don't think I'm smarter than everyone else. Just smarter than someone who would buy a Pontiac.
  • The designs that Chrysler has come up with have "soul" are distinctive, designed by people who love the cars they create.

    As usual the other car makers don't have the soul to design interesting cars...only after Chrysler does it...PT Cruiser...Ford Focus trying to jump on the bandwagon a special Focus to compete...GMs AZTEC what dislocated attempt...The (new) super wagons from Mazda, Honda, Ford, GM all inspired by the PT Cruiser...Honda after how many years watching the Caravans etc comes out with the Oddity (how original).

    Despite hard times Chrysler has proven itself as an original not a copier over the years.

    I hope they keep doing what they are doing and continue prove how good inovators they are...
  • Hey,

    I'm 37, married with two kids, consider myself young when it comes to most things and am currently in the market for a car. I happen to think the LHS is a great looking car. Its styling is youthful and the other posts here seem to suggest that people generally like it. BUT, it appears to me that everytime I see one on the road it is being driven by AARP members. Not that I have a problem with that but before I buy this thing I want to make sure that i'm not the only sub 40 person that loves this car. Are you out there? Let me know! Thanks
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    Pontiac builds great cars, no doubt, but then they slap all that rediculous-looking cladding on them and ruin the looks completely. Besides, the Bonneville is much closer in size and performance to the LHS than the GP (a significantly smaller, narrower, more nimble, "sports" car).

    With regard to questions of age, I am 32, married, with a step-daughter, and we have plans for more down the road. I absolutely refuse to drive a minivan or an SUV, which explains how I became interested in the LHS in the first place. You can look back to my previous posts to see how I made my decision--suffice to say, I have owned my LHS since Halloween 1999, and I have been perfectly satisfied with the car in most every way.
  • Lefty, I don't think you should let yourself be stereotyped into or out of certain cars. You should buy a car because you enjoy driving it and it meets your needs. Not because of its image.

    I am 34, married, with two kids under 6. The LHS suits us perfectly. In fact, I don't know why more families don't consider this car. It has plenty of room for the kids and all the stuff that goes with them. And it's a lot easier to get them in and out of than a minivan or SUV, IMO. On top of that it has more style and is more enjoyable to drive than any SUV or minivan. But in the end, decide if you like the car and if it meets your needs. Don't be turned-off to a great car by a perceived image.
  • I hope not, I'm 36, with no kids, and no plans for any in the future. I've had a Nissian Pathfinder for the last several years, love the room and driving a SUV, but hate the gas mileage. So I'm considering the LHS. I think it is a very sleek and sharp looking car. I personally don't think it looks like a "grandpa car" at all. As a matter of fact, if I saw a grandpa driving it my first impression would probably be he's a pretty cool and youthful man that has good taste!!! It also got my attention because of all the room. Sometimes with my work I need to travel. The room it has in the back seat and trunk is awesome but for me the room wouldn't be used for kids it would be used for product and just stuff, clothes and possibly clients or other business associates traveling with me. I'm trying now to decide on new or used. Have any advice? I also don't want a huge car payment... so probably I will have to go with used.
  • I know this has been discussed before - way back. Now I have a new 2001 LHS (which I love!) and I want to add this feature. Since the car is made in Canada (where they are required) I know there must be a simple solution. Can anyone tell me where to find the information on how to add them?
  • I have seen this discussed in the 300M forum. I don't remember the details, but I seem to remember that there is a module that needs to be plugged into the fuse box. You might try posting over there. You'll be more likely to get an answer. There is a lot more action on that board.
  • I'm posting to both the LHS and 300M discussions. We bought our '01 LHS last Thanksgiving (we're really happy with it, so far). At that time I turned down the extended warranty coverage from Chrysler. I thought that after registering the car there would be other warranty offers in the mail but that hasn't been the case.

    We received another warranty offer from Chrysler in the mail yesterday. In their brochure they say that a car as technically sophisticated as the LHS or 300M should have extended coverage. I agree. But I don't like the Chrylser coverage because the work has to done at a Chrysler shop.

    My question to all of you LHS/300M owners: have you purchased an extended warrany for your vehicle? If so, are you pleased with it? Would you recommend it to others?

    I appreciate your help. I've always found the discussions here interesting and helpful. If you would prefer not to respond here, please email me at

  • I have posted this before on both LHS and 300M topics.

    Here is the scoop on DRL's.

    Though I haven't checked, I suspect that the module discussed next will fit on most recent Chrysler products OR there is one made to fit them because Canadian Chrysler product MUST have RL's installed on them. As I have been told by numerous dealers here in the US, NO extra wiring, etc., is required nor is it costly to activate RL's on these autos.

    Both autos are already built for DRL's. I have had them on my '99 LHS for several years. What you must do is obtain Molar part number 0460222AC from any dealer who will order it for you. List price is $78.50 and it is frequently available for discounts of up to 20 or more percent. The module is about 1 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches by 1 inch (depth). It has two sockets for both a 4 and 2 pin connection and fits, on these two autos, in the extreme upper left of the fuse block just under the black pull-off panel on the driver's side of the instrument panel.

    The module is inserted there, an existing wire is placed in the connectors and you have DRL's. Be sure to turn off the engine while you install it, but it is NOT necessary to disconnect the battery. Then, when you turn on the engine, you will get the low beam headlights to come on at about 1/3 power. This module does NOT affect either your automatic headlights, not the auto on for windshield wipers, or anything else. In other words, the auto remains exactly as it was but you now have DRL's.

    I bought my module fro POMOCO Cry-Plymouth in New Port News, VA by e-mail and UPS. I was able to get a 20% discount, making the unit cost $62.80 plus $3.93 UPS to me in Ashburn, VA (neat WashDC). POMOCO is, voice 703-833-8087, fax 703-833-0948; ask for Jonathan Evans, Parts Manager. I have had many other quote for much more money, but find out for yourself and enjoy this safety upgrade.
  • burr1burr1 Posts: 1
    I currently have a 1997 Concorde and am thinking about a 01 LHS. I was originally interested in the LHS because of its back seat and trunk. I only recently became impressed with its additional luxury features. However I was thrown for a loop when the dealer told me that the Concorde was slightly longer than the LHS. Is the 01 Concorde competitive with the LHS on size/ride or where did the extra room go? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • To: mileshoover.
    Thanks for the info. Have ordered the module from my Dealer's Parts Dept. at a good discount (a little better than from POMOCO). They are not quite sure how to hook it up but believe their mechanics can figure it out. The full Mopar part number for the unit is 04602229AC.
  • Just came back from my first road trip (700 miles). Car runs great; solid feel; very comfortable seating. Never felt the need to give up the driver's seat.
    Don't know how any reviewer could describe it's ride as a "road pillow". The window sticker described the suspension as "4-Whl Indep. Touring" and that it is. It is comfortably firm and rides "tight" around curves.
    Drove through snow, slush, rain and sun; the Michelin tires handled great through all conditions and were quiet.
    Engine is powerful. Good acceleration, even at 65 mph!
    This is a "can't go wrong" car, so far.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 208
    Billgolfer09, Glad you are enjoying your new LHS. Would you please post the size and all the numbers that pertain to the Michelin tires. I have a 2000 LHS, it did not come with Michelins, but I will put them on as soon as needed. thank you.
  • Burr1:
    If you don't need three people up front, you'll never regret getting the LHS. Differences in dimensions are superficial, having to do with body style and seating. The platform is the same for both.

    acco20: The tires are the Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus P225/55R17 Blackwall. I believe these are now standard, at least on the LHS. Their speed rating is 98H ("H" = 130 mph tire).
  • Re-read my LHS tires and they are 95H not 98H. The 95 Load rating is = 1521 lbs. (A 98 load rating would be 1653 lbs.)

    See these sites for detailed info:

    Tire Description:

    Tire Speed ratings:

    Tire Load ratings:
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