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Chrysler LHS



  • chuckgchuckg Posts: 69
    You need to check that code. When the check engine light is on and the vehicle is NOT running put your key in the ignition and do this: ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON without starting the engine. Do this within five seconds. Your check engine light will start blinking a code. The code will be two digits and the blinks will be separated by a pause between the two. Example: blink-blink-pause-blink-blink. This would be code 22. Code 55 signals an end to the code.

    Then check your code(s) here:
  • I sure would appreciate help! Seeing how the dealership has taken almost 3 grand of my money and still the problem exists.
    External tranny oil cooler added and the problem went away for about a it's back. Tranny goes into 2nd gear after 20-30 minutes of stop and go driving. The outside temp is around 90 degrees...I live in Guam.
    Tranny was replaced....same problem. Dealership replaced the TCM and the computer box inside the tranny. Same problem. All new sensors as well.
    What is causing the transmission to go into 2nd gear? I then reset it by shifting in to "N" and shutting the engine off and restarting and I'm good to go until 20 minutes later.
    2nd problem...
    oil light comes on after 20 minutes. Sending unit was changed...3 times! NEW oil pump and timming belt installed 4 days ago....oil light still comes on!
    I purchased the sending units from NAPA...not OEM from Chrysler. The pump is oil pump is OEM.
    auto climate control...the recirculation button goes off after a few minutes once the unit has been turned on and I have to press it again. While also goes off from time to time.
    Thank you all!
  • I have a 99 LHS while driving it acted like it ran out of gas, after setting for awhile it started and ran for a while, it now won't start at all any suggestions?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Call a tow truck and have it delivered to a trustworthy garage to have it diagnosed . Should be pretty straight forward to diagnose---no fuel= bad pump, obstructed lines etc.
  • Malinski:
    I read your thread as I have the same problem with my transmission as you do (did). My LHS is a 99. I also replaced a tranny, modules, TCM etc. The dealer finally told me that my battery was extremely corroded and maybe that was affecting signals somehow. The battery is well concealed in my model. He did this and the car worked fine for 5 months. Yesterday, the problem recurred, and my searching for answers brought me to your posting.

    Did you ever get a reply that worked? If so, I'd appreciate you forwarding it to me. I do NOT live in a warm climate unfortunately (Seattle) so it probably isn't temperature related.
    Thanks in advance.
  • you can also buy warr 1 day or 1 mile before dealer warr voids if you lease . when lease is up if you like car call your bank you save 2 000 to 5000 dollars dealer charges for every thing
  • put on scaner find codes or you will get it it could be your pac wheel sensor map prndel trans fluid ect get codes go to a crysler dealer look up part s so you dont get it the wallet very comon prob try very helpfull
    lots of luck
  • run dont look back mench will be best friend
    lots of problems high maintance car
  • I recentley was driving in 20 degree weather along with fog,freezing rain,slush and ice on the roadway. When running about 70mph my car stuttered then died.My trottle pedal had a binding condition in it.With the car not running the first quater inch or so the throttle pedal felt stuck then i would push it on down and it was fine.It would do this every time until i opened the hood and tapped on the trottle body with a screw driver lightley,this freed my trottle pedal up fine.I had no more problems with binding,but did continue to have trouble with the car dieing at these 70mph speeds.I did notice some moisture in my airbox and it was sugested to me that the problem could be that the air was freezing in my induction causing my mass air flow sensor to freeze over and possibly that was ice in my throttle body causing that binding in my throttle pedal.I have no codes to go by because not knowing what was truely wrong i was disconnecting my negative ground to let my compuer reset.Does any one have any suggestion on this subject? If you think this is my problem,is there anway to help prevent it?Thanks!!
  • On a 2001 LHS the heater blower works when it feels like it and sometimes does not work at all. Any suggestions? Also in the auto mode for the head lights, during the night the lights started coming on and going off, almost like magic in the middle of the night. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for help. Jim
  • hi
    i am new to this forum,
    i just fixed the exact issue you are speaking about with the lights flashing and the horn going off, it was with the battery operated pod for the power door locks..... I took fuse #13 for the interior lights out and the horn stopped, weird eh. anyhow..... This is how I fixed mine after spending alot of money trying other things and 5 days later this is what worked for me.
    Make sure ALL your Fuses and Relays under your dash and under your hood are GOOD. Then check the batteries in your remote control for your door locks.... make sure they are in properally and are not dea ( from cold weather or from being old and used) then take the battery cable off the battery,this resets it and now try your pod-remote for your automatic door locks..... they maybe frozen as well, put lock deicer in the door locks and the trunk lock as well..... use your key in ALL the locks to Lock and Unlock ALL teh door locks and try the steps over again....IT worked for me, good luck, let me know how you make out!
  • oh my blower motor I thought was gone as well, but after driving for 3 hours it came on.
    This is what happened, one day it was mild and rained the following day it was minus 30 almost, so they froze I assume, as when I drove the car about 3 hours with NO heat, I left the heater on and the front and rear defrost on as well, then the engine warmed up and the blower started, I was also low in coolant, if you are low it will NOT trigger the be sure to try it, you may have a leak in your rad or somewhere, make suer you keep this filled AT ALL TIMES, DO NOT over will as you will ruin your radiator.... the fins will burst then you will have to replace the rad along with other things...
    good luck, let me know how you made out please.
  • I been wanting to replace my front headlights on my 1994 chrysler lhs but when i get the front grill off and suck. the bolt that goes into the headlight housing didnt seem to be coming out it was jsut turning becasue the metal threads in the hosuing i think seized on the bolt and its jsut turnign everytim i turn it. i cant seem to find a way to get the bolt out with out damaging it.
  • I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me. My 94 LHS doesn't like to shift out of first gear. After my car sits for any amount of time and I start it up to go somewhere the gauges won't come on and it won't shift out of first gear. Usually I take the back roads when I go places and eventually the gauges pop up and it shifts out of first. Sometimes I can drive for a half hour and it never shifts out of first. It seems to go in phases, it will do okay for awhile but then all of a sudden it won't shift out of first. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • sounds like to me that your transmission linkage is malfunctioning. But im not positive. if it shifts out of first when hitting bumps then soungs like the links arent doing their job. try listening to the links when ur in ur drive way by shifting out of park to reverse then neutral drive and hear if it shifts normal. hope this helps
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Sounds like after 13 years of service, your transmission needs rebuilding. Hope mine lasts that long.
  • How to adjust the idle speed on 1994 chrysler lhs. i see the throttle under the hood but dont see what screw i adjsut to increase the idle.
  • i got a 94 chrysler lhs and wanted to turn off the day time running lights. i can't take out the fuse due to being wired with other components. is their a way to stop the running light fomr being on. would cutting the low voltage wire work
  • marmooremarmoore Posts: 5
    94 LHS - been a great car. Bought it used in 04. Digital display on radio does not work and there seems to be some sort of short in the radio. Not at full volume but I can push on the lower RH corner of the radio and it kicks in good and loud until I let go. But the main problem happened this week. Started getting a pecking sound that goes up and down with the RPMs on the motor. First time I have ever heard this type of noise under the hood. Sounds almost like it could be the alternator, PS Pump or an exhaust leak. Has anyone else had this main problem?
  • marmooremarmoore Posts: 5
    Is the car from Canada? I have a 94 and mine does not have DT Runners.
  • No majority cars with Dt running lights are usually form canada of manufactured there. mines from canada and my lights are on all time. car is still in KM
  • 94 lhs dricing light replacement. the bulbs next to he headlighs with the magnafying glass over them. to repalce them the silver stars say h3st. so that means any bulb thats h3 model will fit. im lookin to get the nokya artic whites 7000k h3 state 2. these shouold work.
  • 99lhs99lhs Posts: 5
    I had the same issue with my 99 LHS after I let it sit for the winter. I expected to pay hundreds of dollars to have this issue fixed. Guess what, all it was, was a fuse for the coolant fans which only cost me $2. I'd be driving me car and about a half hour later it would overheat and cut off, how emberrassing. After I replaced the fuses back to the way it should be. But try that and hopefully you'll have some luck. Let me know.

  • 99lhs99lhs Posts: 5
    I didn't put white walls on my LHS and I haven't seen one with white walls either. Frankly, I dont think white walls would look good on an LHS but thats just my opinion, you may have different taste.

    However, I purchased my LHS a year ago and it looked like a plane jane. When I saw the car I knew the potential it had once I got my hands on it. I'm going to see if there is any way I can post a picture of my LHS along with this reply to you.

    I added Satelite radio,a banging sound system, limo tint, green park lights which compliment the fog lights. I normally just ride with my park lights and fog lights on to add appeal to it when I'm cruising down the highway. (people always ask how I got green lights, heres the secret Auto Zone sells light bulb covers for a few bucks, all colors.) A Le Bra on the front and a chrome pin stripe on both sides along with a set of 20" chrome rims with Z-rated low profile tires a.k.a show tires. Although I haven't added that much to my car it makes it look alot better and reflects my taste. I plan to add Lambo. doors on the front doors this summer along with having the two back doors open outward. Lol. I love this car.

    I have to say with the few things I added I love the limo. tint the most. People cant see me at all and thats how I like it. Some people have a habbit of staring too long and hard at stop lights and that really irritates me, so problem solved!

    Unfortunately I cant add a picture to the forum but I have a picture of my car posted on my web page.

    Check it out,
  • 99lhs99lhs Posts: 5
    I have the same issue with my 99 LHS. I never realized it until my battery died in my remote and I had to unlock the door manually. Only difference I with mine I can stick my key in the driver side door but it will not turn at all. I never got it checked out because I use the keyless entry but thought I'd let you know I have a simular issue.
  • 99lhs99lhs Posts: 5
    I'm curious to know if anyone has had to replace their gear shift cable. I have a 99 LHS and a I bought it a year ago. Shortly after buying it I thought I was having transmission problems and thats exactly what people kept telling me and of course I was very upset, but come to find out that was not the problem.

    My gear shift would stick in certain gears and there were even times I couldn't get it to go into park so I had to put it in neutral and put the emergency brake on.

    To make a long story short I started wondering if maybe anyone else had this issue and thought their transmission was or went out. Its funny because several mechanics told me my tranny was going out and that was NOT the case.

    I only paid $70 for the gear shift cable from Chrysler and labor was only $100. Not bad at all compared to what I expected to pay. Now my gearshift shifts the way its suppose to and I made a point to go back to all three mechanics and inform them that it was not the transmission just the gearshift cable. All three were amazed and of course emberrassed for misinforming me.
  • 99lhs99lhs Posts: 5
    I am having that same issue with my LHS as far the high beams flashing by themselves. I thought at first maybe someone had some sort of gadget and was playing with my alarm. LOL.
  • walt5walt5 Posts: 4
    My 99 LHS Owner's Manual tells me that to repace a headlight I have to remove the rubber grommet located in the front wheel well then remove two(?) fasteners that attach the front "fascia" to the fender...have removed the grommet but can barely get fingers inside the aperture..have probed around inside but can't locate fasteners..need help badly with this was made in Canada if that helps...thanks in advance..

    walt5 :confuse:
  • These cars are crap and dangerous. My car is doing everything imaginable (I don't want to list it all). From what I heard it is the Body Control Module. But guess what! I suspect they have a FLOATING GROUND in that module and if you just replace the unit the next one will probably have the same problem after a while. These cars are dangerous because this problem can cause the whole car to die while running. NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER, BUY ANOTHER AMERICAN MADE CAR AND ALL YOUR PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED!!! Just to prove it, look at what Toyota is worth (TM $205 b) now look at GM, $20 b. What a junk company!!! All the money is sucked into the execs and works, nothing is left to make a decent product! Let American car companies die. Heck, most of them are made in other countries while Honda and Toyota are actually made in the US.
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