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Chrysler LHS



  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Wow! You're lucky it took this long to burn out. It was a common problem that many LH owners had. You need new window motors.

  • waltrwaltr Posts: 2
    Thanks, fastdriver, for the info on my non-functioning window. Could you give me more information on the fix, such as: estimate on repair and can my local mechanic do the job? Thanks in advance.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi waltr - while you're waiting, you might want to use the Search This Discussion feature on the page bar for "window" - you should turn up some helpful previous posts by doing that.

    Good luck! :)
  • fastdriver2fastdriver2 Posts: 19

    Sorry for the delay in answering. My usual screename "fastdriver" isn't working AGAIN, so I had to use my alternate fastdriver2 sign-in. Very screwy.

    I have NO clue as to the cost. ALL work done on my Christine was performed under warranty at those "award-winning 5-STAR" dealers! I found this for you at NHTSA.

    Model : LHS
    Year : 1999

    Service Bulletin Num : 084099
    Date of Bulletin: DEC 03, 1999

    NHTSA Item Number: 6089717


    Model : LHS
    Year : 1999

    Service Bulletin Num : #9867
    Date of Bulletin: DEC 15, 1998

    NHTSA Item Number: 603173


    It was a well-known problem back in 99-00. The fact that yours lasted so long just seems to mean it died a "natural" death and wasn't a result of DC's $$$ cutting. Back in 98, it was still CHRYSLER!

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    fastdriver2 AKA fastdriver when that account starts working again!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    After a period of inactivity, this discussion automatically archived itself. By request, I am reopening it.

  • Does anyone know how to access this to change a bulb? The manual says to "Open the trunk and reach up under the package shelf." But when I open the trunk and look under where the center stop light is, there is no access port. Should I pry off the plastic buttons that hold the trunk ceiling material in place? If I do this, will I need to buy replacement plastic buttons? If so, where do I get them? Thanks.
  • You can just pull on the ceiling material below the light and the plastic pins will pop out. 1 below center of the light and 1 near right end of light. You can then slip your hand in and remove socket with quarter turn and replace the bulb. The ceiling material will stay in place no need to replace the pins. I did this to remove the bulbs when I put my wing on the trunk as it had a LED light bar in it.
    They do sell a tool to remove the pins at the parts stores, looks like a bent screwdriver with a V in the end. You can get extra pins from the
    Service Dept at the dealer usually no charge.
  • gcrossgcross Posts: 2
    I have a 97 chry LHS. Recently the truck releases started activating when the auto door locks engage, the horn stopped working, and the stereo audio stopped work (all at the same time). Anyone know the problem and a solultion? thanks
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Have a 99 LHS with a low 143,000 miles. It's been a great car until recently. First service call, other than fluid and filter changes was at 110K miles. Changed original brakes, rotors, timing belt, plugs, water pump, radiator fan motors and had injectors and throttle body cleaned. Up until then highway MPG was good - typically 28MPG on trips. But after the 110K service call the pickup and MPG has suffered. The dealer rechecked timing belt position and installed another set of plugs but no change.

    At 135K I had more service - air conditioner compressor (noisy), evaporator (small leak), struts, bushings. Also had the 4 oxygen sensors replaced as dealer said a sensor might be causing the MPG problem. No luck so far.

    Here is the bottom line problem. The MPG listed is for highway driving. If the outside temperature is around 70 degrees when I start the car the MPG is about 28-29. If the temp is around 50 degrees the MPG is about 26. If temp is 30 degrees the MPG is about 24. If the temp is 80 degrees the MPG is 24. If it is 90 degrees the MPG is about 20. If at 95 degrees the MPG is 18.

    As an example I started the car one day when it was 95 degrees. Pickup was terrible and MPG was about 18. As I kept driving the temp dropped to 70 degrees at night. When I stopped the engine to gas up and restarted the engine the MPG went up to 28.

    Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix?
  • kathaerkathaer Posts: 1
    Would any of you post your repair story about Chrysler Air Conditioners?

    I was driving home from work enjoying my air conditioned ride when I was sideswipped on driver's side.

    We went to pick up our LHS from being fixed and turned on the a/c and got nothing but hot air. The a/c worked before the accident and doesn't work now--our conclusion was that it was knocked out by the accident. Garage mechanics said they didn't know what was wrong with it; but, they could do a diagnostic test on it for $100 and tell us.

    The catch 22 is: before the diagnostic test, our insurance adjuster said "he didn't think" the "non-working" a/c was caused by the accident and suspected that it was the evaporator pan that was the cause; and since "he" thought that, the insurance refused to pay for the diagnostic test. The insurance people further said that "unless it was the compressor or hose that was leaking" that the accident was not the reason the a/c wasn't working. The funny part is that, as I said, the garage mechanic said he didn't know "what" was wrong with the a/c without doing the diagnostic test; so, I "okay'd" the test to be done.

    The garage mechanics come back with -- evaporator pan needs replaced $255 for parts and $638 labor (evidently the evaporator pan in enclosed in a plastic case under the dashboard on the RIGHT side and it is labor intensive to get to).

    We go back to the insurance adjuster and tell him that and he states that "Chrysler is known for having problems with their air conditioners" and refuses to discuss our claim any further.

    So, I am looking for any Chrysler air conditioning stories that owners/past owners/drivers of Chryslers want to tell. Thank you.
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Both my 95 and 99 LHS had to have the evaporator coils replaced because of leaks. Yes from what I have heard Chrysler has had a problem with evaporator coils.
  • I sure hope someone can help me out please!
    I want to buy or have fixed the LED 3rd brake light on my 94 LHS. Dealership prices are expensive for a new one. I also new to replace or repair the flashing LED that's on the dash...when the alarm is activated..the LED flashes. Alarm is working...just the LED is burned out. I do have power going to the alarm LED...all that was checked out. With the 3rd brake light...24 of the LED's are not lighting up.
    Some company somewhere must know how to repair these things! Any leads? Thanks!
  • Might be they reflashed the engine controller. I have read they had to lower the fuel economy to better the emmisions. A cooler burning engine produces less emmisions than a hot one. More gas will reduce the combustion temperature which cools it enough to decrease these emmisions. I don't think they have the old program to flash it back so you might have to buy an older Engine Control Module from .

  • can get you the parts (go to the highest number search page for the best prices), you'll have to find a shop to install them (I don't know how your car is designed, I have a 99). I only looked up the brake light and its $10 (third brake light) at 1-800-333-2104 part number# 050549

  • I purchased a '99 that only had 11k miles on just a few weeks ago. It has many of the problems discussed on this board (steering shimmy over 60mph, flashing lights, dead struts, windows sticking, rubber around headlights shrinking, etc...) but I have managed to fix a few of those problems relatively easy. I found that even with such few miles on the car, it still had a blown strut (left passenger side) and the rest were very soft. I replaced all of them and did an alignment and now it rides completely smooth even with the stock tires (Goodyears) with little squeel (noticed that before the alignment). Kind of funny because the original owner had an extra receipt for tire balancing so I know he always had the problem.

    I have seen the inside dash gauges flash once. They go completely out when they did this so I know it's not just a dimmer switch issue. I'll get a rebuilt Body Control Module (which I am told is under the dash) if it continues to be a problem.

    I'll get some Rubber Black and wipe the seals around the windows so that doesn;t burn their motors out. I'll ignore the rubber around the headlights. I also noticed the headlights are pointed just a tad low (probably normal). In these days of giant SUV's blaring their headlights in your car I certainly won't mind re-aiming these just a tad higher (adjust them up just a few inchs while pointing at a wall, then try them by parking about 20' behind another car on a flat surface to ensure they don't point into that car). This headlight re-aiming tip works makes a HUGE difference most of the time.

    For the $12,500 I have into it I hope it lasts another 100k!

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Do you have an LHS or a 300M? Just wondering since you made the same post in both discussions.
  • ebesebes Posts: 1
    i have a 95 LHS and the problem i have is when i go to start it sometimes it takes forever before it will even attempt to start. Dealer says its because of security system but i do what he said and still takes a while sometimes minutes...please help! :sick:
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    The dealer said they updated the computer. So you be correct with this. It just seems weird how outside temperature dependendent my gas mileage is. I searched Is there another name for the Engine Control Module?
  • tkaztkaz Posts: 69
    Do the headlamp bulbs get weak over time? It sure seems like my low beam headlights in my 99 LHS are weaker than they used to be. Don't know if the 9006XSLL bulbs get weak over time.
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