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Chrysler LHS



  • You got to be shi**ing If that is the case then I will be sending you a thank you package of some kind. I even called my old mech today and he is a specialist in chrysler and he had no idea what it might be. he did say come in and do a reading and it will cost about 100 bucks which i wont be spending. I found out pep boys will do it for nothing so I am goin in tommorow am and see if they can find any error codes. you telling me this about your 94 gives me hope that it is something easilly fixed and I can get back out on the road in my LHS and be stylin :-) thanks again for the info and I will let you know how it goes.
  • I had the exact same issue on my 94 as well. Found the harness was rubbing on the pass side tie rod end. Would kill motor when turning tight right or it would go into limp. Cut harness added wire and shrink tube, wrapped in tape and tube with a couple of wire ties here and there - no issues ever again! Dealer wanted 2500 for tranny.........Think it cost me $15 bucks and has been three years and 40K plus miles!
  • Ok,
    My 1994 LHS has 160K on it. Radio went nuts the other day, flashing, sometimes wont turn off/on. Drove to work and with radio off could still hear it thru speakers! Temp fix was to pull fuse. Have tinkered a little with it but it now seems to be dead. Any ideas?
  • Thanks for the input. I still havnt had a chance to do anything on it but I am gonna try a few suggestions I have got on here/yours bein 1 of them..I cant wait to get it road worthy again.
  • 95 LHS, digital on radio and climate control is intermittant. off or on digital will be either or for weeks, radio will still work but no digital, heater goes into a type of reserve mode when digital goes out, giving me defrost and low blower. wont let me freeze but whats the issue, thinking a short but theres alot of wiring in this and any other car.
  • Hello, We have had two 94 LHS Sedans and both of them have had the heater issue. There is a block fuse on the back of the heater unit that could be the problem but, I went to a junk yard and replace our heater unit with a another unit from the lowest mileage car I could find in the yard. Here in Florida it cost me $13 for the replacement unit. The radio could be tied into the heater unit problems but, most likely it is the LED connections failing in the radio. In our first LHS, the radio worked fine but the digitals never worked. Hope this helps.
  • lorslors Posts: 1
    did you ever find an answer to this problem??? I unfortunately bought a used one and I would swear that I will pass out from the gas fume smell. Mine is intermittent also, but doesnt change once engine warms but does seems to be worse less fuel in tank. My husband has been under car and can find no fuel leek but the smell is horrible. I hope you can answer back with solution to this problem.
  • Ok here is some good news.. I have been driving for about 4 weeks now without any problems with the 94 shifting.. knock on wood.. I don't know what happened but back a few weeks ago on a Monday morning I had to go help a friend do some things. It wouldn't shift that morning as it was stuck in limp mode BUT later that day when I was going home it started shifting and has been fine ever since. I am wondering if it had something to do with it sitting and not getting drove. I am going to have the tranny fluid changed and see if that helps even more.. it still has a little slip when I come to stop but the rest of time it is shifting with no problems.. :-)
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