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Chrysler Concorde



  • Thanks for your words,,,,I've been looking at the silver ones too...did you get the aluminum wheels.,,that is another option I have been thinking about..But now I feel good about the price,,I was wondering if they were really giving me a great deal, like they said...Thanks again.

    Lisa in VA
  • And read my latest post.
  • We finally bought one this weekend, and we love it.. We were there for a silver one, and happened to the see the inferno red, and did a double take. I never thought I would end up with a red one. We love it. The ride is nice,,(anything is nicer than what we were driving). We also got a good deal, due to the snow I think, and the lack of sales and it being the last day. We went ahead and bought the extended warranty, with the 0.9% interest...We could have used it with our last Ford, when the air conditioner went out after only 3 years.
  • We took delivery on a 2000 Lxi (moonroof, bench seat, cd changer, etc) about 10 days ago. No buyer's remorse whatsoever. The road noise that we've heard about it is just not a problem. Evn without the stereo (which sounds great), we don't hear anything excessive. The handling is more like a car a couple feet shorter. With the exception of parallel parking (which will take a little getting used to), it moves around fine in parking lots.

    The best thing is all that room! We (with 3 kids) fit without a problem and ride in comfort.

    In short, a great car at a great price.
  • I'M sure many people look in this forum before purchasing their new cars so they can get first hand feedback from current Concorde owners.
    I have owned my 99 Concorde LXI for about 9 month's now and have put on a little over 20,000 miles since I purchased it.
    On the plus side....I find the concorde to be a very nice looking car...resonably economical(runs on regular gas)..handles very well at all speeds..
    very comfortable and roomy back seat...decent engine power...a fun to use trip computer...and to date no major mechanical problems although I have had my car in for what I consider minor repairs several times.
    On the minus side...I find the Concorde to be very noisy at highway speeds and very annoying on some road surfaces due to the loud road noise entering the car....the front passenger has very limited leg room if you are 6' or over...the transmission downshifts too easily causing the car to hit passing gear and causing the engine to roar.surprisingly enough the concorde does not have automatic headlights which is a standard item on much lesser priced cars....and there is a blind spot when looking out both the side and rear view mirrors which makes lane changing a little more hazardous then in any previous car that I have owned.
    to sum it all up there are many things that I do like and also some that I don't like with my Concorde but I feel that with a few changes or modifications that the Concorde could be the best value of any car on the road today but as it presently is I would have to say that if I was in the market today to buy a new car I would not purchase the concorde.
  • What kind of noise should I be looking for? I do hear a lot of noise when on concrete roads with expansion strips, big time! I don't hear anywhere near the noise that I had on my '96 Concorde when the traction control kicked in.

    Is there a retrofit sound control for the real wheel housing? I am not sure my vehicle has it. I just took delivery 2/1/2000. I am not sure when it became part of production. and I am not sure when my car was built

    Help me out here.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    The month and year that your car was made is on the driver's side door jamb- at least it is on my 99 300M. Since you have a 2000 model, I would say that your car has the sound deadening wheel housings.

  • BINUBINU Posts: 80
    Though it is not documented I would think that there is something automatic about the headlights on the Concorde ..
    My 1998 concorde lxi has this vague behavior about its headlights .. I have actually mentioned this a few times earlier but here goes ...

    I generally keep my headlights on while driving even during daytime ... I have noticed that the headlights(only) keep blinking occasionally when I drive on a sunny day .. I keep hearing clicks repeatedly .. I can see my headlights blinking on the reflection from the car in front of me when I am stopped in traffic .. The blinks correspond to the clicks that I hear even while driving...

    This has not happened even once in the night time.

    I have taken the car to the dealer twice with this complaint but the dealer could never figure out why .. The dealer keeps telling me that he spoke to chrysler but even they don't understand why ..

    Since this has never happened in the night-time in the last 2 years (mine is a 98 model) I haven't taken time off to go and sit with the dealer about this ..

    My stupid assumption is that the light system on the concorde might be the one they used on the 300M terming them as automatic lights but they hadn't finished development when the concorde was released and hence they din't define it as automatic on the concorde ... concorde owners probably got something on which the development had reached the 70% mark on something that was originally intended for 300M.
  • I have had my Concorde now for two weeks, have 500 miles on it and still really am enjoying it..I haven't had a problem with the road noise,,actually don't even know what road noise. Maybe its because of my previous vehicles, and that they were so loud, this sounds like a lullaby. Definitely glad I got the moonroof...One of my favorite options, even though its been chilly.

    Hope my future experiences with this car remain positive...I watched and drove and read for 6 months before we took the plunge..
  • BINUBINU Posts: 80
    Owners who have crossed the 15K mark,

    Have you changed the front and rear differential fluid at 15K miles ..?
    My dealer just told me that it is not necessary to do this and that this is something generally done for Jeeps.

    Also ..Is anyone else(Concorde/Intrepid only) seeing the 'issue' that I mentioned about my lights in post #229 ..?
    Try this during daytime driving ...
    Keep the headlight switch to the ON position.
    Keep the switch next to it (interior-lights-brightness control ?) to the middle setting.
    At these settings .. when you turn the headlight switch to 'OFF' the interior lights(on radio and a/c) will turn brighter and the headlights go off.
    As you turn the headlights back on the indicator lights on the radio turn dimmer.
    Now when you drive at this setting for sometime...
    Does anyone hear a click and find the radio/airconditioner-lights turn brighter and dimmer at intervals ...(the overall effect being similar to turning the headlight switch OFF and then back ON after sometime)?
    This happens on my concorde every few minutes ..

    Other than this 'wonder' a great car ...
    Will choose this over many other cars ..even today ..
  • My wife drives a 98 LXI color of eggplant with upgraded chrome factory spokes and gold trim package throw a some tint on the windows and you have a real head turner..
  • milo7milo7 Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 concorde 2.7L. Recently I've experienced what seems to be a very hard down shift just before coming to a complete stop. Also, I notice a distinct hesitation when accelerating either from a dead stop or when passing. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • Yes,don´t worry take the car to the dealer,and tell him your problem,he will have to look for a faulty code on the trans. Usually that problem is because a faulty sensor,or solenoid.
    It´s very easy to replace them.
  • I have a 1999 Concorde with 14,000 miles which is currently in for service for the 8th time. The problems have been suspension and electrical. The car pulls to the left and so far by replacing sway bars, putting a reenforcement package on the front end and replacing the rack and pinion on the front left has not corrected the pulling problem. The electrical has been the windows intermittently not performing and the brakes lights sticking. The ignition column locks up and at times I am unable to "start" the car because the key can't turn in the ignition. Fortunately, with A LOT of play with the wheel it does unlock. I have applied for the lemon law. I LOVE the car and had a 1996 Chrysler Concorde. But, with all the problems I have had with this car..I think I will switch to a Ford Taurus.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    OH BOY!!!!! Left pull???? I'm an EXPERT at this after 10 1/2 and 11,000 miles! You HAVE to read the info on my webpage-

    Hope it helps you because Chrysler WON'T despite what their "5-STAR" TV commercials show!

  • Before you buy a FORD,read

    Beware of FORDS!!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Check out the Toyota Solara SLE!!! Drive it. You'll see, hear and feel the difference BEFORE you even put it in gear!

    Will get to your e-mail ASAP.

  • After reading your in depth and interesting web page about the problems you have had wirh your car and the run around you and many other posters in here received from Chrysler it has become obvious to me that if I develope a problem with my Concorde then I have no other recourse other then my selling dealer and to be honest that doesen't give me much peace of mind.
    Even before reading your web page I realized that Chrysler was not customer friendly when I called the Chrysler extended warranty dept. to ask them a few questions....this is the honest truth....I called them several times and had to wait at least on hour on hold before I was able to talk with a was so frustrating to be on hold that long and to me it just shows the credibility of the company.
    I consider myself a very reasonable person and I totally realize that there are two sides to every story and in this forum we only get to read the posters version of that story and not Chryslers but as for your situation of a represenative of Chrysler not at least returning your calls....well as far as I am concerned there is no defense for that.....and to be placed on hold for over an hour every time you call the warranty dept....well thats just a wrong way to treat customers....
    I am not sure if anyone affiliated with Chrysler reads this forum but it would be a good idea for them to do so and even respond to some of the legitimate posts and make an effort to improve their customer relations.
    we all have to realize that no company that is as large as Chrysler and produces as many cars as they do can even hope to manufacture a trouble free car...that would be impossible...but I think the frustration for most Chryler owners is not with the problems they develope with their car but what happens after they develope the problem and attempt to resolve it through Chrysler co.
    Fortunately for me as yet I have not had the problems many others in here have had but after reading previous posts I totally realize what I am in store for if I should have a problem and have to contact Chrysler.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    You have MORE recourse then JUST your selling dealer! You can bring your car to ANY Chrysler dealer for warranty work! I've been through TWO "5-STAR" Chrysler dealers with little success and much aggravation and incompetence. When all my transmission fluid leaked out in December while I was 90 miles from home, the dealer I had been going to told me on a Monday, when I called at 8 AM, that they couldn't look at it until Wednesday.
    So, I called the friendly Dodge dealer down the street who took the car right away AND told me that I was more than welcome to bring it there any time! This was AFTER they saw its history on the computer. This dealer was the closest thing to a 5-Star dealer that I ever dealt with so far.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again- until it hits them in their pocketbooks nothing will change! If people in all these Chrysler topics in Edmunds keep buying their cars/trucks/vans, what incentive is there to CHANGE OR handle things differently? Makes sense to me!

  • BINUBINU Posts: 80
    Have you performed the TSB for the left pull ?

    Regarding the steering wheel issue I would like to assume that you are not turning the steering wheel after you have removed the keys from the ignition because if you are then it is not a problem but is actually a feature of the car.Check the owner's manual for details.
    Also will at times see the brake light sticking on if you keep pushing the pedal after you have switched off the car. In this case ..just start the car and then push the brake pedal again to get it back to normal.

    As I mentioned above .. if this is happening in other situations then maybe I am wrong.
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